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Paul Cameron Paul Cameron
March 17 @ 12:25am
Christopher Cameron
March 20 @ 7:56pm
Hi Paul. I guess that you are a members of the Clan Cameron Project. With a few more Camerons doing the Big Y-700 testers the project is making great progress. The more males testing, the greater the capacity to unearth our deep origins.
Paul Cameron Paul Cameron
March 17 @ 12:27am
Try again. :) I am looking for a copy of Somerled MacMillan's Bygone Lochaber in Australia. While I can find a reference for it it seems it is not avaible from Library or sale. Does anyone have a copy?
Christopher Cameron
March 20 @ 7:40pm
Bygone Lochaber is available from AbeBooks (UK). The supplier is Chris Robinson at, so if you go directly to Chris you may save yourself paying AbeBooks fee. Chris is the VP of the West Highland Museum Fort William, and he sells the remaining stock (as new) on behalf of the museum, so it is a good donation in any event. While a comprehensive but dated read MacMillan certainly has an anti-Cameron bias. I reviewed the book on behalf of Clan Cameron NSW which was published in our quarterly newsletter for our members. I have copied the relevant summary and costs as posted a while ago on my AbeBooks order page. Book Description: 288p. Illustrated. Printed for Private Circulation by K. & R. Davidson. Detailed and meticulous survey of the history of Lochaber, with particular reference to local clans and families - much local history and anecdote not to be found elsewhere, but unfortunately without references. Particular attention to MacMillans and Camerons about Lochaber - Glendessary, Glen Pean and Loch Arkaigside. In fine condition in original blue boards without marks ... Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: As New Book Price: £ 36.00 Postage Price: £ 8.85 Extra Charges Confirmed: £ 4.95 Estimated GST: £ 4.48 Another interesting read is Robert Somers "Letters from the Highlands-On the Famine of 1846", with again one letter writing in somewhat less than glowing terms of Locheil at the time of the famine. This is available from Book Depository which I find to be one of the cheapest and most comprehensive book sellers on the nett . Letters from the Highlands: Or, the Famine of 1847 (Paperback) Created by Robert Somers Available - dispatched from the UK in 3 business days 1 A$20.45 A$20.45 Delivery FREE GST A$1.85 Total A$20.45
Duncan McMillan Duncan McMillan
November 26, 2018 @ 1:32am
Many thanks for inviting me to the project. I am interested to know if there are any other McMillans or related surnames that have been asked to be involved. I see from my Big Y that there are some Bains related and my earliest known descendant comes from Lochaber. Trying to get an idea as to how there might be a relationship between the Clan MacMillan and the Clan Maelanfaid.
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 1:30am
see my comment above :)
Brian FitzGerald Brian FitzGerald
June 29 @ 8:22pm
Greetings all, I am Brian Fitzgerald, DC135, down in the Dalcassian line (AKA L-226) due to a NPE in 1320 when the O'Dea chieftains of Southern Ossory (Modern Kilkenny) married into the surviving Norman women folk of the Norman Fitzgerald Family there. This was during the Robert de Brus uprising in Scotland. He sent his brother Edward to Ireland ( and the Fitzgerald men of south Ossory were exterminated (The Barons of Ida and Iverk) but the the local O'Dea sept wanted better relations with the Normans as soon as the Scots had left and remarried the surviving Fitzgerald women allowing them to call themselves and their children Fitzgerald only after 4 generations of being called Fitzgeald-O'Dea. That deal was honored but the Desmond Geraldines, when they regained power, hated the fact that the offspring were not pure Norman so they cast-out the Fitzgerald-O'Dea family. This led to the various problems with Grants, a local offshoot of theirs, and with the local Butlers, later to become the Ormonds line. In any case there is little doubt that I and presumably all my line cousins alive today carry the ancient O'Dea marker DC-135. The connection with some of the the early Scottish clans is new to me but science is stern tutor. Graeme asked me to join so here I am.
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 1:29am
Thx for joining Brian. The Dal gCais and our Maelanfaid MC14 branch together in prehistory - so I appreciate you joning. Your research is very impressive and made an interesting read. You should consider upgrading to the BigY when you can afford it or when it is on sale next. It will allow you to see more clearly your genetic branching from the Dal gCais and related kindreds.
