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About us

Project Background

FTDNA has a large database, with over 1,300 participants in the Jackson Project.

FTDNA Projects are run by volunteer administrators who have an interest in the history and genealogy of a particular surname, ethnic group, haplogroup, lineage or geographic region.  As administrators, we are given access to tools to compare results and are responsible for managing and organizing the data for our projects.

Each Project or Group sets it's own rules for membership. The Jackson Project is open to anyone having an interest in the surname.  While no documentation is required to join, you are strongly encouraged to submit a Jackson lineage of what you know of your Jackson ancestors.  This should include birth and death dates with locations, and the spouses information when known.  This exposure of your ancestral lineage is very helpful as other researchers may recognize your names and thus help you discover relationships.  Please email the lineage directly to mjacksonva@gmail.com.  When emailing, please include your kit number.  Though you should not give your password to anyone, you should feel free to give your kit number to administrators when asked so they can access your info for organizing your lineage on the public website.

The Jackson surname is one of the most numerous in the United States (within the top twenty) with most of the original immigrants coming from the United Kingdom, England, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Shetland (for the most part): patronymic from JACK.  The Jackson Project was started in 2002 and has grown tremendously since.

Our goal is to create a database of as many Jackson lineages as possible, in the hope of finding matches among the samples. This should be particularly helpful for those who trace their ancestry back to the period before the earliest census records and do not know where their family came from.