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About us

The Lay DNA project started in August 2005 to discover how the different Lay branches are related. Over time we have added autosomal testing to further enhance our study to include both male and female Lay descendants who do not carry the Lay surname. 

Since that time YDNA reveals that previous paper trails for some of the major Lay branches are wrong. Just because the original Lay families in the 18th century lived in the same area does not mean the Lay men share the same Lay ancestor. DNA also corrects assumptions the colonial Southern Lays in the U.S. were related to the 17th century Lyme, Connecticut Lays. YDNA testing reveals different geographical origins too suggesting unique Lay branches lived in Ireland, Scotland, and England before migrating to the United States.

Further YDNA testing in England has revealed that different Lay branches exist within the same area too. Wiltshire is a prime example. 

YDNA successfully reunited a Ley/Lee clan originating in Wuertemberg Germany separated by migration to the United States two hundred years apart.

YDNA testing also identifies the spelling variants existing within the Lay branches such as Lee, Lea, Leh, Leigh.