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Donald MacNeil Donald MacNeil
March 9 @ 7:19am
Looking for information on Charles Alexander MacNeil - 1897 - 1925. Biological or possibly adopted son of Alexander and Margaret Jane MacKay
Justin McNeill
April 2 @ 5:19pm
Have you found Charles in any censuses? Did he remain in Nova Scotia or did he emigrate?
Donald MacNeil
April 5 @ 9:37am
Yes Justin, he was in a TB hospital before he died and was on the Canadian census for the residents at the time. He was 19 when he went off to fight in the first world war, returned, got married had one child my father and then died of TB which he probably contracted during the trench warfare in France.
Justin McNeill
April 19 @ 5:42pm
Did his military papers say anything about his relatives at all? Or where he may have been born or born to? EDIT: I just looked for Charles Alexander MacNeil's military papers, it appears he mentions his next-of-kin as Alexander MacNeil (this is done consistently), is this Alexander MacNeil his father perhaps? Or maybe a brother? I found this for a marriage of a Charles A. MacNeil to a Vivian Wolf. Charles in this record is about the right age and states his father Alexander MacNeil was from Sydney, Cape Breton and the family is Presbyterian, EDIT #2: On Nova Scotia Genealogy's website for Historical Vital Statistics I found an Alexander MacNeil marrying a Margaret J. MacKay both were from Cape Breton (Alex from Sydney and Margaret from elsewhere) they were listed under a Presbyterian marriage and their parents were John MacNeil & Flora MacDonald and Daniel & Christie MacKay respectively. If this is correct, it seems your MacNeils came from Cape Breton, but they were Presbyterian which would line up with not being a DNA match to any of the Barra MacNeil descended families.
Justin McNeill
April 21 @ 12:17pm
Here's some links to Charles Alexander MacNeil's father & mother info as well as his father's death record: Alexander & Margaret marriage: Alexander MacNeil death: Charles Alexander MacNeil marriage record: (is this your grandfather?) If these pages come up asking you to accept something, simply hit accept it is harmless.
Warren McNeil Warren McNeil
February 12 @ 1:21pm
Hi, I am looking for information on Jonathan McNeill b1759 Va. He married Jane McCord later moved to Kentucky. On their marriage bond it list Neil as Jonathan's father. I have done the Y DNA37 but I don't have any close matches. The closes match was 3 generation but only at 13%. Only 2 of the 3 were here in the US.
Warren McNeil
March 11 @ 7:17pm
Alex did say my line is from possibility Argyll but definitely Scotland but some where in western Kintry. He had also said my line had removed from Scotland for a long time. Possibly settled in Ireland before going to America. Now Jonathan's eldest brother Thomas was born 1740 in Virginia, USA. Most of the McNeill's that came to America at that time landed north of Virginia. * Kintyre
Justin McNeill
April 2 @ 5:20pm
A route from Scotland to Ulster to the US is perfectly reasonable. I would look into that, is there any documentation of McNeils settling in Virginia in the early 1700s?
Warren McNeil
April 10 @ 8:55am
Yes there are a lot of McNeill's in Virginia and what is now West Virginia. But I couldn't connect them to my McNeill's. I have met distant relatives that have gone the looking for documents and came up with nothing.
Justin McNeill
April 19 @ 5:41pm
Luckily for you being placed in the Taynish group shows you have some sort of connection to the Argyll MacNeill clan, which is better than finding no clues. What are the earliest dates that McNeills arrived in Virginia?
Gary Goodwin Gary Goodwin
March 17 @ 6:40pm
Hi. I'm Angela and I'm working on my father's side. Last name is Goodwin but we were once McGuigan-might have ties to MacNeil. We came to Prince Edward Island from County Monaghan in the 1830s. I just got his Big Y 700 results in and they came back as RBY18352. I haven't found any matches up to 67 markers with him yet when I had up to 67 for him and he was still M222. As of yet, no matches at 111.
Malcolm MacNeil
March 17 @ 10:11pm
Goodwins in my family line, I was "predicted" as 1M253 did the 111 but refuse to waste any more money on the MacNeil project , up grade or spend more money on YSTR values, big joke, we have been following they MacNeil project since 2005 and Vince MacNeil is "supposed" too be in our line as we were told years ago, My sister even matches our MacNeil line with quite a few MacNeils from Nova Scotia and some NB and PEI and ones that migrated to the USA
Gary Goodwin
March 18 @ 2:45pm
Malcolm MacNeil were are your Goodwin's from? My great great grandfather was Malcolm McNeil who came from Barra to PEI as a young boy in 1819.
Justin McNeill
March 20 @ 2:24pm
Malcolm, it isn't a big joke. Unforeseen results can come from non-paternal events, adoptions, improperly linked paper trail information, etc. Do you match other I-M253 MacNeils? I'm also in the I-M253 haplogroup.
