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Justin Kincaid Justin Kincaid has a question!
June 10 @ 5:36pm
I’m stuck on my family tree. Edward Wyatt Kincaid is the last known grandfather I have. Does anyone know anything past him? I’m awaiting results on family finder as of now and resulted y111. Thank you
Monica Kincaid Monica Kincaid
May 2 @ 7:15pm
Where do I find my haplogroup?
Richard Hulan
May 3 @ 12:17pm
It's a surname project, and those tend only to display YDNA. Your father, brother, or other close male relative in the paternal line would have a YDNA haplogroup, but a woman doesn't have YDNA.
Monica Kincaid
May 3 @ 8:32pm
Thanks. I'm an only child and my father is deceased. I wish my uncles were closer.
Jody Kincaid
May 16 @ 10:33pm
Could you ask them to send out a YDNA test? Luckily my uncle has sent out his, and will soon do the BIG Y panel. We're hoping to get one my my grandmother's sister's do send out the mtDNA so we can get info from just that side since we're pretty sure it's the only side that isn't heavily scot-irish!
Robert Sinclair Robert Sinclair
April 28 @ 4:23pm
Big Y DNA U106/S21 Tree ....showing Kincaid , Sinclair and others DNA connections
Kathryn Oemcke Kathryn Oemcke
March 17, 2019 @ 2:00am
Lennox Castle was built by a Kincaid near the Kincaid lands in Scotland-Lennoxtown. Is anyone out there interested in helping me and a group to save it? It is possible to get funding to help with this.
Kathryn Oemcke
April 10, 2019 @ 8:15pm
I am working with an American Lawyer who is part of the Lennox Clan. He has got an agreement from support from that clan and he says from the Kincaid clan. He has been helping trying to get some kind of insurance to cover indemnity, so far without success. He discovered that if we can have people live on the site for the next ten or twelve years then we can own if for nothing. It could make getting funding difficult. He has another way which involves taking the castle to Parliament which is much more expensive but expedient. There is also a website that is designed to help guide with projects like this. The first step is the steering committee. Are you both willing to be a part of this? Then I can get my skates on.
Kathryn Oemcke
April 10, 2019 @ 8:29pm
Also do you guys have twitter accounts? I started one for Lennox Castle but didn't know what to say. Happy to chat online and repost from you guys to get more followers. Don we were going down the not for profit line as it is easier to get funding this way, but part of my concept was to make a conference room/ballroom for Gatherings to be held. An early step is to sure up some walls. There may be a lot of paperwork before that.
Kathryn Oemcke
April 15, 2019 @ 10:51pm
So my lawyer friend has got some quotes for indemnity insurance, in case a wall falls. He will read through this week to ensure it does what it should. Once he decides it's okay, it's time for me to start committing time to the project. Might also need a little help covering the insurance. It looks like about 350 pounds a year which is pretty reasonable. Anyone up to help?
Nancy Keiser
February 11 @ 12:41pm
Kathryn, my husband and I will be traveling in Scotland in May 2020, and I definitely plan on seeing Lennox Castle, probably staying in Kincaid Hotel. Anything I need to know about finding or accessing the site? I would love to see the castle restored.
Peter Kincaid Peter Kincaid
October 18 @ 1:32pm
I prepared the following graphic for one of my daughters to show her our (R-A321 Kincaids) apparent migration route throughout history. This incorporates what we know so far. It includes a couple of recent ancient dna findings of R-321 predecessors (i.e. R-Z346) that were part of the Viking world.
Peter Kincaid
October 20 @ 9:36am
I should also add that King James II, son of James I and Joan Beaufort, married Mary of Guelders in 1449. She was the daughter of the Duke of Guelders (which included most of present Gelderland, Netherlands). It is no coincidence that John Kincaid's wife nursed her second son and that John Kincaid rose to be Keeper of Linlithgow Palace when she was Regent of Scotland. When in a foreign land one naturally surround themselves with their own people. I think that is why the Kincaids emerged in Scotland with Joan Beaufort and rose rapidly in power with Mary of Guelders.
Peter Kincaid
October 20 @ 11:35am
A lot of what I have to say on the Gelderland connection can be found in an article on my website: .
Robert Sinclair
February 2 @ 3:41pm
Very interesting Peter, Sinclairs and Kincaid split at S5235 but seem to have rubbed elbows over the years.William Sinclair was given in trade Ravenscraig Castle home to Mary of Guelders , and King James was close to the Sinclairs. We seem to have traveled parallel to one another ending up in the same place.
Peter Kincaid
February 5 @ 8:52am
Yes, I think they knew their Frankish origins and continued to intertwine over the centuries with other Frankish / Norman families. Even in Ireland the Sinclairs of Holyhill were joined with the Kincaids of Holyhill and adjacent townlands.
Peter Kincaid Peter Kincaid
January 25 @ 8:54am
I compiled the following graphic showing the Germanic tribes about the Netherlands in the 1st century or so A.D. I included some arrows showing their movements prior to their placement (white lines) and after their placement (red lines). It seems to me that our ancestors followed the flow from the North Sea / Jutland Peninsula down the Ems and IJssel river systems. This corresponds with the Old Saxon language group. I'd be quite surprised if our R-FGC12993 mutation occurred outside of present day Netherlands in the are east of of the IJssel river. I hope the graphic can be expanded large enough.
