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About us

The project's goal is to determine how the various Kidd families relate to each other. As more people are tested, we will be able to help those who have reached a "brick wall" in their Kidd genealogical research.

As of summer 2021, the largest group of participants descend from Kidd families with origins in the Southeastern United States, especially Virginia. We also have several Kidds with Pennsylvania origins and several with SC origins, and one with a Maryland origin.  And we have several Canadian members and members with roots in England, Ireland, and Scotland.  In 2010, we welcomed our first Australian member.

We also have members with the Kiddell, Kiddoo, Kidder, and Keddie surnames.

The Kidd Y-DNA study also especially welcomes and encourages participants from England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, other parts of the US, and worldwide.

The Kidd Y-DNA study welcomes donations for sponsorships of Y-DNA testing.  To make an online donation, please contact Sandra Kidd at or follow this link: