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About us

The Little Surname DNA Project is the “first stop” for all families with the surname “Little”, including all variant spellings and sources, as you begin to navigate your DNA test results. The German surname Klein is included since it was frequently changed to “Little.” The Little Surname DNA Project has family groups with British, Viking, Scottish, Irish, German, African, SW Asia, and Mediterranean roots. We have major haplogroups of E, G, I, J, R1a, and R1b represented. We may be able to guide you to other projects to join whose goals are specifically tailored to your individual haplogroup / geographical heritage. As a surname project, this is primarily a Y-DNA Project, as the Y-Chromosome determines family grouping. But we also welcome those with an mtDNA test and those with atDNA results (Family Finder, 23&Me, or AncestryDNA, for example). It is our hope that these project members, if male, will add Y-DNA results. Likewise, we encourage all project members to test with FamilyFinder to supplement their Y-DNA or mtDNA results. FamilyTreeDNA has designed the project system to provide volunteer administrators to help you interpret and get the most of your DNA test results. You may also wish to consult with one of us before choosing additional tests. Since our original host World Families went out of business, we no longer display family pedigrees. We encourage you to post your tree at FamilyTreeDNA and to visit the Little Surname - Genealogy and DNA Facebook page.