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About us

The primary goal of the Keating DNA Project is to learn about our family's history.

As part of that goal, we also want to:

  1. Discover the genetic origins of the Keating families. We've already discovered that we are not a single genetic line, but several distinct family groups. Which family group do you fit into, or are you part of an as-yet unknown family group?
  2. Discover the historical origins of the Keating families. By grouping our families genetically, we begin to understand the historical origins of each family group. As different families compare notes of origins, family histories, etc., a more comprehensive family history can be determined.
  3. Discover the geographic origins of the Keating families. Once we have a good idea of "who" the Keating families are, we can begin discovering where they're from. Are they part of the Norman Invasion? Were they a family originally located in the Askeaton area of Tipperary? These answers start to become easier to answer as we gather more data.