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Patrick McNeil Patrick McNeil
April 21, 2018 @ 11:34am
McNeils now is the time to test the BigY! Note: Most McNeils are not from the Barra clan line; despite its current status worldwide. The sale runs until 4/28/2018. Let's discover the ancestors of Gigha, Colonsay, Kintyre.
April 27 @ 11:23pm
I've just ordered BigY, results due June/July. My McNeils are from Kilmodan (Cowal Peninsula) in Argyll, but related to some McNeils in Antrim.
Warren McNeil
February 12 @ 6:08pm
I did the Y37 and found out my line is from the western side of Kintyre. Most likely Argyll. I have yet to find a match closer than 3 generation. Will the Big Y give me better information? If so what kind?
Warren McNeil Warren McNeil
February 12 @ 1:21pm
Hi, I am looking for information on Jonathan McNeill b1759 Va. He married Jane McCord later moved to Kentucky. On their marriage bond it list Neil as Jonathan's father. I have done the Y DNA37 but I don't have any close matches. The closes match was 3 generation but only at 13%. Only 2 of the 3 were here in the US.
Warren McNeil
February 12 @ 1:22pm
Jonathan McNeill passed away in 1823 Ky.
Charles McNeil Charles McNeil
February 12 @ 5:01am
Refreshing posts since it has been awhile, Great Great Grandfther Charles Daniiel McNeill , born Christmas 1850 in Summerside, PEI his father is listed on his death certificate here in Boston as Roderick McNeill . Trying to find the connection as to which Roderick McNeill, any assistance is appreciated. Vince has tried before with not much pointing anywhere.
Malcolm MacNeil Malcolm MacNeil
February 11 @ 12:24am
is there any MacNeils from North Sydney NS , on here, related to Mary Arac, B. Dec 2, 1917 D. Oct 12 2003, (father Emil Arac) or the Aracs? Mary Arac's mother, Margaret MacNeil Arac, (B. 1887 D. 1931;) Margaret was my Grandfather Malcolm Roderick MacNeil's( B. May 05 1899 ,sister). Apparently Mary Arac had done up a family tree.
Patrick MacNeil Patrick MacNeil
February 9 @ 10:55pm
My brother had a DNA Y111 done and there is a note o Marker DYS10 (Micro Alleles) noted. Looking this up it says it is a backwards mutation and apparently FTDNA does not mention this and it can be caused by various things, and can mess up results.. Has anyone else got this result? I was going to do a Ydna test myself but I don't know if I will bother now.
Justin McNeill
February 10 @ 6:00pm
Do you mean he has a null value at DYS10?
Malcolm MacNeil
February 11 @ 12:09am
Look up the meaning of Micro Alleles and Marker DYS10 , that might explain more than me trying to explain, apparently FTDNA does not mention this when you question STRANGE RESULTS Mold (such as thrush fungus from inhalers can cause problems with micro alleles ) with saliva tests.. as can pre-birth DNA with your mother's DNA.
Sarah Spicer Sarah Spicer
February 10 @ 8:15pm
Jennifer Gregory, Which McNeills are you looking for? Do you have any names. I have attached a document showing McNeills on Lot 4 close to 3. We also have to keep in mind that McNeills Road ran through Lot 3. If you could give me some more information I maps I can share as well.
Jennifer Gregory Jennifer Gregory has a question!
September 23 @ 1:48pm
Is their information about he MacNeills of lot 3 in PEI.
Sarah Spicer
January 13 @ 6:52pm
Hello Jennifer, My McNeills are from Prince Edward Island, I have a lot of information so let me gather my thoughts and I will get back to you. My Grandmother was a McNeill.
Robert McNeill Robert McNeill
December 4 @ 9:49pm
Hey everyone, just a curious question I have. I have matched up with a ton of Forysyth's. Anyone else? Also any idea why I would be matching up with so many of them?
Justin McNeill
December 7 @ 11:06am
There could be several reasons. What is your haplogroup and what are the genetic distances of the Forsyths? Some of these reasons could be due to a common haplogroup or a converging haplotype. It could also be due to an NPE either through your lineage or their lineage. Before assuming an NPE I would see if you could find your McNeills and Forsyths living near each other.
Patrick MacNeil
February 9 @ 7:34pm
I match up with lots of Forsyths too, Paternal and Maternal and so does my sister and brother, some Gillies (my grandmother Anne Gillies(scotland) MacNeil) my grandpa Malcolm Roderick MacNeil (some of his brothers that moved to USA changed spelling to McNeil) are from North Sydney NS
Perry McNeal Perry McNeal
May 31, 2016 @ 5:35pm
Hi! My name is Anna McNeal McCallister, and I am representing my father, Perry Jerome McNeal. He did a little Family Finder DNA test with Ancestry last year and it led us to some of his cousins (which we already knew. lol!), and so I transferred his results here, and joined this group. After looking around here a bit, it seemed prudent that he do a Y-67 test and we have just received his new kit. I am wondering how I can get his results included with this group?
Perry McNeal
September 18 @ 12:24am
I haven't been able to figure out a connection either, other than the similar, unusual names (HAS to mean something!!) I wish DNA would help. Dad has tested to the 111th marker now and I'm just more confused. lol!
Justin McNeill
September 22 @ 6:22pm
You can easily determine if your McNeals are related. What are the haplogroups? If one is Haplogroup I and the other is R, then they are not related.
Perry McNeal
January 9 @ 4:50pm
Thank you, Justin! My John McNeal is I1a (my father is I-Z74).
Justin McNeill
January 12 @ 4:59pm
Ah ok. Your lineage is unrelated to Kathryn's then.
Alfred Neal Alfred Neal
December 20 @ 4:24pm
While doing a search this week I ran across some McNeill's from Colonsay, Scotland. The word Colonsay reminded me of a church roll call from Tennessee that includes a few Neal's (my family surname) with the words "of Colen" next to their names. About 3/4's of the names on this roll call are known ancestors. Running across Colonsay, Scotland caused me to do a search on ancestry of DNA matches from Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland. There were several and the majority included Hector McNeill of Colonsay, Scotland. It seems to me this is a very good clue that I am pursuing. Any thoughts or guidance appreciated.
Justin McNeill
December 20 @ 5:39pm
I would be "careful" when it comes to drawing conclusions like this based off of similar words. While it is tantalizing it can lead one down a genealogy path that is not fitting. The phrase "of Colen" could be denoting a homestead possibly? Now to determine whether there might actually be a connection to the McNeills of Colonsay, I would first look into whether you match on a respectable amount of STRs at 67 and 111 markers, then I would if the data is available - look through Big Y matches. In order for two lineages to be related they have to share relatively recent SNPs. Do the Torquil MacNeills in this project match you on both STRs and Big Y? Good luck!
Alfred Neal
December 21 @ 8:40am
Justin, thank you very much for your wise words. I'll be careful and proceed based on your advice. Dad is 98 now and I've taken up the work on family genealogy. Off to look through his Big Y matches. Diane