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Welcome to the Little Surname DNA Project!
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Welcome to the Little Surname DNA Project

For all families with related spellings: Little, Liddle, Litle, Littel, Littell, Littles, Lytle,Lyttle, etc.

The Little DNA Project was initiated in 2001 and has grown to include over 500 members, with almost 400 Y-DNA tests. Our project is open to any male Little (of any spelling) or any man believing he may be descended through his paternal line from a Little male.  While only men carry the Y-chromosome, women with Little ancestors also participate by funding or managing the kit for a male relative and through autosomal (FamilyFinder) and mitochondrial (mtDNA) testing.

The Little Surname DNA project has family groups with British, Viking, Scottish, Irish, German, African, and Mediterranean roots, illustrated by the following family groups.  The haplogroup listed in front of the description is the highest level within that group and may not actually be shown in the Haplogroup column on your matches display:.

R1b>M269 - the major group of several clusters:

R1b-L21>L193 – ScottishBorders Little lineage - Isles origins

R1b-U106>L1 - Abraham Little line (aka "null") - Isles/Germanic origins

R1b-U152>L2 - Klein/Daniel Little line - Germanic origins

R1b-U106>L48 - MRCA unknown - likely Germanic origins

R1a>M512 - defining category of Valentine Klein/Little line - Germanic origins

I-M253 - Jacob/John Little lines - Viking/Scandinavian origins

J-M172 - Klein line – Near East, Mediterranean, or Jewish origins

A & E-L117 -Little - African and Northern African origins

G-M201 - Cline/Klein line - Germanic origins

Several other surnames have been explored in the project including Taylor, Irwin, Beatty, and others that share genetic matches with family clusters. We also have previously tracked Klein, Cline, Beggans/Biggins, and similar names that translate to Little when anglicized.

The Y-DNA results are used to discover and prove family lines. As a rule, we encourage all to test the highest resolution Y-DNA test (Y37, Y67, Y111) that is within your budget, but a BigY 700 can be ordered anytime and will provide all STRs with extensive haplogroup information.  Contact us if you want to explore the differences in the tests.

 Members who have tested Y-DNA may find those results as STR markers published on FamilyTreeDNA’s project public pages:
Also on that same page, you may see the terminal haplogroup assignments for those members who have had BigY or other advanced SNP tests completed.  You can learn more about haplogroups in the Learning Center:

As project administrators, we are always here to help explain and interpret your results to get the most from your testing. We are also available to discuss your next step in any additional testing in which you may be interested.

We welcome all Littles to participate in our project!