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About us

Welcome to the MAIN/MAINE/MAYNE worldwide DNA project. Anyone with any of the many
variations of the surname listed above is  invited to participate. The project was started
December 2004 and  we have already made some very interesting and exciting discoveries.
We have project members living in seven different countries: England, Australia, Canada,
Germany, South Africa, Chile and over 20 of the United States. We have two major lines,
two other small groups and twenty individuals are still seeking their first match.

The DNA project is run in conjunction with the Mayne one-name study, which is registered
with the Guild of One-Name Studies in London. Further information about the study can be
found on the Mayne profile page at http://www.one-name.org/profiles/mayne.html

For the purposes of the DNA project we are using the Y-DNA test, which tells you about your
direct male line, that is, your father, your father's father, your father's father's father, and so
on back in time. To participate in the test you should therefore be a male with one of the
surnames shown. If you believe there is a Main/Maine/Mayne or variant in your direct male line,
although you have a different surname, you are also welcome to participate. If you are female,
you will need to ask your brother, father, uncle, cousin or other male relative to take a test on
your behalf. We are using the 37-marker test which is usually sufficient to confirm matches
within a genealogical time frame.

The DNA tests used for genetic genealogy contain no personal information,and the tests are
quite different from those used by forensic scientists in criminal investigations and by doctors
to identify paternity. Furthermore, the test itself cannot identify a unique individual as close
male members of the same family (brothers, uncles, cousins) will in all probability have
identical results.

TO ORDER A KIT click on the "Join Request" tab at the top of this page. Tests ordered through
this project are charged at the special group rate which provides a substantial saving on the
standard FamilyTreeDNA price.

If you have already had your DNA tested with Family Tree DNA as part of a geographical project
or another surname project you are welcome to join this project too. There is no extra charge
for joining multiple projects. Simply click on the "Request to join this project" button at the top
left, enter your kit number and password and your results will automatically be included in this
project as well.

If you have already tested with the Genographic Project you can also join this project at no
extra charge. Simply log in to your Genographic Project page, go to the section "What else
can I do with my results", click on "Learn more" and follow the instructions.

The Main/Maine/Mayne DNA Project is an independent genealogical research study run by a
volunteer project administrator. The group administrator receives no payment or incentives
from Family Tree DNA or from any other organization or institution. There is no guarantee
that every participant will match anyone in the DNA project or in the wider Family Tree DNA