Peter Kincaid
January 25 @ 3:56pm
Bear in mind the R-FGC12993 is estimated by Dr. McDonald to have occurred around 345 A.D and the parent R-S5245 mutation around 76 A.D. The people identified as Franks were first recorded as such in 289 A.D. - with the Chamavi being first recorded at that time as one of the Franks. As one can see from Wikipedia other tribes identified as Franks were the Bructeri (first noted as such 307 A.D.), Chattuarii (likewise 306-315 A.D.), Salii (357 A.D.), and the Amsivarii & Tubantes (364-375 A.D.). By then the Frisi have disappeared due to migration to Denmark and Britain - necessitated by the continual rise in sea levels from about 250 A.D. Many probably merged with the other local tribes. It seems quite logical that Franks emerged because many from the coastal tribes merged with the Chamavi. The Chauci are widely regarded to be one of the tribes that became the Saxons. We descend from a R-L48 person and the Saxons are considered to be more of a R-L47 tribe. Some Jutes repopulated the flooded coastal area but archeaology pointed more to the Saxons. These tribes were very territorial and we have records of most of their movements during the Roman period. Until we get more ancient DNA samples that changes the picture in a big way, it really looks like Group A Kincaids were from the original Franks and the Frenckincks did not stray too far from their ancestral home.
Peter Kincaid Peter Kincaid
October 12 @ 9:55am
Hello everyone. I'd like Chester County, PA Kincaid researchers to turn their attention to the following family history relating to the Parks of Faggs Manor / Fallowfield township / Upper Octorara Church. They came from Ballybegley townland, County Donegal, Ireland. William Park shared land there with Samuel and Robert Kinkead in the 1730s. This is certainly a place of origin for some of the Chester County Kincaids.
Don Kincaid
October 13 @ 7:01pm
Exciting to have another lead for Chester County Kinkeads/Kincaids especially with the 1730 date. Interesting how Park became Parke spelling even though 2 Park men did not accept Parke and they and their descendants kept Park as spelling of their surname.
Kathryn Oemcke Kathryn Oemcke has a question!
April 10, 2019 @ 8:17pm
Does anyone know if there is a way to get an alert from this website when a post is made?
Richard Hulan Richard Hulan
September 24, 2016 @ 7:41pm
I believe, though I'm not positive, that agreement has been reached among most Kincaid researchers that Capt. John Kincaid of the 1770s Elk Garden Fort was the son of David and Winifred (Hobson) Kincaid; husband of Elizabeth née Logan; and father of Hobson Kincaid of Clark County KY, among others. Be all that as it may: I'm posting a link to a Clinch Valley fort locator I just found. One may use the Google map link in it, and drive right by the site of this fort (with the Google street view camera truck), look at it from a satellite, etc. I came across it while working on the genealogy of my wife, née Litton, who is a lineal descendant of Burton Litton (killed by the Indians in 1778), John Dunkin, and Elizabeth the sister of James Laughlin -- all of whom were at Elk Garden with the Kincaids. Our administrator Don Kincaid included some useful Litton references in posting about Elk Garden in 2005:
James Kincaid
March 27, 2019 @ 3:48pm
Hulan this is Mary Ann Kincaid Murray (blast from the past) I have finally gotten my brother John Robert Kincaid IV to test and he did Ancestry; I searched Hulan and came up wth Hulan Aubie "OB" Davenport born 1890 Blue Ridge, GA...and he shows up as JR's 2nd cousin 2xremibed's brother in law...any possibility we have found a connection?
James Kincaid
March 27, 2019 @ 3:49pm
James is my younger half-brother....bye-the-bye. MAKM
Richard Hulan
March 31, 2019 @ 9:15pm
I have no knowledge of Hulan as the first name of a known relative. And my Kincaid (Sally, Mrs. Samuel McMurry) is on the paternal side of my tree, but not the Hulan line. My grandmother in that line was Miss Harper, she just married a Hulan in 1893. But btw I have YDNA matches with distant cousins who spell our surname Hulen, Hulin, and Huling (so far). All from piedmont NC or southside VA lines with that surname. Only a branch in the west suburbs of Nashville (before 1850) has spelled it Hulan.
Peter Kincaid Peter Kincaid
March 13, 2019 @ 12:08pm
I tried to post a phylogenetic tree for Group A Kincaids yesterday, but it turned out to be unreadable because of the size. Above is the Fluxus chart I was working from. It is smaller so perhaps more readable. However, the tree takes into account genealogies for some alternative connections. If interested in it, contact me at jwkjgp (at) gmail (dot) com.
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Peter Kincaid
March 16, 2019 @ 10:02pm
No. The size of the yellow dots indicates the number of people with the exact str results. If this was the case, then I could pay for 50 close relatives of mine to be tested and everyone would think our line founded the Kincaids. The reference is the Z346 point. Since A321 is a sub group of Z346, then we had to be migrating from that direction. Then one asks what point represents the least number of mutations for everyone. The 213942 point represents the best starting point for everyone. We know my side (57467) is Kincaid A321 and your side (1427) is Kincaid A321 so why would anyone think 2563 represents the Kincaid patriarch when this clearly represents one of your close ancestors. This is the Kincaid of Baronscourt founder (who tradition has was a Kincaid of Auchenreoch) not the markers of the first Kincaid.
Barbara Van Hout
March 18, 2019 @ 11:22am
DNA #213942 is a descendant of Robert Kinkade/Mary Bowman who died in Hardin County, KY.
Peter Kincaid
March 19, 2019 @ 1:33pm
Which does not imply that everyone in the project descends from Robert Kinkade and Mary Bowman. All this means is that sample 213942 carries the same str values in the first 67 markers as the original Group A Kincaid. This person may have mutations in the 68-111 panel (or other non tested strs) that will distinguish him from the Kincaid founder and even Robert Kinkade of Hardin County's str values.