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Ten  participants are descendants of the first Ezekiel Main of Stonington CT. Nine Ezekiel descendants have each had 37 markers tested and four of them match 37 of 37. Two of the other five men match 36 of 37 and the remaining three men match 35 of 37.

A Stonington Main(e) descendant has tested at Ancestry.com and it appears that Ancestry's 46 marker test has 32 markers in common with the 37 marker FTDNA test. Based on a 31 of 32 match we can be sure their paper trail back to Stonington is correct and can only wish they had used FTDNA and this surname project so we could see if the match was 35 or 36 out of 37. Had two of us not posted our data to Ancestry, their 46 maker test would have yielded no meaningful genealogical information.

Results for a descendant of Georg Mehn of Maryland show a 33 of 37 match with a descendant of Philip Main of PA indicating a connection.