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Only Kerchner/Kirchner/Kercher/Kircher males (or males with soundex equivalent surnames) can join this project or a female sponsoring said male. Kerchner, Kirchner, Kircher, Kercher, Karchner, Karcher, Kergner, Karriger, Keicher, Carriger surname YDNA project was one of the first surname projects in the world conducted by a genealogist. Its purpose is to determine the unique Y-DNA chromosome markers for various unlinked male lines with the same or similar sounding (in English) germanic surname family groups in the USA and Germany, and to determine if any of them share common male ancestor in Germany in the last 400-600 years, and if possible to find their respective home villages or regions in Germany. The project's first specific goal when started in February 2001 was to determine if there was a direct male line genetic relationship between individuals such as myself Kit 577 in the Y Results table link above, as a descendant of the 1741 immigrant ancestor Adam Kerchner, and the descendants of another early immigrant ancestor who arrived in 1751 named Frederick Kirchner, represented by Kit 581 in the Y-Results tables. The early immigrants Adam Kerchner and Frederick Kirchner lived near each other in Berks County PA in the 18th century. They also named some of their children with the same given names. For example, Adam named a son Frederick and Frederick named a son Adam. While no paper trail records in history have been found to conclusively prove or deny a relationship, based on the traditional circumstantial evidence available it has often been theorized that these two immigrants may have been related. The Y-DNA testing of descendants of these two immigrants proved they were related. This was the project's first success story. Project Success Story We continue to look for the ancestral home village for these two immigrants by testing German natives and other immigrant families to the USA with the same or similar surname. If we can find a match with our haplotype, and that other male line knows their ancestral village of origin in Germany or some German speaking region of Europe, then likely we will have found our village of origin and we can then focus our paper trail research in that area of Germany/Europe. The project has been expanded to test any male with a similar sounding surname to determine which Kerchner, Kirchner, Kercher, Kircher, Karcher, etc., families are related on the direct male line and which are not. We have successfully linked up several male lines in the USA with each other and also with their distant cousins in Germany. For my traditional genealogy research for this family name see this webpage: Project Background, Goals, Results and News Copyright (c) 2001-2013, Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. All Rights Reserved