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The House of the dynasty of the ancient earls of Lennox has three principal extant cadets (branches), the clans of Lennox, Macfarlane and Leckie, and had as its earliest known branch the cadet house of Luss (carried away by its heiress in the 1300s). While Macfarlane has long been the largest clan amongst them it is vital that all of these clans and their respective Septs have one project which they can use as a clearing house for their genetic genealogy and therefore we invite anyone who carries any variant of these clan surnames, or any variant of their many Sept surnames, to join us. In addition to paternal lines traced by the yDNA of the above surnames, because of the “Family Finder” (autosomal block) DNA test we also accept anyone who descends from a MacFarlane (of any of the over 1,530 variant spellings), Leckie, or Lennox (because all these clans sprang from the mormaers and/or earls thereof), or someone with a Sept surname (any variant) within a dozen generations. This over-rides the old limitation (in FamilyTreeDNA's surname project “Requirements”) to participation by males only bearing these surnames. This is the official DNA project of the Clan MacFarlane Society, Australia, Inc. (http://clanmacfarlane.org.au/), and also of Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc. (http://clanmacfarlane.org/). It is the oldest (founded 2004) and largest* such project in the world, and since late 2014 the only project with the House of Lennox and its cadet clans as its focus. [*The larger the database the better for a DNA project’s participants.] We aim to find out what DNA reveals about the ancient earldom of Lennox, it cadet clans, and their various Septs. To participate meaningfully in this project, you will need to share your direct paternal line back to your earliest known ancestor for yDNA (which only men carry and pass from father to son), while for autosomal block (Family Finder) DNA testing you will need to share all of your known ancestry. This data may be submitted in the form of a pedigree chart, family group sheets, and/or a GEDCOM file. You do not need to be a member of any particular clan society in the world to participate, although you may wish to make such an association in order to meet more of your probable kin.