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Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey) Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey)
September 17 @ 12:18pm
Andrew Lee Jackson, Sr.: BIRTH: JAN. 1871 • Bowling Green, Caroline, Virginia, USA. DEATH: JULY 1, 1957 • Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA. Parents: Harry Jackson (1822–1892), Phoebe "Feby" Ann Ferguson (1832–1894). Spouse 1 & Children: Effie A. Roy (1880–1943). Preston B. Jackson (1901–1989), Helen Alice Jackson (1902–1980), Hattie P. Jackson (1905–1988), Robert Emmet Jackson (1908–1967), George Linton Jackson b.1908, Martha E. Jackson (1910–1974), Paul Sylvester Jackson (1912–1981), Fannie Lou Jackson (1916–1965), Bessie Mae Jackson (1919–1994), Andrew Lee Jackson Jr. b.1922 & Virginia Ernestine Jackson (1925–2000).
Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey) Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey)
September 13 @ 1:02pm
Norma Lenore Godfrey (Jackson): Birth: May 15, 1930 in Boston, MA, USA. Daughter of Robert Emmet Jackson and Esther M. Jackson (Foster). Spouse of Albert William Godfrey. Mother of Carol Marie Fitzgerald (Godfrey), Robert William Godfrey, Sr., Vivian Ann Godfrey-Constantine, Philip Paul Godfrey, Jacqueline Ruth Godfrey, Ronald Lee Godfrey, and Michael Roy Godfrey. Sister of Constance Harriet Jackson and Paul Andrew Jackson. Lived with her father in the South End of Boston growing up. She also went to school in the South End of Boston, a graduate of Boston Girls High School, Norma later attended school for dressmaking. For many years, she was the head housekeeper for the Parker House Hotel in Boston and later was a private housekeeper to the former CEO of Filene’s. She retired in the late 1980's.
Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey) Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey)
September 13 @ 12:59pm
Robert Emmet Jackson: Born: August 9, 1908 in Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA. Death: 1967 in (Forest Hills) Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA. Immediate Family: Son of Andrew L. Jackson, Sr. and Effie A. Jackson (Roy). Husband of Esther M. Jackson (Foster). Father of Norma Lenore Godfrey (Jackson); Constance Harriet Jackson and Paul Andrew Jackson. Twin brother of George Linton Jackson. He had nine sisters and brothers. They are all deceased. His oldest daughter lived with him after he separated from Esther M. Jackson (Foster). Robert had skin rashes on his hands and drove trucks with gloves on his hands. He is buried with his son, Andy in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Mattapan, MA. The Jackson Family in 1940 Boston at 384 Northampton Street - Ward 9: Andrew Jackson Head M 69 Virginia Effie Jackson Wife F 60 Virginia Helen Jackson Daughter F 37 Virginia Haddie Jackson Daughter F 34 Massachusetts Robert Jackson Son M 31 Massachusetts Fannie Jackson Daughter F 24 Massachusetts Bessie Jackson Daughter F 20 Massachusetts Virginia Jackson Daughter F 15 Massachusetts Norma Jackson Grandchild F 9 Massachusetts Constance Jackson Grandchild F 8 Massachusetts Paul Jackson Grandchild M 7 Massachusetts Irving Jackson Grandchild M 7 Massachusetts Joseph Wilfred Lodger M 32 Massachusetts Harold Jones Lodger M 41 Virginia
Kelsie Joshua Kelsie Joshua
January 4 @ 4:58am
My a Jackson Ancestry: Grandma Lauretta Jackson (1905-1974) born in Brickeys, Arkansas died in Chicago. Her father was Horatio R Jackson (1864-1950) born in Jackson Township, Pike, Ohio to Brickeys, Arkansas. His father Berry W. Jackson (1834-1880) Southampton, Virginia to Pike, Ohio. His father Richard “Dick” Jackson 1814-1890) Southampton, Virginia to Pike, Ohio burial at Jackson Hill Cemetery. His father James Jackson 1780-1880) Southampton, Virginia. His father Kindred Jackson. Photo of Horatio R Jackson son Sonny Jackson. Connection with Wayne Vaughn keyboards with the group “ The Brother’s Johnson”. And writer of “Let’s Groove Tonight “ featuring Earth, Wind, and Fire.
Kelsie Joshua
June 17 @ 2:09pm
His name was Horatio R Jackson (1864-1950) from Pike. Ohio and moved to Brickeys, Arkansas
Marcia Sargent
August 20 @ 2:39pm
My 4th GGF who moved to Tennessee was Kindred Jackson. He was married to Martha Mary Felts b 1802
William Jackson
September 7 @ 8:34am
I don't have any black DNA. But I do have .02% native American. I know, on line, a woman who is working on the Jackson line. She was doing research in UT and met a black man who was looking at the same research she was. It turned out that his great grandfather owned a plantation in Coosda, AL. The grandfather's name was Absalom Jackson. He had a number of children by his wife. However, he did have a son by one of his slaves. When the son reached the age of 21 Absolon emancipated him, gave him land, a team of horse, and some money. I'm writing this from memory. When I was certain that Absolon was not in my direct line I remove that line. As near as I can tell Absalom and my line are distant cousins. I suspect the line branched shortly after Sir Richard Jackson and Ursula Hildyard. Going back to the native American DNA I have never found a connection that indicates who that might be. The plantation still exists and serves a venue for weddings and other events.
Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey)
September 13 @ 12:35pm
Carol Marie Fitzgerald you → Albert William Godfrey her father → Gladys Victoria Godfrey his mother → Fannie Cozart Sephus her mother → John Smith her father → George Washington Smith his father → George T. Smith his father → Basil Smith his father → Job Smith his father → Charles Smith his brother → Mary Strickland Gill his daughter → Sarah Head her daughter → Martha Ann Dickerson her daughter → Emily Jane Wright her daughter → Martha Ann Frances Key her daughter → Zettie Jones her daughter → Linda Sue Jackson her daughter → Keri Denise Jackson her daughter
Kathy MacDonald Kathy MacDonald has a question!
July 19 @ 1:16pm
Who is Jackson / Hightower group? What does it mean? Help Please!
Kathy MacDonald
August 4 @ 5:05pm
Jimmy I emailed the administrator a few weeks ago and he told that some where down the line is a Jackson married a Hightower. I have no Hightower in my tree. My Ancestor that I can only go back to my Great Great grandfathers side and that 1825. So you may be right about the legitimacy of this group. Now after doing the YDNA 111 there is no one else in my group now except for my 2 great grandfather. I was hoping to get more answers about that side of my family. I’m at a stand still.
Kathy MacDonald
August 11 @ 5:58am
I am totally lost I don’t know where to look or begin. I was really hoping to get some answers but I didn’t get anything out of it but more confusion. Do you have any ideas where I should start? I have no Hightower in my tree.
Daryl Jackson Daryl Jackson has a question!
August 10 @ 10:10am
My ancestor is Daniel Jackson (kit 266453) born November 1782 in northern Georgia. County could be Morgan but counties were divided after his birth. The courthouse burned leaving a dead end. I have anecdotal information that he had brothers named Reuben, Rowland, John and Peter. Anyone’s family tree have a connection? Daryl Jackson
Marilyn Morgan Marilyn Morgan
February 20 @ 8:56am
Back again. Has anyone come across the names Leander Jackson, Wilson Jackson and Burton Jackson born in North Carolina (Stokes Co.), 1822-1828??? Dead end.
Marilyn Morgan
March 28 @ 12:22pm
I know that the Mary Jackson listed on the 1850 census with infant child, Thomas Jefferson Jackson, was related to us.
Rachel Eckerle
July 1 @ 2:23pm
Marilyn... we should connect. Colby is one of mine. I might be able to help connect some dots.
Rachel Eckerle
July 1 @ 2:32pm
Just be sure: Colby Jackson 1774–1815 BIRTH 1774 • Virginia, United States DEATH 1815 • Scott, Kentucky, United States
Marilyn Morgan
July 15 @ 6:52pm
Yes, Rachel, let's connect!!!!!!
Jesse Jackson Jesse Jackson has a question!
July 10 @ 10:19am
Hi my name is Kathy MacDonald. I had a cousin do a y-dna 111 for our Jackson side of our family. Jesse Freeman Jackson is my 2 times great grandfather. The cousin that tested for me is the son of my Great Great Grandfathers son. His kit number is 325525. Which put him in Jackson/ Hightower what does that mean. My 2 times great grandfather was born in Georgia and in several census it shows his father was born in Virginia mother in Georgia. I find my 2 times great grandfather in Fayette county Alabama census in 1850. I can’t seem to find any parents or siblings for my 2 times great grandfather. Any help or information I would greatly appreciate. Thank you
William Jackson William Jackson
July 3 @ 11:40am
Hi all I've been busy and haven't been a round in along time. I have two question that have come up. What is the most distant Jackson or relative have you been able to identified? I've been working on Jackson line in Ancestry for years and what I've found I don't believe so I'm wondering what is possible. Second my DNA shows .02 Native American. I know Richard Jackson immigrate form Ireland to America around 1755--without going back and looking it up. Does any know where that came from? I noticed someone on here posted they had a tiny NA DNA.
Jimmy Jackson
July 8 @ 8:48pm
I could have come from your mother.
Charles Jackson Charles Jackson
July 3 @ 1:01pm
Update to my post from a few months back. Still searching for T (aka Tom) A (Aaron/Andrew?) Jackson, all we have is his initial) Jackson who signed a marriage license in Webster Co MS in 1885, and died somewhere in east central MS in 1891-1892. Other than his offspring (my g-grandfather and his slightly older sister) he's pretty much a ghost. My yDNA came back I-M223, so definitely a Jackson. Two Generation 0 hits and two Generation 2 hits that suggests he's part of the line that runs through John Warren Jackson in GA and, presumably, through his line up into NC. Other than that I'm still drawing blanks. The Thomas Aarons I find in the line in GA are too old and don't appear to have made the move to MS. There aren't any T A Jacksons in any of the genealogies I've found to date that would fit the facts. My working theory is that TA Jackson may have been a cousin or nephew that came into MS after the 1880 census and before the 1885 marriage bond out of AL, TN, or even GA. I appreciate the folks on this board who have reached out because we matched. They've helped plug some gaps, but they don't show him either, which leads me to think he might be descended from one of John Warren's brothers. Anyone else in the lines out there that are aware of a TA Jackson they could help me place in East Central MS (Webster/Oktibbeha/Kemper/ Neshoba, etc) in the 1880s? Or a TA Jackson in one of those other states that drops off their radar about that time? I should add...given the few facts, I have no preconceived notions as to his age: he might have been born in the 1865-68 range to match his bride, and died young in 1891-92. But he could also have been a widowed war vet whose offspring were already on their own who married a young bride, sired two children and died. Don't really know and don't have family lore to support either) Thank you!!!
Charles Jackson
July 3 @ 1:09pm
I'd also appreciate any suggestions as to where to go from here in my search for info? what other data is out there? would more detail than the yDNA-37 make a difference?
David Teague
July 5 @ 9:24am
Charles, more data than the y37 may make more of a difference. It will depend entirely on whether other male descendants of your male line have tested.