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Charles Jackson Charles Jackson
March 24 @ 12:27pm
Saw this picture above and that it was the only known one and thought I can fix it somewhat. Cheatham Jackson and family, post above by Billye Jackson in Feb. Jan M.
Billye Jackson
May 11 @ 8:50pm
Thank You so uch. I tried but give up lol
Terry Jackson Terry Jackson
May 8 @ 7:50am
How do i submit my lineage after uploading my Y-dna results? Can anyone direct in the right direction to do this please?
Billye Jackson
May 11 @ 8:45pm
Jerry you can down load a Gedcom File from where ever you have you tree, then up load it to FTDNA.
Janie Kimble Janie Kimble has a question!
May 9 @ 11:11am
I know there is a page somewhere on this site that tells how to transfer info from a different testing firm. But I can't find it. Anyone have a link to it??
Fran Frieberger Jackson Fran Frieberger Jackson
February 11 @ 5:50pm
I am looking for Frank Jackson and Della Young's relatives from Kansas and then state of Washington. They had sons named Clyde, Harlan and Russell.
Fran Frieberger Jackson
May 9 @ 2:53pm
Do you know this family?
Rose Jackson Rose Jackson
May 4 @ 8:08pm
my grandfather..... Slade Randall Jackson BIRTH 5 OCT 1881 • Old Ford, Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA DEATH 2 APRIL 1954 • Robersonville, Martin, North Carolina, USA....son of Franklin Pearce Jackson BIRTH 7 OCT 1852 • Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA DEATH 8 SEP 1925 • Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA.....son of Charles William Jackson BIRTH 18 APR 1821 • Washington Twp, Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA DEATH 1870 • Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA....son of William Simon "Billie" Jackson Sr. BIRTH 4 APR 1795 • Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA DEATH 27 JUN 1849 • Tranters Creek, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA
Billye Jackson Billye Jackson
February 3 @ 6:23pm
Only knowen Picture of my Grandfather Cheatham Jackson 02/MAY/1874>14/DEC/1926 Son of Henry H. Jackson 1832–1880 Birth 1832 • Gibson County, Tennessee Death AFT. 1880 • Dyer, Tennessee, USA
Charles Jackson
March 24 @ 12:29pm
Billye check the picture above yours, I fixed your picture a little. Jan M.
William Jackson
April 28 @ 3:30am
DANG!! He looks so like my dad, it's really freaky. Do you know who the family of Hugh was. I am trying to fine the parents of William Andrew Jackson b 1815 Kentucky d 1874 Missouri. We have never been able to find who his parents were and this search goes back at least 2 generations.
Billye Jackson
April 30 @ 6:11pm
Hay William as far as I can tell none of my Jackson's came from Ky. Now my Grandmother Nettie Hearod Jackson came from the Grand Rivers ao. My dad once said that his People came to Tennessee by way of Shantytown Il. How ever my research has them coming from Queen NY to Va. NC, and SC to Middle Tennessee to west Tennessee then to Tx., I have no William A Jackson in my tree but do have a Lot of Williams Jackson's
Billye Jackson
April 30 @ 6:38pm
Hay William is this you Family tree on Ancestery.com.csbarrow Yukon, Oklahoma, USAAge: 60+
Charles Jackson Charles Jackson has a question!
April 25 @ 11:11pm
Y-DNA on order here. Trying to push beyond my great-great grandfather. Information is very thin. We're talking post Civil War east central MS. (1) We have a marriage bond with his name listed as T. A. Jackson in Webster Co, MS in 1885 marrying Joanna "Annie" Edmonds, from Oktibbeha Co. (2) Family lore has him going by "Tom" (3) Given Annie's age of 17 at time of wedding, we believe he had to have been born no later than approx 1868. Nothing we know of would prevent that from being much earlier. (4) We know he died sometime after my great grandfather Charles Aaron (Charley) Jackson was born, supposedly in 1890 in Neshoba Co, MS but before Annie remarried in mid-1892.His older sister Beulah was born in approx 1886-88 in, we think Kemper Co. (5) Annie died in 1902 when Charley was 9 and he was placed in an orphanage, so we have virtually no significant memories from before that time that he was able to share with anyone. (6) My great-grandfather Charley always maintained he (Charley) was 1/4 Indian although zero of that is showing in my MyHeritage DNA results which were 64% Scotch-Irish and the balance northern European and a little bit of Italy. To date I've not been able to ID anyone in census records in MS that looks like a fit. I have suspicions based on DNA hits that there may be some ties to KY/TN/AR, maybe AL. I also have some suspicions that Charley was a passed down name, and while Charley may or may not have known that, he named .two sons with Charles, and both of them passed it down as well Hopefully after the Y-DNA results are in I'll have a little more clarity but thoughts or suggestions in the interim are appreciated.
