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Gary Goodwin Gary Goodwin
March 17 @ 6:40pm
Hi. I'm Angela and I'm working on my father's side. Last name is Goodwin but we were once McGuigan-might have ties to MacNeil. We came to Prince Edward Island from County Monaghan in the 1830s. I just got his Big Y 700 results in and they came back as RBY18352. I haven't found any matches up to 67 markers with him yet when I had up to 67 for him and he was still M222. As of yet, no matches at 111.
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Gary Goodwin
March 18 @ 2:45pm
Malcolm MacNeil were are your Goodwin's from? My great great grandfather was Malcolm McNeil who came from Barra to PEI as a young boy in 1819.
Justin McNeill
March 20 @ 2:24pm
Malcolm, it isn't a big joke. Unforeseen results can come from non-paternal events, adoptions, improperly linked paper trail information, etc. Do you match other I-M253 MacNeils? I'm also in the I-M253 haplogroup. It should also be pointed out that Vince could still be related, just not through your direct paternal line. Y-DNA and autosomal DNA are two very different things and shouldn't be confused.
Malcolm MacNeil
8 hours ago
this is Malcolms mother who paid for and monitors all my MacNeil children's results from FTDNA and some of Malcolms results and mine are kind of "screwed Up " and I did my MTDNA also, I have nieces on my maternal line that have some of the exact MacNeil/McNeil matches as do my children, so obviously, my mother's line is intermarried with my husbands line.. and since I did Malcolm's Y DNA it keeps saying "give us more money " basically " and we will test more faulty areas...and then there is the other Viking groups that are saying I M253 is a very rare Viking Type..give us money also.. I go back so far on my "predicted origins" I am as old as the earth..I myself would never buy anything but the Basic Family finder if I was to do any of the 8 family people i have bought tests for..My daughter matches "many" of the MacNeil/McNeils in her fathers line. and My husbands mother also has MacNeil marriages in hers..There have been MacNeil/McNeil cousins marrying, as did my husbands 2 cousins married there you go, intermarrying fairly close.. I did try Ancestry for Fun and it is a bigger money grab and took my cousins and myself info from our Trees with Family search, and Ancestry wants me to pay money to complete my tree with them, when they got my information for free!! as far as I am concerned FTDNA is one of he better ones to use, but they too are not without faults.. Gedmatch seems to be "more on" with origins. we are related to a "Smith" in USA who had 40 wives, so do the math..
Malcolm MacNeil
8 hours ago
Justin McNeill. again from Malcolm's mother, our MacNeils are related to Vince MacNeil.. we found this out years ago..when he started doing the research..and we have Faulkners on my maternal line..
Tonya  Pettit Tonya Pettit
May 7, 2015 @ 6:15pm
Looking for a connection to MacNeil of Liverpool Nova Scotia...
Angus MacNeil
June 24, 2015 @ 3:28pm
Tonya Pettit Sorry Tonya but I have no direct family relatives in Nova Scotia and cannot help you. My family is from a group that emmigrated to Vancouver, BC after the WW1 in the 1920s. My suggestion is that you should contact the administrator of this MacNeil site directly through Facebook. He is very friendly, loves to assist family members with their genealogy for no fee and he has an unbelievable knowledge of our MacNeil family trees . We are very fortunate to have him in our family. There are four MacNeil Facebook sites that Vince is an administrator on and I would suggest you join each one of them. When you join Vince will help your right away. Just give him the family member you know. Here are the four Facebook pages to join. Clan MacNeil in Canada Clan MacNeil of Barra Barra's People - A Genealogical Interest Page Isle of Barra All the best. Good luck with your search Angus
Tonya Pettit
August 4, 2015 @ 5:18pm
Thank you for your suggestion...I would not have gotten as far as I am in my search without Vince :)
Kathy (Kat) Whitehead
May 27 @ 7:12am
Most of the McNeill's from my tree are in BC... Any chance of a Matthew McNeill born 1822 be in your tree somewhere?
