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About us

Our Mission

The Kenyon Project aims to advance the understanding of Kenyon ancestry by combining

documented lineage with genetic advances through DNA testing.


  1. Identify specific American Kenyon lines (refer to background page)
  2. Identify specific English Kenyon lines
  3. Identify most recent common ancestor (MRCA) between English and American lines
  4. Assist members in making matches to their lines
  5. Identify potential prospects for future testing
  6. Increase membership numbers to 100 (currently 70+)



  • Descendants John Kenyon of Rhode Island (ID=1) and James Kenyon of Rhode Island (ID=2).
  • Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri lines (K-line, T-line, Roger Kenyon, etc.).
  • Later arriving immigrants to US


  •  Descendant of Elijah 1688-1782
  •  Henry Kenyon of Ditton d 1570
  •  Phillip Clarke Kenyon of Formby Hall
  •  Milnshaw line 1527
  •  George of Kersallgent line via Ralph 1575 via John 1613

* The book American Kenyons, by Howard N. Kenyon is available on Reprints may also be purchased online at Higginson Book Company (

Last updated: 26 February 2017