William Jackson William Jackson
April 23 @ 12:51pm
If anyone has not heard of the Silver Bowl website I recommend checking it out.....a WEALTH of info on Jacksons from Ireland/UK.http://www.thesilverbowl.com/index.html
John McAnally (Jackson) John McAnally (Jackson)
April 9 @ 2:36pm
Jackson Clan DNA Project Updated 8 February 2020 by John R. McAnally This Jackson clan is larger than the place name (Hempstead) implies. New testing techniques have provided means where by we can cheaply determine your patriarch and which branch of this clan that you belong to. No longer should the descendants of Robert Jackson refer to themselves as Hempstead Jacksons, but more precisely by the technical term haplogroup I-Y9389.* All this comes from the recent advancement in YDNA testing called the Big Y, a change from the original STR (short tandem repeat) test to the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) type of test. A direct male descendant of each patriarch, those being Robert Jackson of Hempstead and Samuel Jackson of Pennsylvania, took the Big Y test and found that they have a MRCA (most recent common ancestor) 500 years before present - or better to say they have a common ancestor in about the time that the English were first establishing surnames. Presently there are three branches of this clan that are defined by five patriarchs. I-Y9389: Robert Jackson b. England 1615/20 d. 1683 Queens Co. New York and Samuel Jackson b. 1757 Ireland d. 1834 Greene Co., Pennsylvania combining to make the first. By that we mean that a direct male descendant of each patriarch has done the Big Y test and it has shown that these two men are a match that indicates they have a common ancestor in the 1500s. Any male Jackson that conjectures that he is a direct male descendant of these patriarchs but cannot prove such via standard genealogical proofs can prove such via this SNP test at FTDNA at the cost of $39 or at SEQ at the cost of $18. I-BY19809: The second branch formed by Samuel Jackson b. abt 1650 d. 1722 Stafford Co., Virginia and John Lynn b. abt 1730 Stafford Co., Virginia d. 1794 Fauquier Co., Virginia has determined their MRCA as 150 years before present which implies that they have a common ancestor in the named Samuel Jackson, thereby meaning John Lynn was a direct male descendant of Samuel Jackson. Regardless, this match has established a second branch of our Jackson clan that is distinct from the haplogroup I-Y9389. Any male Jackson that conjectures that he is a direct male descendant of either of these patriarchs, but cannot prove such via standard genealogical proofs can prove such via this SNP test at YSEQ at a cost of $18. FTDNA has as yet not established a test for BY19809. I-Y8950: Graham Jackson of Australia, is a descendant of Thomas Jackson b. abt 1797 d. abt 1860 of Ireland. Graham was negative for the SNP test of I-Y9349 and I-BY19809 which means his progenitor forms our third Jackson clan branch. He has taken the Big Y test but does not have a match and therefore does not at this time have a terminal SNP determined. He is classified in the haplogroup I-M223 as I-Y8950 but this is not terminal and therefore cannot be used to determine a close relationship. If someone took an SNP test for I-Y8950 and matched Graham this would imply only that they are in a large haplogroup classification but not necessarily related. A similar situation as two individuals being in the large haplogroup I-M223. At FTDNA posting the haplogroup in green implies that the person has been proven via testing to be in that group and those in red are just predictions from an analysis of the STR results. Of the five patriarchs only one, that of Thomas Jackson (b. abt 1797 Ireland d. aft 1873 Ireland) has records of a marriage and births of children that can provide a point of reference so that further research in Ireland/UK can be done. The other patriarchs records end within the United States or with only family lore conjectures to the old country. There are 53 Jackson men of our clan out of nearly 700 total YDNA participants in the Jackson Surname Project at FTDNA. Four have not been able to establish a connection to any of the four patriarchs nor have extended their pedigree further back in time to be so named, ie having found the original immigrant. These men could be descendants of the established branches or anyone of them might be a completely separate fourth branch. The recent Big Y testing and subsequent SNP testing can now be used to test which branch they belong to. We have lost contact with three of the individuals but the fourth Terrance Levett could be a separate Jackson lineage. His upgrade to 67 markers is in progress. He has already tested negative to both I-BY19809 and I-9389 so if his upgrade still matches our haplotype then he could well be our fourth branch. See https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/jackson/about/results for Member Contributed Lineages grouped according to the members' tested results. It has been a BIG job getting the FamilyFinder results merged in. Thanks for your patience! Remember this is all volunteer work by people who care! *We are continuing to call this whole Clan 'Hempstead' at FTDNA for lack of a better name. That 'I-Y9389' is not handily remembered.
