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Suzan Martin Suzan Martin
October 12 @ 6:32pm
Suzan M You → Henry Victor Martin, II your father → Lena Clementine Moseley his mother → Alma Estelle Moseley (Sanders) her mother → Sarah Clementine Prestridge her mother → Joel C Prestridge her father → John Prestridge, III his father → Elizabeth 'Betsie' Prestridge his mother → Johannah Mcbee Walters her mother → Susannah McBee, Mrs. her mother → John Vardy her father → Samuel Vardy his father → Jane Hyde his mother → Robert Hyde, Esq., of Hyde Hall her father → Jane Hyde his mother → Blanch Warburton her mother → Elizabeth Holmes her sister → Agnes Lawrence her daughter → John Lawrence her son → Anne Peck (Lawrence) his daughter → Anne Mason her daughter → Major John McGrew her son → William McGrew his son → Robert McGrew his son → Alexander McGrew his son → Alexander McGrew his son → Martha Bales his daughter
Suzan Martin Suzan Martin
Suzan Martin
October 12 @ 6:32pm
My paternal lineage interesting - I have links paternal and maternal
William McAlonan William McAlonan has a question!
October 8 @ 10:13am
Is anyone actively looking in this group for matches?
William McAlonan William McAlonan
September 13 @ 7:05am
Does anyone have any family tree from Northern Ireland? Im trying to link lines backwards. Kind Regards Jo McNeill (Nee McAlonan)
Graeme Macaloney Graeme Macaloney
August 22 @ 2:48pm
Dear friends and participants in our Clan Maelanfaid project, its Graeme your administrator here. I have some insightful updates for two of you who recently took the BigY test. If you have not yet taken this test, and you would like to receive a similar analysis for your family name, there is a FTDNA sale on presently whereby you’ll save $50 reducing the test to just $399. Also, by talking to a sibling or cousin you can share this cost because this test will give the same result for all close male relatives of your surname. We just received results for two of our rarer testers – a Mullamphy and a McAlonan – both quite rare names generally. They are also only our 2nd or 3rd tester of that name so if you have a similar sounding name you should consider testing to see if you are part of their kindred or part of other known groups with totally different genetic origins. One tester, Benjamin Mullamphy has a similar name to Ninian Mellamphy and Brian Malanaphy. From clan histories one would expect these names to occur around either County Tipperary or adjacent counties like Co. Clare, or in Co. Fermanagh. There is also a possibility that they could be related to the MacAloney’s and Maloney’s because all of the aforementioned names derive from a fairly rare early medieval Irish name ‘Maelanfaid’ for whence we get Mellamphy etc., or Maloney or with a ‘Mac’ added we get MacAloney. So they are all ‘Maelanfaid’ by name but are they from the same genetic stock? Also what, if any, ancient famous leading kindreds are they related to? Well, Benjamin Mullamphy is related to Ninian Mellamphy some 18-24 generations back which may be 450 – 790 years ago (ie 1200-1500 AD). With more Big Y data the date for their common ancestor should be narrowed. However, Brian Malanaphy is not related to Benjamin and Ninian at all! Benjamin & Ninian appear to have firm roots in Tipperary and from the early Y-DNA results it appears they are related to the OMeara’s and O’Leahy’s. These names in turn are related some 2400 yrs ago to the major MacCarthy dynasty but appear to have split off from them 700-800 yrs later (ie circa 250 – 400 AD). Thus, Benjamin and Ninian ‘may’ be from the Eóghanacht population group who with the advent of surnames became MacCarthy of Co. Cork, and O’Meara, O’Leahy and Mullamphy/ Mellamphy in the area of Tipperary. Once Benjamin’s Big Y results arrive we will have more insights again. As for Brian Malanaphy he appears to be unrelated to Benjamin & Ninian but appears to be related to the MacGuire kings of Co. Fermanagh however the BigY data are needed to confirm just how closely. There is roughly a 50:50 chance that one’s name was assumed / adopted from another kindred therefore, to confirm if Brian is really a Malanaphy and not a McGuire (or related kindred) who took the Malanaphy name, we need more testers with ancestors from Co. Fermanagh with the name Malanaphy, Malamphy, Molamphy, Mellamphy, Mullamphy, Melaniphy, or Molanphy. The other tester, William McAlonan is only the 2nd of that name to test. From our web page ( we had theorized that the name McAlonan is a modified version of the name McAloney (from Gaelic Mac Maelanfaid). Certainly, our first tester Danny MacAlonan, did confirm our theory however, that was a single result only. Well, William’s test now confirms that both Danny MacAlonan and William McAlonan are both Macaloney’s and therefore part of the famous Clan Cameron of Scotland whose progenitors were one of Scotlands oldest clans called Clan Maelanfaid! Members of the Macaloney’s came to N.Ireland from Scotland as protestant planters during the 1600’s. It appears from some Canadian McAloney records that some of the Macaloney planters got into serious religious