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The Luther Surname DNA Project was initiated on 10 November 2006 by Joseph Neal Luther of Kerrville, Texas. In February 2007 Sherrye Luther Woodworth was added as co-administrator and represents the Luther Family Association.

All Luther males worldwide are welcome to join this y-DNA project.

The surname LUTHER appears to have originated in more than one location, resulting in seven distinct Luther lines in the USA:

1) MICHAEL LUTHER of Strasbourg, France.
Joe Luther is a descendant of John Michael Luther who was born 7 Mar 1751 in Strasbourg, Alsace, Rhine, France. John Michael Luther came with his family to Alexandria, Virginia and then Frederick County, Maryland in 1759. He and his bothers Jacob and George are veterans of the American Revolution. Michael Luther died 10 Oct 1834 in Randolph County, North Carolina.

2) CAPT. JOHN LUTHER of England and Massachusetts.
Captain John Luther was most likely born in England (possibly Dorset) in the 1590s, and was a ship's captain who belonged to the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1630-1635). He was killed by Indians onboard ship in Delaware Bay in 1645. Descendants of his two sons spread out through New England, New York, Pennsylvania, the Midwest, and further west with very little infiltration of the southeastern or south central states.

Recent DNA analysis through this project has proven the Ebenezer and Aurilla (Wait) Luther line, the Simeon and Gardner Luther line of NY, the Hezekiah Luther of Washington Co., NY, and the Israel Luther line of New Haven, Indiana to be Capt. John Luther lines.

3) DAVID LUTHER of Ireland.
David and Sarah (Cochran) Luther along with their 12 children arrived from Ireland probably at Philadelphia before 1794. Their bloodline can be found in the Ligonier Valley of Pennsylvania and also Tennessee and Kentucky.

4) CHRISTIAN LUTHER of Kippenheim, Germany.
Christian arrived mid 1800s and settled in Urbana, Ill.

5) CHRISTIAN LUTHER of Fruchlingen, Germany.
Christian arrived in 1751 and settled in Ephrata, Lancaster, and other Pennsylvania German towns.

6) JOHANN LUTHER of Switzerland.
Johann was born in 1817 and arrived after 1855. The family emigrated to Kansas and then Washington State.

7) DANIEL JOHN LUTHER of Liebenstein, Germany.
Daniel was born in 1804 and died in 1872. His family populated Wisconsin and Illinois and then migrated northwest.

There are also several "orphan" Luther lines that are probably connected to one of the above main lines. Hopefully descendants of these lines will be tested and this project will enable them to connect to their correct lineage:

John and Elizabeth (Roller) Luther of Albany, NY 1755-1836
Andrew Luther of Joplin, MS 1808-1894
Barnabas Luther of Taunton, MA 1791-1858
David Luther of Dansville, NY 1795-1871
George W. Luther of Wellsboro, PA c. 1820-1884
Richard Luther of Westport, NY b. 1820

Update 2019: There appear to be many different LUTHER lines than those listed above, as more results come in we may be able to group them according to their European ancestor.  If you know your lineage please submit it to Sherrye when you test as this helps with the subgrouping of results.

Joe Luther and Sherrye Luther Woodworth are the co-administrators of this Luther Surname DNA Project. Please contact them with if you have any questions or need assistance with joining the project.