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Gary Halverson Gary Halverson
November 10 @ 11:56am
Hello Clan MacNeil members. --I am Gary Halverson from Ontario, Canada. I recently received my Big Y results and am in haplogroup R-YP280 which is linked to your Norse R1a group. --In fact I am a Big Y match to 6 or 7 of the members within your Clan MacNeil R1a Norse group. --From what I can ascertain in various DNA science readings, R-YP280 is the haplogroup which immediately precedes R-YP507 which several of you in the Norse group have. --R-YP280 also gave rise to R-YP330 which ultimately descends down to the various Clans Donald. Based on consultations with Clan Donald, it is believed that R-YP280 came out of Norway possibly around the year 800 AD. That period also coincides with the early Viking raids on Scotland. --If any of the Clan MacNeil of Barra R1a Norse members are interested in exploring your Norse-Viking heritage, I would be pleased to correspond with you. Best regards to all. GH
Remco Koedam Remco Koedam
November 8 @ 5:29am
Hi, I'm Marije Walbeek, I Co-use my uncles profile to find matches on our common side. My 4th great grandmother is Frances Mary McNeil (1804-1878), daughter of William McNeil (1758 Paisly - 1840 London). He is the son of John Tarott McNeill (1714 Greenock - 1785 Renfrew Burgh) and Christine Dinsmore. I'm hoping to find out more about my McNeil ancestors of matches through these ancestors.
John Wilkinson
November 8 @ 8:37am
Have you searched for those names on Scotland's People site? If not, I recommend starting there.
S F McNeil
November 8 @ 1:21pm
Findmypast is FREE Nov. 8-11 in honor of Veterans Day
Dan Jensen Dan Jensen
October 11 @ 9:31pm
Hi! Any U5b's in the room? My grandmother was born at Barra Glen, Iona, Nova Scotia. Three of her grandparents were Barra MacNeils. The fourth was a Uist MacDonald. ... I have a maternal ancestor, Catherine MacLean from Barra, who matches U5b2a6. Her sister Mary was also an ancestor of mine. Mary must have also been a U5b2a6. They were daughters of Angus "Og" MacLean. Mary MacLean married John "Mac an Tailleir" MacPhee and Catherine MacLean married Neil "Geal" MacNeil of the Piper MacNeils. They have perfect mtDNA matches with lines from Spain, Ireland, Finland, and other countries. I know of four Scottish lines that match mine perfectly. I'm sure there are others, though U5b2a6 is not a common haplogroup.
Donald Tipton Donald Tipton
September 16, 2018 @ 10:42am
I was requested to join this group due to a high number of Tiptons who are showing close relationship with McNeils. Ple ase feel free to contact me. I am actually Donald Tipton's daughter Ann. His advanced Alzheimer's prevents his use of this site personally, so I administrate his data and affairs. Also, he is on GED Match, T835003.
Paul McNeil
June 13 @ 10:02am
Hi, it's interesting that you mention Jamaica as my 4xgreat grandfather William MacNeill (b. abt. 1767), also spent time in Jamaica as part of his trade links with the West Indies. He was a merchant based in Glasgow, and later purchased Hayfield Estate on Loch Awe, but was buried on Islay, so I suspect that's where he came from. I have discovered that his mother's name was Flora, but am keen to trace his parents and any siblings. I'll check GedMatch to see if we're a match.
S F McNeil
June 13 @ 12:46pm
Paul McNeil, email me!
Warren McNeil
September 27 @ 5:03pm
S F McNeil it shows us matching at a distance of 4. My McNeill family first started being recorded in 1739 in Augusta Co Va.
Sean Macneill
October 3 @ 11:33am
Hi, I have a Rachel Tipton on my match list as a 3-5th cousin. Know idea the connection, however am looking for my grandfather - James Donald Macneill. You can reach me at
Bruce McNeill Bruce McNeill
September 24 @ 11:39am
Hi, I have done the Family DNA test. I was hoping for a match to a possible cousin, but he wasn't listed. I am new and still learning. My earliest ancestor is a Henry McNeill born in North Carolina in 1774. He may be a son of Roger McNeill who is a son of Neill McNeill. If there is anyone on this line, please contact me. Thanks!! I love working on the family tree.
Justin McNeill
September 24 @ 12:32pm
If you are a descendant of Neill McNeill I'd imagine your haplogroup is I-M253? Do you match anyone in this project? Do you match anyone in the Torquil MacNeill/Taynish group?
Patrick Maloney Patrick Maloney
September 23 @ 3:43pm
Hello, I've tested at AncestryDNA and 23andMe. I uploaded my ADNA results to FTDNA, GEDmatch, and MyHeritage. My kit # here is B311892. 23andMe tells me my maternal halpogroup is U5a1 and my mother is a McNeil.
Patrick McNeil Patrick McNeil
September 21 @ 7:24pm
Hello group! I'm trying to reach to Justin McNeill III; kit 193440. Does anyone know him? Last location was Lumberton, NC. thanks, pat mcneil.