Malcolm MacNeil
8 hours ago
we do have some common last names
Warren McNeil Warren McNeil
February 12 @ 1:21pm
Hi, I am looking for information on Jonathan McNeill b1759 Va. He married Jane McCord later moved to Kentucky. On their marriage bond it list Neil as Jonathan's father. I have done the Y DNA37 but I don't have any close matches. The closes match was 3 generation but only at 13%. Only 2 of the 3 were here in the US.
Warren McNeil
May 16 @ 7:04pm
I jumped the gun and got excited. That info was wrong.
Justin McNeill
May 18 @ 10:02am
It can be quite difficult to determine where someone came from in Scotland especially in the 1700s without specific information stating where they came from, be that a family bible, marriage or death documentation, etc and even then it can be rather unsuccessful as for most simply hearing "from Scotland" is enough for their own purposes. However your placement in the Taynish I-Y13039 lineage group is pretty telling as to where your family originated. I suspect your family originated in Argyll, perhaps moved to Ulster at some point and then to the USA. I looked at the haplotype of your kit and compared it to the others in the group and while you vary on a few markers here and there you fit solidly in the group, your fit and maybe your match level would increase with more markers. Y67 and Y111 are a pretty good amount of STRs to test nowadays with 37 being the minimum. You may at one point be interested in confirming the relationship with the Taynish group through SNP testing in the future, which is quite a bit more reliable than STRs.
Warren McNeil
July 28 @ 7:34pm
Will the Big 700 cover all that? As in linking me in closer to a certain family?
Justin McNeill
August 5 @ 4:59pm
Big Y700 would give you your terminal SNP thereby giving your most accurate haplogroup result, it would also show your most relevant matches (SNPs are more accurate than STRs, STRs can be misleading due to convergence). I would think you're probably in the I-Y13039 branch under i-L22 that the Taynish MacNeills appear to belong to.
Donald Tipton Donald Tipton
September 16, 2018 @ 10:42am
I was requested to join this group due to a high number of Tiptons who are showing close relationship with McNeils. Ple ase feel free to contact me. I am actually Donald Tipton's daughter Ann. His advanced Alzheimer's prevents his use of this site personally, so I administrate his data and affairs. Also, he is on GED Match, T835003.
S F McNeil
June 1 @ 8:46pm
If you go to the results page, you'll find SF under Haplogroup "Kintyre I1a, L22+ > L813+/CTS9346+ > Y13039+ (Norse). This is very probably the old Torquil of Taynish lineage and 'cousin-branches." This may give you something to start with. SF's earliest known ancestor was born in County Antrim around 1769, but that is all we know if him. His closest YDNA matches trace back to Scotland through Neil Dubh McNeil, who was one five leaders of a 1739 emigration to Cape Fear North Carolina. A cousin of Neil Dubh, named Neil Buidhe McNeil settled in County Antrim along with 2-3 of his brothers, and they are recognized as the progenitors of the McNeils of Northern Ireland. I haven't been able to find the link for S F's family to Neil Buidhe - the records just don't seem to exist - but I'm sure he connects to them somehow.
S F McNeil
June 1 @ 8:49pm
Ann, the same Neil Dhub who led the 1739 North Carolina colony is also on record for having spent a lot of time in Jamaica, along with a couple of McNeil cousins. I'm pretty sure the Tiptons and the McNeils match up somehow in that connection.
Paul McNeil
June 13 @ 10:02am
Hi, it's interesting that you mention Jamaica as my 4xgreat grandfather William MacNeill (b. abt. 1767), also spent time in Jamaica as part of his trade links with the West Indies. He was a merchant based in Glasgow, and later purchased Hayfield Estate on Loch Awe, but was buried on Islay, so I suspect that's where he came from. I have discovered that his mother's name was Flora, but am keen to trace his parents and any siblings. I'll check GedMatch to see if we're a match.
S F McNeil
June 13 @ 12:46pm
Paul McNeil, email me!
