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About us

This project is for all males with surname LUCE, LUSE, or other variations. Most persons of this surname, tracing back to the 17th century in America, find they are descended from HENRY LUCE and wife REMEMBER LITCHFIELD of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

The first record we have of HENRY is on November 13, 1666, when he was a juror in Scituate, where he may have resided, and in 1668 he was admitted as a proprietor of purchased lands in Rehoboth. The similarity of the name to LEWIS, together with the varieties of spelling both names in early records, renders identification difficult. LEWIS was written LUIS, LUICE, LEWES; and LUCE appears as LEWS, LEWSE, LUICE and LUSE. When he came to the Vineyard, or through what connection, is not known, but he had acquired before Feb. 1, 1671, a home lot on the west side of Old Mill river about forty rods north of Scotchman's Bridge road.

Should you decide to join this project the only cost is for the DNA test.