An Early New England Family
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About us

The purpose of having this DNA surname Project is to move past brick walls in genealogy endeavors. The primary question I have is who was the Keach progenitor in my family ? What was the name of the first person in my family to arrive in America and when exactly was that ? Where was that person born ?

A secondary goal is to prove my theory that at one time the "Keach" family was the "MacKeachan" family. I understand that the evolution of a family's name can be as simple as one coming to Ellis Island and having a long difficult to speak last name; these long foreign names have often become "Jones" or "Smith." For those families that did not go through Ellis Island and have a large concentration of family members that lived and remained in a specific region of the United States (possibly since the 1st U.S. Census in 1790) have a different reason why their name might have changed. I find it difficult to believe that many were reduced to one, common surname. In fact, there are more than 5 ways Keach could have been spelled. When one considers the possibility that "Mac" and "Mc" mean "son of" and could easily be added or subtracted, the number of spelling mutations increases dramatically. I know because I have looked at many U.S. Census and many original documents. People who have digitized original copies use a technique called, "soundex" and that gives a chance to find someone whose name has been spelled "wrong." (Not the way we think it ought to be spelled)

I realize that many with the Keach surname are private people, but I ask for DNA participants and I hope to build the trust required for people to share their personal information with me, as group administrator.