John Tooley John Tooley
August 5 @ 8:15am
I have just ordered an up grade and have order big Y test.
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 1:20am
Hi John, thx for doing this. You come from the ancient Germano-Celtic haplogroup R-U106. Because others adjacent to you have 14-18 SNPs before your common ancestor, it would appear no other tester is a relative of you for some 1400-1800 years which is the pre-surname era. So dont worry too much about the other names in your cluster. Given that the number of Y-DNA testers is growing exponentially a few years patience may throw up more recent relatives within the surname era (typically 12th century onwards).
Craig MacRae Craig MacRae
February 26, 2019 @ 6:02pm
Graeme, my brothers y700 results are in if you want to take a look. Kit #252226. Ann
John Tooley
August 5 @ 8:39am
How do you search and find someone kit on here?
Craig MacRae
August 5 @ 5:37pm
I am not sure, I was thinking only the admins can do that otherwise you need the password. I sometimes go through family finder and plug in the last name
John Tooley
August 8 @ 6:45am
Ok thank you. It is a shame there is no way to search some ones kit and research it on here.
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 1:12am
Hi John, the best thing to for a Big Y tester is to go to The Big Tree at and type in your/their kit number. This site tends to be focused on R-P312 a haplogroup common in the British (and Irish) isles and Western European fringe.
Iain McFie Iain McFie
September 5, 2018 @ 1:34pm
Hello and thank you for the invite to join Clan Maelanfaid. I am delighted to be a member
Margaret Mitchell
October 26 @ 4:52pm
I have 1 McMillan match, not the above.
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 12:31am
Hi Douglas & Duncan, you are not genetically related to each other on the Y-DNA side but from your histories you are both clearly Lochaber MacMillans and therefore part of Clan Maelanfaid from whom Clan Cameron are derived. Given the propensity for isolated clans to marry within the Glen or with people from adjacent Glens then there is every possibility that you may have been related. As Lochaber MacMillans there was a narrow geographic area - particularly along Loch Arkaig-side and partly in Glens Dessary and Pean where most Lochaber MacMillans lived for several hundred years. See Somerled MacMillan's Bygone Lochaber 1971 and his The MacMillans and their septs 1952 for more. Please be cautious where he does not quote a source for his info as some of his material is rather speculative and unfortunately quite incorrect when it comes to the relationship between Camerons, Macaloneys (aka MacGillonies) and MacMartins who as a result of our DNA work have been proven to be related. An amazing body of work however - well worth reading!
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 12:46am
Doug, although your ancestor appears to have been raised as a MacMillan, your Y-DNA says that genetically you are a Clan Maelanfaid descendant who must have been adopted / fostered (common practice for bonding families) by the MacMillans or took their name for some other reason. This should not be too surprising given the Macaloneys (aka MacGillonies) and MacMillans lived together and cattle rustled together for hundreds of years. In fact according to Somerled MacMillan the first Lochaber MacMillan likely married a Macaloney and the last Murlaggan Chief who left for Canada was married to a Macaloney! So your Y-DNA is pure blood Clan Maelanfaid which by analogy to the name Clan Donald and their MacDonalds makes you a MacMhaol-onfhaidh (pronounced Mac'aloney). I say this because, based on our early BigY data (more testers are needed to confirm) you appear to branch off from a common ancestor at the same time as the Lochiel and MacMartin and MacGillonie branches. Thus you appear to be pre-Lochiel Cameron and therefore a MacMhaol-onfaidh if surnames existed at that time. If not your ancestor would likely use a 3-6 generation patronymic for a name but know they were part of the tribe calling itself Clann Maelanfaid in old Irish or Clann Mhaol-anfhaidh in modern Scots Gaelic.