Warren McNeil Warren McNeil
February 12 @ 1:21pm
Hi, I am looking for information on Jonathan McNeill b1759 Va. He married Jane McCord later moved to Kentucky. On their marriage bond it list Neil as Jonathan's father. I have done the Y DNA37 but I don't have any close matches. The closes match was 3 generation but only at 13%. Only 2 of the 3 were here in the US.
Justin McNeill
September 16 @ 10:10am
I would definitely test A17052 given it's position in the tree. Jura is not out of the question, it is right between Colonsay and Gigha and I'm sure as the population of MacNeills grew in Argyll they dispersed and spread out to other areas too. Perhaps your search is progressing past your brickwall? That's some good news!
Warren McNeil
September 16 @ 9:05pm
That I'm not too sure of. The naming pattern doesn't line up. I have Neil as Jonathan's father. But none of the descendants are named Neil. On any of the lines. I have found descendants from 2 of Jonathan's brothers and even in their lines there isn't any Neil's. Thomas, James, John and Jonathan are in all 3 lines. Those 4 names have been carried down 5 or more generations in every descending line. As for the female names only Margaret and Mary has been carried down. That is what has me stumped.
Alasdair Macdonald
September 18 @ 4:14am
Warren there is an Isle of Jura project at FTDNA
Warren McNeil
September 19 @ 6:44pm
Alasdair Macdonald I thank you very much. As it is now I do not have a DNA connection to Isle of Jura. I have only taken the Y37 and my connection is to Northern Ireland. But I would love to join to see if there may be a possible connection.
June 20, 2018 @ 3:35am
c Kilmodan - Antrim R1b, L21+ > S9793+ > CTS11127+ > CTS3536+ 346187 McNeill IN18542 McNeil N30638 McNeill 335311 MACNEIL N107254 McNeill 478290 McNeill
Shaun McNeil
September 18 @ 4:47am
I'm IN18542 you are one of my closest relatives on here. I recently found out that I had Y-DNA Haplogroup R-L21 but not sure what that means.
Shaun McNeil
September 18 @ 5:08am
N30638 from Northern Ireland, I'd like to contact you as we are very similar with the same Haplogroup and almost identical DNA
Gary Goodwin Gary Goodwin
March 17 @ 6:40pm
Hi. I'm Angela and I'm working on my father's side. Last name is Goodwin but we were once McGuigan-might have ties to MacNeil. We came to Prince Edward Island from County Monaghan in the 1830s. I just got his Big Y 700 results in and they came back as RBY18352. I haven't found any matches up to 67 markers with him yet when I had up to 67 for him and he was still M222. As of yet, no matches at 111.
Justin McNeill
March 20 @ 2:24pm
Malcolm, it isn't a big joke. Unforeseen results can come from non-paternal events, adoptions, improperly linked paper trail information, etc. Do you match other I-M253 MacNeils? I'm also in the I-M253 haplogroup. It should also be pointed out that Vince could still be related, just not through your direct paternal line. Y-DNA and autosomal DNA are two very different things and shouldn't be confused.
Malcolm MacNeil
August 18 @ 3:51pm
this is Malcolms mother who paid for and monitors all my MacNeil children's results from FTDNA and some of Malcolms results and mine are kind of "screwed Up " and I did my MTDNA also, I have nieces on my maternal line that have some of the exact MacNeil/McNeil matches as do my children, so obviously, my mother's line is intermarried with my husbands line.. and since I did Malcolm's Y DNA it keeps saying "give us more money " basically " and we will test more faulty areas...and then there is the other Viking groups that are saying I M253 is a very rare Viking Type..give us money also.. I go back so far on my "predicted origins" I am as old as the earth..I myself would never buy anything but the Basic Family finder if I was to do any of the 8 family people i have bought tests for..My daughter matches "many" of the MacNeil/McNeils in her fathers line. and My husbands mother also has MacNeil marriages in hers..There have been MacNeil/McNeil cousins marrying, as did my husbands 2 cousins married there you go, intermarrying fairly close.. I did try Ancestry for Fun and it is a bigger money grab and took my cousins and myself info from our Trees with Family search, and Ancestry wants me to pay money to complete my tree with them, when they got my information for free!! as far as I am concerned FTDNA is one of he better ones to use, but they too are not without faults.. Gedmatch seems to be "more on" with origins. we are related to a "Smith" in USA who had 40 wives, so do the math..
Malcolm MacNeil
August 18 @ 3:55pm
Justin McNeill. again from Malcolm's mother, our MacNeils are related to Vince MacNeil.. we found this out years ago..when he started doing the research..and we have Faulkners on my maternal line..
Thomas Gillis
September 4 @ 9:38pm
Gary, did you ever find your ancestors? Mine also came to PEI, though from Barra. And to complicate things, we are Gillises, not MacNeils, though I can confirm my haplogroup being derived from there. There is a certain lack of information on the PEI Gillis; not sure if same for the MacNeils, but reach out if you'd like some resources. I do also have MacNeils in PEI as distant ancestors.