Patrick McNeil Patrick McNeil
April 21, 2018 @ 11:34am
McNeils now is the time to test the BigY! Note: Most McNeils are not from the Barra clan line; despite its current status worldwide. The sale runs until 4/28/2018. Let's discover the ancestors of Gigha, Colonsay, Kintyre.
April 27, 2018 @ 11:23pm
I've just ordered BigY, results due June/July. My McNeils are from Kilmodan (Cowal Peninsula) in Argyll, but related to some McNeils in Antrim.
Warren McNeil
February 12 @ 6:08pm
I did the Y37 and found out my line is from the western side of Kintyre. Most likely Argyll. I have yet to find a match closer than 3 generation. Will the Big Y give me better information? If so what kind?
Justin McNeill
March 3 @ 7:42pm
BigY will test your Y-chromosome in-depth and it will find a more accurate placement in the Y-chromosome tree of humanity. SNPs are more accurate than STRs. Big Y, although a useful tool is quite expensive.
John Wilkinson John Wilkinson
February 22 @ 10:46am
I notice that there is a small collection of +U152 +BY3550 tracing to Arran. I am currently ungrouped. I am +U152>Z367>L20 but untested for +BY3550. I believe this must be since I am -Z36 (and therefore impossible to be +BY3550?). I'm also -Z49. My strongest non-Wilkinson Y67 match traces to a MacNeil in Tyree. My Wilkinson line traces to Antrim ~1700, though I've speculated we may be descended from Wilkinsons or McQuilkens in Kintyre or Islay (interchangeability of both names is common in Antrim, Rathlin, Kintyre and Islay). Obviously Arran, Islay, Kintyre and Tyree are in the same neighborhood and proximity with Antrim. I'm intrigued by the U152 presence on Arran. I have been operating under an assumption that my Wilkinson line's U152 was probably Norman, but if there are MacNeil U152 on Arran, perhaps both lines are a distant residue of iron age celtic settlement. I've taken Big Y and am awaiting results. Any thoughts on what to look for in Big Y results downstream of U152 for potential distant MacNeil connections?
Justin McNeill
February 25 @ 3:15pm
If you have a Big Y match with a MacNeil it will generally show you somewhere in your Big Y results page. For example say they are on a collateral branch from your position that should be visible on the match page with the common root SNP being the shared SNP.
John Wilkinson
February 25 @ 3:18pm
OK, thanks Justin. I'm still waiting my BigY results. Will be interesting to see where they plot on the tree.
Charles McNeil Charles McNeil
February 12 @ 5:01am
Refreshing posts since it has been awhile, Great Great Grandfther Charles Daniiel McNeill , born Christmas 1850 in Summerside, PEI his father is listed on his death certificate here in Boston as Roderick McNeill . Trying to find the connection as to which Roderick McNeill, any assistance is appreciated. Vince has tried before with not much pointing anywhere.
Malcolm MacNeil Malcolm MacNeil
February 11 @ 12:24am
is there any MacNeils from North Sydney NS , on here, related to Mary Arac, B. Dec 2, 1917 D. Oct 12 2003, (father Emil Arac) or the Aracs? Mary Arac's mother, Margaret MacNeil Arac, (B. 1887 D. 1931;) Margaret was my Grandfather Malcolm Roderick MacNeil's( B. May 05 1899 ,sister). Apparently Mary Arac had done up a family tree.
Patrick MacNeil Patrick MacNeil
February 9 @ 10:55pm
My brother had a DNA Y111 done and there is a note o Marker DYS10 (Micro Alleles) noted. Looking this up it says it is a backwards mutation and apparently FTDNA does not mention this and it can be caused by various things, and can mess up results.. Has anyone else got this result? I was going to do a Ydna test myself but I don't know if I will bother now.
Justin McNeill
February 10 @ 6:00pm
Do you mean he has a null value at DYS10?
Malcolm MacNeil
February 11 @ 12:09am
Look up the meaning of Micro Alleles and Marker DYS10 , that might explain more than me trying to explain, apparently FTDNA does not mention this when you question STRANGE RESULTS Mold (such as thrush fungus from inhalers can cause problems with micro alleles ) with saliva tests.. as can pre-birth DNA with your mother's DNA.
Sarah Spicer Sarah Spicer
February 10 @ 8:15pm
Jennifer Gregory, Which McNeills are you looking for? Do you have any names. I have attached a document showing McNeills on Lot 4 close to 3. We also have to keep in mind that McNeills Road ran through Lot 3. If you could give me some more information I maps I can share as well.
Jennifer Gregory Jennifer Gregory has a question!
September 23 @ 1:48pm
Is their information about he MacNeills of lot 3 in PEI.
Sarah Spicer
January 13 @ 6:52pm
Hello Jennifer, My McNeills are from Prince Edward Island, I have a lot of information so let me gather my thoughts and I will get back to you. My Grandmother was a McNeill.