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Bonnie Parker-Duke Bonnie Parker-Duke
November 19 @ 2:13pm
I am Bonnie Parker-Duke. I am looking for information about and descendants of John McNeill, b. 1812, Prescott, Leeds, Ontario, d. About 1882, Marion County, Oregon, son of John McNeill and his wife Drusilla Bunker, and his first wife (name unknown) and two daughters (names unknown). Minnie and Jenny were daughters of second marriage to (name unknown). I believe my g, g, g grandmother Martha McNeil b. 1830, Ontario, was one of the daughters by his first wife. Could use all the help I can get. Thank you.
John Wilkinson John Wilkinson
November 6 @ 1:06pm
I'll try to give a little more background on why I am trying to find Fred P Wilkinson. Unfortunately I have been unable to reach him. But have broadened my request to find a male descendant of his paternal line which should also match. He lists this Thomas Wilkinson https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/25305216/person/26050094735/facts?ssrc= as his oldest known paternal ancestor. I note that this Wilkinson line traces to Midlothian Scotland. I also have a Y67 match with a fellow who's father's line is MacNeil and runs back to Tyree ~1750. Perhaps our ancestry is shared between his MacNeil line and this line of Wilkinsons in some distant northeast or southeast Scotland, or maybe Northumbrian, common ancestor. Unfortunately we've been unable to locate Fred to try to get a deeper DNA analysis done but we are looking. And again, any male descendant of Thomas 1829 should also yield virtual they same Y DNA comparison. I note too that WikiTree shows a John https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Wilkinson-2748 (1755, son of John 1726 also in Aberdeen) and James (1750) https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Wilkinson-2755 listed in Aberdeen too, but I know of no genealogical connection of these men with my line. My line would have been in the colonies (North Carolina) by 1750 or shortly before or after. But as with the MacNeil match, and Fred P, we all presumably have some older common male ancestor. If any one on here knows of any connection with these lines of Midlothian and/or Aberdeen Wilkinsons to Ulster in N. Ireland between 1600 and 1850, please let me know. Many thanks.
John Wilkinson John Wilkinson
November 5 @ 7:16am
If Fred P Wilkinson is on this project, or if anyone knows Fred P Wilkinson, please contact me. Thank you!
John Wilkinson John Wilkinson has a question!
September 26 @ 8:32am
Hello, my name is John Wilkinson. I recently learned that one of my three 67/67 marker matches traces his line to an Alexander McNeill (multiple spelling variations) born about 1760 who lived on Tyree. Broader Y testing may eliminate match status, but the 67/67 seems sufficient for me to add my test results to this project's database to see what degree of alignment there is. My family traces it's paternal line back to an oldest known ancestor named Thomas Wilkinson, believed to have been born in Antrim Ireland c. 1700. His son John (born c. 1725 in Antrim) emigrated to North Carolina probably some time in the mid 1700s. There is some indication that Wilkinson may be an anglicization of McQuilkin (or variants) or possible McQuillan (or variants). My Yhaplotype has been SNP tested down to R-L20. I've seen some research which links R-L20 to Norman arrival, and other research that the McQuillan line descended from a branch of the de Mandevilles, a Cambro-Norman family who settled in Ulster during the Anglo-Norman invasions under the de Courcys in the late 12th century. As descendants of Hugh de Mandeville, they assumed the Gaelic name Mac Uighilin (Mac Hugelin, a diminutive of Hugh), whence McQuillan. I'm joining the McQuillan project too. Administrators, if after assessing my results you think I am in the wrong neighborhood, just let me know and I can drop out. Thanks much. And if anyone has any suggestions, please chime in. Best regards to all.
Justin McNeill
September 26 @ 11:38am
Justin McNeill
October 2 @ 2:32pm
Has your McNeill match done Big Y? The only way to really confirm how close the relationship between your two lineages is either by Big Y or an equivalent test provided by another company, or the old paper trail route, which might take forever and six lifetimes.
John Wilkinson
October 4 @ 8:58am
I don't believe so. Pretty sure Y67 on for him, and Y111 for me.
Jennifer Gregory Jennifer Gregory
September 23 @ 1:49pm
Let's try again, is there any information available about the MacNeill's of Lot #3 in Prince Edward Island?
Justin McNeill
September 23 @ 7:05pm
Do you know where in Lot 3 they lived? Any specific names you may be looking for? Here is a MacNeil family in Lot 3 in 1881 (from lines 6 to 12) http://data2.collectionscanada.gc.ca/e/e325/e008112420.jpg , head of the family is Donald aged 60, born in PEI, Catholic, Scottish origin, Farmer. Given the family was Catholic there is a high likelihood of a Barra origin I'd bet.
Steven MacNeill
September 28 @ 8:58am
Steven MacNeill
September 28 @ 9:02am
try again. Jennifer I am descended from MacNeill's (also previously McNeill's) from Lot 3 in PEI. Our MacNeill lineage traces back to a Malcolm McNeill who sailed from Campbeltown Scotland around 1770, landing in Malpeque PEI. First of this line to be known to live in Lot 3 was Hector Solomon McNeill who died there in 1883. His son James had a son Stanford who had a son James who was my father. I can provide more details of you'd like. Are you related to our group?