Charles Jackson
April 9 @ 8:21pm
John, how would I go about getting either the SNP test at FTDNA or at SEQ? Is one better than the other? We know my Jackson line came from Nathan Jackson, born around 1790 in Pennsylvania and eventually settled in Arkansas, but we don't know anything about the Pennsylvania connection. Thanks!
David Teague
April 9 @ 10:09pm
John, my Jacksons were down in the Anson County, NC/Union County, NC/Chesterfield County, SC area all through the 19th century, and I have no doubt that at least some of them are still there. The families to which they were related included the Hastys, Swanners, Ashcrafts, Richardsons, Simmses, Rapes, and Manesses
John McAnally
April 10 @ 2:11pm
Charles Jackson: The SNP test for your lineage becomes available only after two or more men in your lineage have taken the Big Y test. As to the choice between SEQ and FTDNA, the SEQ testing does not show up on your FTDNA records, so if the test is available at FTDNA, that seems to be the better choice.
J Purkaple J Purkaple
March 21 @ 10:25pm
Hi -- I'm J Purkaple, and I just joined. I have the Family Finder DNA which I took from my raw DNA data over at Ancestry.com, and the maiden surname of my mom's mom is Jackson. 1 ♂ Samuel Jackson; b {abt} 1757 England; d 12 Mar 1834 Ten Mile Country, Greene Co., Pennsylvania .+ ♀ Margaret Cree; b 1761 County Down, Northern Ireland; d 04 Jan 1843 Ten Mile Country, Greene Co., Pennsylvania ..2 ♂ Robert Jackson; b 1794 Ten Mile Country, Green Co., Pennsylvania; d 03 Nov 1864 Westboro, Clinton Co., Ohio ...+ ♀ Nancy Ann Blackledge; b {abt} Oct 1799 Green Co., Pennsylvania; d 08 Mar 1862 Westboro, Clinton Co., Ohio ....3 ♂ James M Jackson; b 14 Aug 1823 Eagle Creek, Adams Co., Ohio; d 04 Aug 1873 Odin, Marion Co., Illinois .....+ ♀ Elizabeth Johnson/Johnston; b 19 Feb 1824 USA; d 22 Jan 1859 Ohio ......4 ♂ Thomas Garland Jackson; b 15 May 1856 Ohio; d 29 Jul 1946 Union Co., Illinois .......+ ♀ Alta Ann Allmon; b 08 Jul 1865 Marion Co., Illinois; d 03 Sep 1942 Marion Co., Illinois ........5 ♂ Charles Robert Jackson; b 01 Aug 1898 Marion Co., Illinois; d 23 Feb 1970 Marion Co., Illinois .........+ ♀ Ethel Meador; b 22 Sep 1910 Marion Co., Illinois; d 08 Sep 2002 Marion Co., Illinois ..........6 ♀ Helen M. Jackson; b Mar 1939 Marion Co., Illinois ...........+ ♂ Beryl C. Jett; b Jun 1939 Marion Co., Illinois ............7 ♀ Susan R. Jett; b 01 Aug 1971 Centralia, Marion Co., Illinois .............+ ♂ Thomas L. Purkaple; b 07 Jul 1972 Granite City, Madison Co., Illinois ..............8 ⇒ ♂ (whatever my number is) — J Purkaple; b 25 Sep 1996 Hannibal, Marion Co., Missouri
John McAnally (Jackson)
April 9 @ 2:29pm
Your line of Jacksons are posted on the Results page. See Hempstead Y-9389.