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Macaloney, McAlonan, McMartin, McPhail, Cameron, Molamphy, McSorley, McLoney
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Maelanfaid is an ancient, early medieval Irish and Scottish name that first appears in the annals and manuscript genealogies around 700 AD. It is Gaelic for Prince or Chief of the Storm. There was also a Saint Maelandfaid circa 600 AD at Molana-Dairinis abbey, Ireland. The Scottish names Macaloney, MacAloney, McAlonie, McLoney, MacGillonie are anglifications of Mac-Maelanfaid. The Irish names Malanaphy, Malamphy, Molamphy, Mellamphy, Mullamphy, Melaniphy, Molanphy are anglifications of Maelanfaid.Other Maelanfaid names include Cameron, McMartan and McPhee. The ancestors of many modern-day Scottish, Canadian & U.S., Aussie / NZ., Macaloney's, McAloney's, McAlonie's changed their name from McAlonan, McAlonen when they left Northern Ireland in the 1800's, where they had been 'Ulster-Scot planters'. It is believed these people, and also he Antrim Moloney's/Maloney's 'Irished' their name from Macaloney etc to McAlonan, Moloney, Maloney etc., after they moved from Lochaber, Scotland (some via Islay) to Northern Ireland, and then back to Macaloney etc when they left Northern Ireland. Therefore, many McAlonan's / McAlonen's and Antrim Moloney's / Maloney's are also Maelanfaid. The Cameron, McMartin, MacMartin, McPhail, MacPhail, McBean, MacBean, McBain, MacBain, McSorley, MacSorley, McSorlie, MacSorley names originating from Lochaber, Scotland are recorded in the Gaelic MS 1467 AD as being of the blood-line of Clan Maelanfaid. MacNabs also appear to be related.