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Mackin/McMackin/McMechen/McMeekin and variant spellings of the surname are associated with the Scots-Irish emigrants who came to America from the early 1700's onwards. This project is open to any man or woman who descends from a Mackin/McMackin/McMechen/McMeekin line. REQUIREMENTS FOR JOINING: Mackin/McMakin descendants must have Y-DNA and/or Family Finder results at FamilyTreeDNA in order to join. * Males with the Mackin/McMakin surname (or variant) should have Y-DNA test results from FamilyTreeDNA. * Males with other surnames who match Mackin/McMakin men in Y-DNA at Y-37 or higher are welcome to join. * Males and females with Mackin/McMakin ancestry within 5 generations may join with Family Finder results. * To transfer autosomal DNA results from another company, please see FamilyTreeDNA’s transfer page. Please email an administrator if you have questions or need assistance with the ordering process.