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About us

Family Tree DNA has provided a new Group Activity Feed page for our project and we encourage all participants to post photos, lineage inquiries and etc on that site. Our first efforts were for Y Chromosome DNA tests for those males with the surname Kincaid (aka Kincaide, Kincade, Kinkaid, Kinkaide, Kinkade, Kinkead, Kingcade, etc). The purpose of this part of the project is to help link families where the paper trail has reached a dead end.

Male Kincaid participants are required as the Y Chromosome portion is not transferred to daughters. Thus, descendants from a female Kincaid would not have the necessary DNA that is useful for this type of project but see below for Family Finder dna test for males and females. The Kincaid Surname DNA project has it's own website at including our Y dna results chart along with lineage information for most participants. We also welcome Family Finder Autosomal dna testers for males and females. We are finding it difficult to design a chart to show the results since participants may show a close match with more than one participant. We currently have over 50 Family Finder or other autosomal dna tests like Ancestry and 23 and Me imported into Family Finder so matches can be found between all autosomal testers. We also welcome males who have tested for Ydna SNP's with one of the panel tests, a single SNP test or the Big Y test. SNP's do not mutate as fast as STR's so are more useful for determining lineage origins. At present we do not have a chart for SNP's but participants will be able to see their matches and their most recent SNP. Currently we have several participant from both Group A and Group C who have done SNP tests and hope that participants from other Kincaid Groups will check for their SNP results.