troubles and many changed their name to McAlonan probably to avoid these problems. When many of them emigrated from N. Ireland to Canada, and others from N. Ireland back to Scotland, many, many of them changed their name back from McAlonan to McAloney/Macaloney. This is further corroborated by the Maloney’s in our test group who came to America from N.Ireland with the name Maloney however, one of them retained records that although they came from N.Ireland they were in fact ‘Scotch’ (ie from Scotland) and their name was really MacLoney (ie a phonetic version of Macaloney where the 2nd ‘a’ is de-emphasized). So, a big thanks to William’s family for submitting his test! Interestingly, from the early test results (their full Big Y result is still being processed), William McAlonan appears to be most closely related to Cecil McAloney and Billy Maloney (common ancestor 13-17 generations, ie circa 1400-1600 AD), and then to his namesake Danny MacAlonan more distantly (common ancestor 17-22 generations ago, ie 1200-1500 AD). Once William’s Big Y results come in, we’ll be able to tell far better just how closely related he is! If you previously did a Y-DNA test but want to upgrade to the Big Y please log on to your account and follow the upgrade instructions. If you’ve not done a test before it is a simple mouth swab that comes in the postal service. To sign up for the BigY, please go to our FTDNA Clan Maelanfaid web site at: and click on the ‘Join’ button. In the window where it says “If you have not already purchased a kit, you can do so here.” Please click the “here” button. Then click on the orange “Order Now” button beside “Big Y 700” and follow the payment instructions. In a few weeks you’ll receive a swab kit in the mail. This is ONLY to be used on your male relative carrying the name you want to test for. The test does not work for females and won’t give the desired result if you use it on your son or a sister’s son or aunt’s son because they have a different male DNA from your father and grandfather. So, for example, Joanne McNeill, submitted her Dad’s mouth swab because he is a McAlonan. If she has a son and did the swab on him, then she’d be testing for McNeill’s and not McAlonan’s! These 2 test results from Benjamin Mullamphy and Willam McAlonan have given everyone huge additional insights. If your name is McPhail or McSorley or McMartin or McClellan(d), or McBean/McBain, or McPhee, or McLoney, or McAlonen, or you’re ancestor was a Fermanagh Malanaphy/Malamphy/Molamphy/Mellamphy/Mullamphy/Melaniphy/Molanphy please consider ordering this test before the sale ends on 31st August. As a reminder, I do this for no profit motive or financial gain – is it purely a research hobby.
William McAlonan
August 23 @ 10:32am
Just been reading it all to dad
William McAlonan
September 12 @ 8:01pm
The rest of the results should be coming through.
William John McAlonan William John McAlonan
August 12 @ 4:58pm
Hi Folks. On dads account here (Jo McAlonan im also in group) dads big y is currently being processed so you will have a Co. Antrim DNA to look into. I will comment on this with his other test number also so you have all the accounts together to check yourselves against. This is his Autosumnal upload kit #B654026
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William McAlonan
August 12 @ 5:03pm
For big Y test. Currently in development. I'm excited for the results.
Joanne Mcneill
August 12 @ 5:07pm
#B654024 is my test incase anyone matched to me. I Manage the McAlonan accounts. Kind Regards cousins - Jo McNeill (Nee McAlonan)
Joanne Mcneill
August 12 @ 5:59pm
Hi - Me again. Just been on the webpage One of the images researched by Michael McAlonie mentions Elizabeth McAlonan using the name Elizabeth Cameron in the rental of land at Killycowan. This has blown my mind. I grew up on Killycowan. It still exists. I must try and see if she is related to my grandadfather Thomas McAlonan 1901-1978. Does anyone have any research on this at all? Kind Regards Jo
William McAlonan
August 22 @ 6:58am
The test is starting to come back, has anyone matched?
Margaret Mitchell Margaret Mitchell
August 15 @ 3:54am
Hi everyone, my first cousin has tested McMartin-Cameron of Letterfinny at the top of the Cameron project tree. IN76050 Duncan Cameron 1786-1800 (First Known Ancestor) next to a Samual Cameron. Oral History, Duncans parents Donald and Mary, Catholic, pagpipes instructor, from Kinlociel. Duncan and his wife Jessie McPee left a small property at Kinlochmorar 1855 Any thoughts?
Donald MacLeod Donald MacLeod
May 20 @ 8:22am
05.20.2020. As per Mr. Graeme Macloney's email request dated 05.09.2020, I joined your group. Don MacLeod, Lr. Sackville, N.S.
Donald MacLeod Donald MacLeod
May 20 @ 8:15am
05.19.2020. At Mr
Phillip MacNeill Phillip MacNeill
May 12 @ 4:16pm
Thankyou to Graeme for invite. Told I share a rare Viking-Scottish-dna with some in group. Scottish ancestry primarily from Carloway, Ilse Lewis. Father Murdo married Frances Benning [English], G.father Finlay married Catherine MacGregor ,ggfather Finlay a MacLeod gggfather Finlay from Colonsay in 1795? Phil MacNeill