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Kathy MacDonald Kathy MacDonald
November 16 @ 11:59am
Hi Everyone! I’m still looking for any help with The Jackson’s that were from Fayette County Alabama. I’m at a stand still can’t find any information on Jesse Freeman’s Jackson’s parents or if he had siblings. I find in the 1850 census that he was in Fayette county Alabama and living with William Jefferies and it said he was born in Georgia. I don’t know if he was related to him or not. He was born in 1825 died 1904 buried in Berry, Alabama. I grandfather was born in Berry Alabama his name is John Bias Jackson. He moved along with his wife Mary Etta Hamner Jackson and several children to Texas some of his siblings moved as well and some stayed in that area. This photo is my Great Grandfather John Bias Jackson who lived in Benjamin,TX
Billy Davis
December 3 @ 12:34am
Ryan Jackson Ryan Jackson
November 14 @ 8:21pm
HI Everyone! My name is Ryan Jackson. My Jackson family arrived in the Jackson County, Alabama area around 1880. My 2nd great grandfather Andrew was born there around 1882. His father, William Jackson, was apparently born in Virginia around 1836. I'm not sure what part of Virginia. He supposedly fought for the Union and ended up in Jackson County, Indiana, where he married Rose/Rosetta Barkdoll in 1867. They traveled to Kansas around 1870 before setting down roots in Alabama.
Richard Jackson
November 15 @ 7:20am
My Jackson family came from VA to KY and eventually to Madison Co. IN. They were from Orange/Culpeper VA and associated with the Vawters, Ruckers, Offills, Tinsleys and Underwoods. Not sure if any of those names sound familiar.
Ryan Jackson
November 19 @ 4:58pm
Hey Richard. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately those names aren't familiar.
Donna Endres Donna Endres has a question!
November 13 @ 2:21pm
Our proven ancestor is Rev. War hero David Jackson 1745-1818, Clover, York County, SC, married to Mary Morrison. If anyone has any info on his parents/father, I would like to know. I have been searching for years. It has been guessed that he was born in Scotland, emigrated to Northern Ireland before coming to America. Also guessed that he was born in Pennsylvania, among the Quakers. So far I have found no evidence for a birthplace or parentage. Please help if you can. Thank you.
Mary Haines Mary Haines
March 12, 2015 @ 3:33pm
I am looking for Y-DNA participants who are part of the Joshua Jackson lineage. Joshua (1750-1815) lived in Orange/Culpepper Co. VA with sons Wingate, Mordecai, Colby, Elliot, before moving to Kentucky. He died in Harrison Co. KY, but the land bordered Scott Co. where his sons owned land. Elliot, Wingate and Mordecai ended up in Missouri in the St. Francois county area. Elliot and brother Rucker ended up in Arkansas, and some of Elliots children came to Fannin Co. TX. in 1837.
Gary Carson
March 12, 2015 @ 11:36pm
Hi Mary, the name Colby Jackson occurs in our Jackson line out of Brunswick VA that moved to Greene Co GA c1780s. The YDNA matches a number of other Jackson lines out of Brunswick VA (some of these also went to SC, NC and GA). Of course Culpeper is in a different part of VA.
Michael Jackson
April 14, 2015 @ 1:30am
Mary/Gary: A new member (Curtis Dewayne Jackson) has just joined who has a Colby Jackson in one of his lines. I haven't updated the results page yet, but the relevant parts including son Jacob are below. This would be a FamilyFinder connection only, his YDNA line is a different set of Jackson's. ..........[90] Jacob Jackson; b 1790 Georgia; d 1841 ..........[91] Rhoda Childers; b 1798 Georgia; d 1869 ............[180] Colby Jackson; b 1770 North Carolina; d 1826 Alabama
Curtis Jackson
April 23, 2015 @ 10:55am
Mary/ gary. What i have i am still researching and getting sources to prove. i have found colby jackson from orange county mentioned in a will. And a few other sources. As soon as i get back to my computer i will pull up what i have and will be glad to share.
Richard Jackson
November 11 @ 3:15pm
Hello! I have connections to the Jackson and Rucker families from Orange/Culpepper, VA. I'm new to FTDNA so I'm not sure how to see if we match. My gedmatch is HG1448791
Richard Jackson Richard Jackson has a question!
November 11 @ 3:13pm
Hello. I just got my DNA test uploaded here and on Gedmatch (HG1448791). I had it done at Ancestry so it's autosomal. My family is from Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia. The Jackson furthest back we know for certain is Presley Edward Jackson (1818-1872) who married Nancy Ann Spann in 1835. They had children: Andrew J., Martin, Manerva Ann, Emily Caroline, Nancy Elizabeth, Presley Edward Jr., Benjamin Franklin, Tabitha, Esther Marish, and Rebecca Jemima. My test on Ancestry led me to a match with a descendant of Jeremiah and Jemima Jackson West (Jennings Co., IN). I have since matched with the VA Jacksons who came from Culpepper/Orange Co via Woodford, KY. I think Presley's grandfather is Joshua Jackson (1730?-1794). Joshua's wife was Elizabeth Offill, daughter of William Offill and Mary Rucker (granddaughter of Peter Rucker c.1661 and Elizabeth Fielding c.1660). I have yet to determine if Presley's father is Joshua's son Joshua (1761?-??) or William (1767--after1850). Joshua Jr's wife was his first cousin Margaret Underwood (m. 1795 Woodford, KY).