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 1:03am
Duncan, your situation, as you likely already surmise is a lot less clear! Yes, you are a Lochaber MacMillan from your own records and therefore part of Clan Maelanfaid, whence Clan Cameron. Your Lochaber ancestor likely carried lots of genetic MacMillan and genetic Maelanfaid DNA in the other 22 non-Y chromosomes. Your Y-DNA however is not from the Chiefly line of MacMillan's. You can see this because you do not cluster with lots of other MacMillans which you'd expect to do if you were part of the chiefly line. Your Y-DNA is part of the broad haplogroup called R-L1065 which includes many, many West Highland clans and could be a generic Dal Riada signature based on the name in the haplogroup. The current BigY tester numbers dont clarify much because you branch off 1000 - 1500 year from the other predominantly West Highland names that you presently cluster with. Don;t get too hung up on names that only occur is a single recent haplogroup because a rough estimate is that 50% of names are not the true genetic name and are a result of a non-paternity event, including folks adopting the name of a local landowner out of respect. You history says you're a Lochaber MacMillan and you can be proud of!
Billy  Maloney Billy Maloney
December 13 @ 11:00am
Bill Maloney here. I joined the Clan Maelanfaid group at the nudging of Graeme. I am interested in ancestral links between the Macaloney, McAlonan, McMartin, McPhail, Cameron, Molamphy, McSorley and/or McLoney to my Maloney linage. That linage seems to be anchored in Anderson County, SC with a possible link up into PA. The linage I have, traced via documentation, begins with a John Maloney, born in Anderson, SC in 1813/4. Linage then moves into Cobb County, GA and Lincoln Co., TN followed by Texas. Look forward to any light that can be shared.
Patrick Faul
December 13 @ 11:25am
What the heck is it with Anderson, SC? At Ancestry DNA, I was checking for possible McFall matches and checked for DNA matches with Anderson births in their family trees. I was hoping for one or two, I ended up with scores of DNA matches, with a wide variety of surnames, that had ancestors born in Anderson between 1760 and 1790. I have read that many settlers of Anderson were from NY and Pennsylvania. But I'd imagine that it was a tight community that practically transplanted itself.
Patrick Faul
December 13 @ 11:35am
Just to make sure I wasn't exaggerating, I went back and checked again. I searched for DNA matches with births in Anderson County, SC in their tree. I stopped counting at 100, I'd guess there were about 140 or 160 in total. I am absolutely positive that I have no direct ancestors who ever lived south of Pennsylvania.
Billy Maloney
December 13 @ 7:31pm
Thanks for the response. I will do the same with DNA matches and see what comes up.
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 12:03am
Hi Billy, I will send you an excel spreadsheet which should allow me to connect you to the other Maloney's in our project. Watch for my email. Cheers Graeme
Margaret Mitchell Margaret Mitchell
October 26 @ 5:12pm
My name is Marg Mitchell nee Cameron and that branch has been stuck for some time. Possible break through via my heritage, "The Gentle Lochiel" died in France????? or went to America? Was unmarried? or married a campbell? Childless or at least 10 children of which 2 Duncan and Alex came to Australia, wheat wool farmers? Oral family history, Duncan in America 10 years before coming to Australia? Of Mary and Donald Kin Lochiel. Donald bagpipes instructor, farmer, Catholic.
Graeme Macaloney
January 5 @ 12:01am
Hi Marg, if you get a male Cameron relative to take the FTDNA Big Y test then we will be able to tell you if you are a Lochiel Cameron, MacMartin-Cameron, etc. If you go to our FTDNA Clan Maelanfaid web site and click 'Join' then you can take it from there!
James Burns James Burns
August 4 @ 2:31pm
Thank you for the invitation. My terminal SNP goes L21, Z253, L1066 but not through FTDNA. Only the Burns/Byrne project group has used my terminal SNP. My first review of the DNA table shows to me I do not belong in this group. Thank you shoutout to Graeme for inviting me
Margaret Mitchell
October 26 @ 4:31pm
Hi James, I possibly have a match with you, Linage, Cameron, Mcphee, Macrae, Hutchins. Donald MacGillonie Cameron 1755-1826 Isabella Cameron nee Campbell 1777-1884, child Duncan Cameron 1786-1880 wife Janet McPhee 1803-1869 child Ronald 1837-1907 married Isabella McRae 1847-1938