Lennox, MacFarlane, Leckie - cadet clans of Lennox

{Arms of the ancient earls of Lennox shown
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About us

This Project's goal is to find out what DNA says about our ancestry. Who are we and from whence do we come?

We know that the House of Lennox, the dynasty of the mormaers/earls of Lennox, has three extant cadet clans (branches): Lennox, Macfarlane, and Leckie, but can we find the mormaers' heretofore hidden origins in the Dark Ages?

We can use Y-DNA, which only men carry and pass from father to son, to identify unknown patrilineal lineages descended from the mormaers/earls -- how many we will find?
We now know that not everyone bearing one of these three clan surnames descends patrilineally from their respective clan chiefs, but for those who do can we identify their cadet houses, including the current heirs-male of each these three clans' chiefs?

And which associated Septs of these three clans were originally patrilineal descendants of their respective chiefs?

DNA testing will help us find the answers to these questions and more.