Ben  Crawford Ben Crawford
February 17 @ 4:12pm
Hi, I’m Rosemary and my brother, Ben Crawford and I are a match to a Robert Ronald Jackson. We descend from Stephen JACKSON b ca 1750 who lived in the Anson CO. NC area. From Court records we can prove that under the NC Laws of 1804 Stephen JACKSON claimed the 4 children of Nancy KENDRICK as his natural born children. There are numerous records in Anson Co. Between Stephen JACKSON and Nancy KENDRICK. The four children are John JACKSON, Mary JACKSON who married John Field AULD, Elizabeth JACKSON who married David CRAWFORD, and Sally JACKSON. We descend through Elizabeth JACKSON and David CRAWFORD.
David Teague
July 25 @ 1:37pm
I thought so: it was Stephen Jackson the Indian fighter, Ben Crawford.
Donald Jackson
September 16 @ 4:54pm
I am Donald Jackson. my Jackson line if from the Lenoir, Pitt , Wayne, Anson, and Sampson County of North Carolina. My YDNA is a match with Michael and Ben Crawford of Anson Co., NC which goes back to Stephen Jackson also. My father was Herman Lewis Jackson, his was Jacob Herman Jackson, his was Edward Willis Jackson, and his was Brice, or Bryce Jackson and that is my Brick wall...Looking for info and just getting started....I was a match with Carson Jackson, Thomas Matthew Jackson, John Ernest Jackson, Dan Quincy Jackson, Beau Daniel Jackson, John S. Jackson, and Daniel Jackson...Any help would be great...
Donald Jackson
November 2 @ 11:43am
my Kit no is MM7575671
Ben Crawford
November 5 @ 1:38pm
I have just upgraded my brother's DNA kit to a Big Y-700.
Dearl Lemons Dearl Lemons
January 28, 2019 @ 10:25pm
Trying to find relatives who lived in the Chester SC area during the 1860. Evidently I'm a Jackson, just trying to connect the tree.
Lesley Teal
January 30, 2019 @ 9:38pm
I have Jackson relatives from that area. I descend from a Stephen Jackson who lived and owned land around the Anson County NC and Chesterfield County SC areas in the late 1700s and early 1800s. I am hoping to match other Jacksons from that area in hopes of figuring out who Stephen's parents and other ancestors are.
Dearl Lemons
February 1, 2019 @ 7:08pm
Mu GGGrandmother was supposed to have married a Lemons or had a child my a Lemons. She lived in Peyton Jacksons household in 1860. My DNA suggest we are Jacksons. Just trying to connect.
Donald Jackson
September 16 @ 4:33pm
I am Donald Jackson. my Jackson line if from the Lenoir, Pitt , Wayne, Anson, and Sampson County of North Carolina. My YDNA is a match with Michael and Ben Crawford of Anson Co., NC which goes back to Stephen Jackson also. My father was Herman Lewis Jackson, his was Jacob Herman Jackson, his was Edward Willis Jackson, and his was Brice, or Bryce Jackson and that is my Brick wall...
Ben Crawford
November 5 @ 1:35pm
Donald Jackson, Lesley Teal is my Crawford/Jackson Cousin. She comes from Elizabeth Kendrick Jackson Crawford's oldest son, Stephen Crawford. Elizabeth Kendrick JACKSON is the daughter of Stephen JACKSON and Nancy KENDRICK.
JJ Jackson JJ Jackson
June 22 @ 4:51pm
My Grandfather William Riley Jackson of Logan County Illinois said we were related to President Andrew Jackson. Has anyone else been told that story?
David Teague
June 22 @ 6:07pm
My Jacksons, who hailed from near the White Store community in SE Union County, NC, have that story as well. Two problems: his Jacksons were at the SE corner of modern-day Union County; and I've never found any actual evidence for a connection aside from having the same surname and being in a different part of the same county.
Ben Crawford
November 3 @ 4:53pm
I heard that story too but if you research you will find that Andrew Jackson had no biological children so it would be impossible to descend from him. Yep, I really upset some Anson NC and Chesterfield SC cousins.
Larry Shelley Larry Shelley has a question!
September 7 @ 9:31am
I don't recall my kit number. How do I find it?
Ben Crawford
November 3 @ 4:46pm
Your kit number is what you used to sign in with.
Jinny  Smith Jinny Smith
September 29 @ 10:31am
I am Jinny Jackson. I am a descendant of Stephen Jackson and Nancy Cook. Stephen is the don of Benjamin Jackson and Mary Rushing. I am actively looking for descendants of John Kendrick Jackson and Nancy Rushing. Job Kendrick Jackson being the son of Stephen Jackson and Nancy Kendrick.
Jinny Smith
September 29 @ 10:34am
Correction. I am looking for descendants through John Kendrick Jackson and Rebecca Rushing. Nancy Rushing is Rebecca’s mother, who was born a Deason.
Donald Jackson
October 31 @ 8:13am
Hi Jinny, I see that we do have a number descendants in common...Howell, Jackson, jones, and parker to do you upload the raw data to Gedmatch...? I will be home late this afternoon...feel free to call me. My number is 904-703-5008...cell I live in Florida..near Jacksonville.Would like to see how we could make this Stephen Jackson connection. thanks
Donald Jackson
November 2 @ 11:33am
Hi Jinny, I have my data uploaded to Gedmatch now...Kit # 7575671 check it out and get back to me...thanks Don Jackson
Donald Jackson
November 2 @ 11:47am
The kit no is MM7575671