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Aug 2001: Adam Kerchner 1741 immigrant to Pennsylvania line, represented by kit 577, linked to Frederick Kirchner 1751 immigrant to Pennsylvania line, represented by kit 581. Feb 2003: Confirmed the traditional paper trail research (and onomastic and etymology knowledge) that the Kerchner family in the USA represented by kit 577, and the Kerschner family in the USA represented by kit 7049, are completely different Germanic family surnames and that they are not related to each other despite frequent confusion of the two families in public historical records in the USA due to spelling errors over time. Mar 2005: Kerchner family in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, represented by kit 30528, linked to Kerchner family of Baltimore MD USA and thence to the Freudenberg, Baden, Germany, line of Kerchners. Jul 2007: Kircher family of Schwabisch Hall, Wuerttemberg, Germany, represented by kit 80470, linked to Kircher family of Maryland and Delaware in USA and another Kircher family in Texas. 15 Jan 2008: Mr. Kyker of TN, kit 47405, joins the project. A separate sub-group is created for the Kyker/Kiker/Keicher lines. 19 Jul 2008: Project reaches 50 members mark. 29 Jul 2010: Project has 57 members. For more details about the project, analysis and conclusions based on the test results, and the latest project news view the "Results" and "Y Results" section of this website and visit the project's additional independent website at:
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