Jennifer Gregory Jennifer Gregory has a question!
September 23 @ 1:48pm
Is their information about he MacNeills of lot 3 in PEI.
Perry McNeal Perry McNeal
May 31, 2016 @ 5:35pm
Hi! My name is Anna McNeal McCallister, and I am representing my father, Perry Jerome McNeal. He did a little Family Finder DNA test with Ancestry last year and it led us to some of his cousins (which we already knew. lol!), and so I transferred his results here, and joined this group. After looking around here a bit, it seemed prudent that he do a Y-67 test and we have just received his new kit. I am wondering how I can get his results included with this group?
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Kathryn Schultz
August 30 @ 9:39pm
I have wondered for a long time whether there might be a connection between our Daniel McNeil and your John and Winnifred McNeal because of some similar sons’ names, in ours an Elbert Burton McNeil and Jarrot Wesley McNeil, and in your family a son named Jarret Elbert. (Am I remembering these details correctly?) I haven’t ever been able to find a connection. Our Daniel was also born in 1791 (on April 6), but I have no idea other than in North Carolina or Georgia. They might be cousins, and maybe DNA can help us figure out whether there is a connection.
Perry McNeal
September 18 @ 12:20am
Haha, Kathryn! I was just about to respond to you in the post above this one...saying that there are a lot of similarities between my John and your Daniel! I
Perry McNeal
September 18 @ 12:24am
I haven't been able to figure out a connection either, other than the similar, unusual names (HAS to mean something!!) I wish DNA would help. Dad has tested to the 111th marker now and I'm just more confused. lol!
Justin McNeill
September 22 @ 6:22pm
You can easily determine if your McNeals are related. What are the haplogroups? If one is Haplogroup I and the other is R, then they are not related.
Donald Tipton Donald Tipton
September 16 @ 10:42am
I was requested to join this group due to a high number of Tiptons who are showing close relationship with McNeils. Ple ase feel free to contact me. I am actually Donald Tipton's daughter Ann. His advanced Alzheimer's prevents his use of this site personally, so I administrate his data and affairs. Also, he is on GED Match, T835003.
Edna Scannell Edna Scannell
September 15 @ 11:17am
Family story goes: We are descendants of Archibald McNeill, a Boston Baker who sided with the English and evacuated with General Howe. I am having a hard time connecting the generations. My Great Grandfather was Michael James McNeill born 24 Dec 1858 in Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia. He died in St Johns New Brunswick 20 May 1926. Can anyone help me with this? Information on Archibald can be found in the United Empire Loyalists, and in the Winslow Papers, pages 304 and 305. He was a baker in Boston, had a large amount of land in Massachusetts and the Casco Bay Area ‘Archibald McNeil of Boston went to Halifax with the Royal army on the evacuation of that place in 1776. He was proscribed and banished. He went to Boston on business in 1784 and was committed to jail, but finally allowed to rejoin his family at Quebec. In the month of August in the same year as he was journeying from Quebec to Halifax he was murdered by an Indian when asleep in the woods. In November this Indian was tried and convicted in the court of King's Bench at Quebec. The place where the offence was committed is described in the indictment as “near unto the village of Madawaska, in the district of Quebec, in the province of Quebec." In the Quebec Gazette of the 11th of November, 1784, there is an account of the execution of this Indian, and the case is remarkable for the commutation of the mode of execution ordered by the governor, with the advice of the council. This will appear in the following extract from the minutes of the council : There were present at the meeting of the council His Excellency Frederick Haldimand, governor; the Hon. Henry Hamilton, lieutenant governor, and ten members of council. " His excellency the governor laid before the council a. sentence pronounced “this day (Nov. 3, 1784), against an Indian named Charles Nichau Noiste, “ condemning him to be hanged by the neck until he be dead, and stated that “ application had been made to his excellency by the friends and relations of " the culprit, the Indians of his nation, and the Indians of other nations, to "change the punishment pronounced by the law. into that of shooting, which “ is more consonant to the ideas of savages. The council having weighed the " matter and the consequences that might ensue, were of opinion unanimously “that the punishment should be changed. and that the said Charles Nichau “Noiste should be shot in place of hanged."
Justin McNeill
September 15 @ 5:34pm
Hello Edna, What do you know about Archibald McNeil, such as his date of birth, marriage, death, siblings, children, etc. Was his family Catholic or Protestant (this seems to be an important difference between families with Barra roots and Mainland Scotland roots)? Do you know where Archibald McNeil settled in Canada? Do you know the names of Michael James McNeill's parents? Did Michael marry in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick? I recommend you contact Vince MacNeil of the Clan MacNeil in Canada website, he is well versed in the many MacNeil (all spellings) families from Nova Scotia (especially those from Cape Breton).
Edna Scannell Edna Scannell has a question!
September 15 @ 11:16am
Hi my name is Edna Scannell, and I need help connecting generations: