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The above website has a written description of the KEACH family crest, coat of arms and name history -- according to the House of Names. It has come to my attention that familytreedna has awarded a non Keach family member (Allen Prosser) the status of being an Administrator to a KEECH family DNA Project. Mr. Prosser has used the information from this website, which includes the KEACH spelling, yet he claims his Keech-Keetch-Ketch DNA Project is unrelated to my Keach DNA Project. It seems there is going to continue to be a disagreement with who is related and who is not related. I know from spending many hours straining to view digitized copies of original Census records that there are an extreme variety of spellings. I hold original documents that show my Keach family members as Keech ... and these Keach and Keeches are from Rhode Island. It is my belief that my particular KEACH line came from Scotland and were originally MacKeachans. Whether or not my theory is true it holds merit. It is also not to say that some families could have moved from Scotland to England before moving overseas. (If my theory is correct many moved from Ireland to Scotland before then !)

Surely, the Keach DNA pool needs to be enlarged for a very small number of Keach and/or Keech DNA details will not prove or disprove relatedness. It is easy to imagine several generations loosing sight of one another during the Great migration in the 1600's .... and it is possible that family divisions were already in the works before then ! So, to assume that one is not related because the distance between markers is not close is foolish when one considers how ancient this family may truly be. ("The surname Mackeachan, along with varients is the anglicized form of the Gaelic surname EACHAN is in turn derived from the Old Irish -- the origin of Scots Gaelic -- EACHDONN (attested in 1092) from ancient Ego-donno-s meaning 'horse lord'" -- Family Name History registered and certified May 4th 1991 Motto: Per mare per terras (translation: Over land and over sea)

By comparison, my Keach DNA has matched many at 37 markers with very close distances, but with a different surname that is not one of the many spelling variants. I do not dismiss these matches casually. Many events could have happened that could have been responsible for a name change. Sometimes something happens to a person -- or a family -- that goes against the current social "norm." An unwanted or illegitimate birth, a death of a spouse (leaving an orphan or a spouse who cannot provide), exile, abandonment; these are only a few reasons a child's name could be changed. At one time in the United Kingdom's history there were very real possibilities of death; there were people who needed to hide.

February 2010: The Keach DNA Project can now except female Keach DNA ! Family Tree DNA has recently launched their newest genealogy breakthough --- Family Finder. The motto for this new test is “Sex doesn't matter anymore". To borrow a quote from a recent e-mail announcing this new DNA test, "Family Finder can look for close relationships along all ancestral lines. You may now match to male AND FEMALE cousins from any of your family lines within five generations. The science behind it uses linked blocks of DNA across the 22 autosomal chromosomes and matches them between two people. Based on this concept, our bioinformatics team has worked extensively to develop the calculations that would tell you the closeness of the relationship. The possibilities to find matches abound: Aunts & Uncles, Parents and Grandparents Half siblings and 1st cousins 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins Possibly 5th cousins and beyond!" I will post a link for a short video from Family Tree DNA experts that explain HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE within a few weeks. Right now you can use the search feature on the home page of Family Tree DNA to locate this video and any other information you may want on the subject of DNA testing ! : ) December 30, 2009: William Wesley Keech has left the Keach group.

Reason for leaving: This Keech member is not related to the Keach member of this group. David Paul Keetch has left the Keach group.

Reason for leaving: This Keetch is not related to Keach member of this group. ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ I have announced the Keach Surname DNA Project's website to various Message Boards. Feel free to tell others about this opportunity. I have sent many snail mail letters of invitation to many Keach addresses in the US, UK and Australia. Some individuals responded, but the percentage was much smaller than I had hoped.