Kathy (Kat) Whitehead Kathy (Kat) Whitehead
July 31, 2018 @ 6:12am
if anyone out there matches me on the dna who is a McNeill - please let me know... Have had a basic test done & transferred it to this site... I am stuck at the info for my 2nd great grandfather Mathew McNeill - is father Danl Daniel? McNeill - cannot find info prior to them being in Canada... Arrival abt 1860... Have info on Matthew's wifes family Taylor/Ainsworth... But I can find nothing on the McNeill side... (& a big thank you to Shaun McNeil for pointing me in the right direction for the info on the Taylor/Ainsworth side...)
Kathy (Kat) Whitehead
May 31 @ 9:04am
Thank you - His father is not a McNeill - so would not be of much use to do the testing...
Kathy (Kat) Whitehead
May 31 @ 9:07am
I just found 3 matches on GEDmatch... Distant cousins that are matching - I am wondering where are they from... John McNeill A312268 Match!!! Largest segment = 5.5 cM Donald D. Tipton T835003 Match!!! Largest segment = 5.7 cM Joe Guarini-Elliott-Nelson A144974 Match!!! Largest segment = 4.9 cM Not sure which FB group or other online group I pulled these GED numbers from... But they have a slight match...
Justin McNeill
May 31 @ 12:04pm
I would be very careful with centiMorgans of that small a size, they can be due to something called identical-by-state, which basically means they aren't the result of a shared ancestor necessarily. Where do these GEDmatch individuals trace their family trees to?
Kathy (Kat) Whitehead
June 2 @ 3:08pm
That is what I am curious about... Trying to find their beginnings might find where my branch of McNeill's are from... Everything I have dead ends prior to my 2 great grandfather settling in Manitoba Canada... Scotland - Ireland origins... Its grasping at straws trying to find a connection...
April 19, 2017 @ 5:40pm
Looking for any participants claiming descent from "Sailor" Hector McNeill b. circa 1730 Scotland, d. 1804 or 1809 in Robeson County, North Carolina. His father was Neil McNeill d. abt. 1786, called Neil McNeill of Jobe's Branch on I am connected through "Sailor" Hector's daughter, Mary, and my research has shown "Sailor" Hector's wife was probably a Culbre[a]th (or Galbreath)
Kathryn Schultz
August 30, 2018 @ 9:18pm
Still trying after all these years to determine where our Daniel McNeil, born 1791, fits into these North Carolina and, possibly, later Georgia McNeils. He first shows up in a record in 1814 in Amite Co. in southwest Mississippi when he married.
James McNeil
June 1 @ 8:25pm
My 5th GGrandfather Daniel McNeil came to Savannah on the ship Hopewell in Dec 1769 from Belfast. He was given land in Queensborough, Georgia via Crown Grant. They remained in Georgia until after Daniel McNeil II died. I descend from Daniel II's son Samuel who migrated to Neshoba County Mississippi. Mississippi is where my family has remained since.
John Wilkinson John Wilkinson has a question!
May 29 @ 8:13am
Is comparison for grouping done automatically for the DNA spreadsheet results? The reason I ask is that I know that I am M269>P312>U152>L20. One of my Y67 matches, kit#413747, traces to a MacNeil in Tiree. Presently he and I are aligned in sequence in the ungrouped section, and there is an O'Neill (kit#253171) right below my Y67 match. My MDKA traces to County Antrim Ireland ~1700. That is not far at all from Arran, where 3 of the 5 grouped U152 kits in this project appear to be affiliated with. If it hasn't been done, could the administrator take a comparative look at our three kits (#843604, #413747, and #253171) with the U152 kits in the grouped section? Thanks.
John Mcneil John Mcneil has a question!
March 27, 2017 @ 1:26pm
my name is john mc neil am I included in yor result list?
Dawn McNeil
March 31, 2017 @ 11:20pm
I don't seem to have anyone called John McNeil so far, I am very new to all of the dna research
Joseph McNeill
May 6, 2017 @ 8:35pm
Hi John, it might help to locate you if you provide your YDNA haplogroup (for example, I-M253) and who your most distant paternal match is so we can find you more easily in the project results. Are you set to share your YDNA results with your matches?
William McNeil
July 4, 2017 @ 9:13am
My gf was John McNeil. He was born in Halifax, NS, Canada in 1851 and emigrated to the US in 1880. I have belonged to a McNeil DNA group for ten years now and have yet to locate any relative of any name in Canada. I can't even find a relative named McNeil anywhere in the world. Any suggestions. Email me at My haplogroup is R-M269. I am an R1B1. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Kathy (Kat) Whitehead
May 27 @ 7:03am
I can't find my line of McNeills either - they came here about 1859 & settled in Manitoba Canada & prior to that info isn't popping up...
Sean Macneill Sean Macneill
May 11 @ 5:50am
Hi there, Just new to this forum, I am searching for our Grandfather on my Father's side - James Donald Macneill, or could be Donald MacNeil, or even Donald MacDonald. We know he was from Isle of Skye, spent some time in Newfoundland and Ontario in the 1940s. There may be some connection to Montgomery in PEI. Not a lot to go on, however it's a start! Thanks for any help. Sean
Justin McNeill
May 11 @ 5:22pm
Do you know what yeae your grandfather was born? Do you know where in Newfoundland and Ontario he spent time? What else do you know about him?
Sean Macneill
May 11 @ 5:27pm
Not sure but perhaps around 1916-1921. He spent time in St. John's and Portugal Cove. IN Ontario, we think it was London, Ont. He was in the military, but I'm not certain it was the British or Canadian. We have one photo and he (supposedly him) is wearing all white...British Navy?
Justin McNeill
May 15 @ 6:40pm
Well, Newfoundland & Labrador weren't part of Canada until 1949... However that doesn't answer the question as to which navy he was in. Do you have any idea when he was born? Who did he marry? Where did he marry? Have you or any male Macneill relatives that are direct descendants of James Donald Macneill had their Y-DNA tested?
Donald MacNeil Donald MacNeil
March 9 @ 7:19am
Looking for information on Charles Alexander MacNeil - 1897 - 1925. Biological or possibly adopted son of Alexander and Margaret Jane MacKay
Justin McNeill
April 2 @ 5:19pm
Have you found Charles in any censuses? Did he remain in Nova Scotia or did he emigrate?
Donald MacNeil
April 5 @ 9:37am
Yes Justin, he was in a TB hospital before he died and was on the Canadian census for the residents at the time. He was 19 when he went off to fight in the first world war, returned, got married had one child my father and then died of TB which he probably contracted during the trench warfare in France.
Justin McNeill
April 19 @ 5:42pm
Did his military papers say anything about his relatives at all? Or where he may have been born or born to? EDIT: I just looked for Charles Alexander MacNeil's military papers, it appears he mentions his next-of-kin as Alexander MacNeil (this is done consistently), is this Alexander MacNeil his father perhaps? Or maybe a brother? I found this for a marriage of a Charles A. MacNeil to a Vivian Wolf. Charles in this record is about the right age and states his father Alexander MacNeil was from Sydney, Cape Breton and the family is Presbyterian, EDIT #2: On Nova Scotia Genealogy's website for Historical Vital Statistics I found an Alexander MacNeil marrying a Margaret J. MacKay both were from Cape Breton (Alex from Sydney and Margaret from elsewhere) they were listed under a Presbyterian marriage and their parents were John MacNeil & Flora MacDonald and Daniel & Christie MacKay respectively. If this is correct, it seems your MacNeils came from Cape Breton, but they were Presbyterian which would line up with not being a DNA match to any of the Barra MacNeil descended families.
Justin McNeill
April 21 @ 12:17pm
Here's some links to Charles Alexander MacNeil's father & mother info as well as his father's death record: Alexander & Margaret marriage: Alexander MacNeil death: Charles Alexander MacNeil marriage record: (is this your grandfather?) If these pages come up asking you to accept something, simply hit accept it is harmless.