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Robert Kersenbrock Sr. Y13023 Robert Kersenbrock Sr. Y13023 has a question!
1 hour ago
How do I get an administrator to contact me? Robert (Jackson) Kersenbrock
Robert Kersenbrock Sr. Y13023
1 hour ago
vonkbrock03@msn.com N10874, Y-13023
Ryan Jackson Ryan Jackson has a question!
February 1 @ 12:10am
I have tried to email the project administrator but i am not receiving any responses. I just got my y37 results in
Ricky Jackson
July 16 @ 11:44pm
You are all better off doing the 111 marker test, you will be lost with all the other matches!
Rose Jackson Rose Jackson
March 7 @ 6:03pm
Im at a brick wall with my Jackson line from Beaufort NC late 1700s ;( any other Jackson from Beaufort NC?
Bridgette Seal Mitchell
June 8 @ 6:30am
Hi, I am new to FamilyTreeDNA. I just received my results and have hundreds of matches. I am curious to know if there is a way to compare my DNA results to the members of the Jackson Y DNA group only. My 3rd great grandfather was born in Moore County, NC in 1787. His name is Andrew Jackson Seale. The Seale family married into the Jackson family in mid 1700's and had several Jackson cousins.
Ben Crawford
June 18 @ 7:21pm
David Teague, our grandfather, John CRAWFORD was born in Wadesboro, Anson Co., TX in 1870. Lots of family in that part of the Country! LOL
Rose Jackson
July 8 @ 5:30am
William Simon "Billie" Jackson Sr. GGF 3 BIRTH 4 APR 1795 • Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA DEATH 27 JUN 1849 • Tranters Creek, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA Williams wife Dilcey was a Jackson GGM 3 also BIRTH ABT. 1795 DEATH 1821-1826 Franklin Pearce Jackson GGF BIRTH 7 OCT 1852 • Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA DEATH 8 SEP 1925 • Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA, males in my Jackson line that have taken a DNA test are like 4th cousin
Richard Dean
July 12 @ 7:54am
My great grandmother, Lula Juanita Jackson, was from Pinetown in Beaufort County, NC. So far, I've traced my Jackson line back to Eleazer Jackson in the 1700's. Eleazer had land grants in the 1790's for the area "south of the mouth of Flat Swamp". I descend from three lines of Jacksons that all lead back to Eleazer.
Ben  Crawford Ben Crawford
February 17 @ 4:12pm
Hi, I’m Rosemary and my brother, Ben Crawford and I are a match to a Robert Ronald Jackson. We descend from Stephen JACKSON b ca 1750 who lived in the Anson CO. NC area. From Court records we can prove that under the NC Laws of 1804 Stephen JACKSON claimed the 4 children of Nancy KENDRICK as his natural born children. There are numerous records in Anson Co. Between Stephen JACKSON and Nancy KENDRICK. The four children are John JACKSON, Mary JACKSON who married John Field AULD, Elizabeth JACKSON who married David CRAWFORD, and Sally JACKSON. We descend through Elizabeth JACKSON and David CRAWFORD.
Ben Crawford
June 18 @ 7:13pm
Update: Through DNA the Stephen JACKSON who claimed the 4 children of Nancy KENDRICK in Anson Co., NC has been proven to be Stephen "Killing" JACKSON who married Nancy COOK and had known sons: William and Able JACKSON.
Ben Crawford
July 10 @ 1:23pm
Thanks, John. I have been in touch with Jinny Jackson over the past several months and DNA has linked several descendants of Nancy KENDRICK with the sons of Stephen JACKSON who married Nancy Cook. Elizabeth Kendrick JACKSON CRAWFORD and Mary JACKSON AULD are two of Nancy and Stephen JACKSONS children. Descendants from both of these lines are matching Able and brother William JACKSON, sons of Nancy Cook and Stephen Jackson. Jinny has all that information too. I am Rosemary Crawford Miller, Ben’s sister. Ben passed away a year ago.
April 26 @ 1:01am
My Jackson Bloodline and my DNA has proven a Royal Decent
Rose Jackson
July 8 @ 6:33am
I sent you a message on FB
Dale Jackson
July 9 @ 12:12pm
i loooked on FB and did not find anything. Are you on ancestry
March 8 @ 3:10am
Hello, I have been doing research on my family history going on 10 years and found that I descend from royalty, Please authenticate my findings if possible, Thanks! King William Normandy I of England (1027 - 1087) 30th great-grandfather King Henry Normandy I Of England (1068 - 1135) Son of King William Normandy I of England Matilda of England (1102 - 1167) Daughter of King Henry Normandy I Of England King Henry Plantagenet II (1133 - 1189) Son of Matilda of England King John "Lackland" Plantagenet (1166 - 1216) Son of King Henry Plantagenet II King Henry Plantagenet III (1207 - 1272) Son of King John "Lackland" Plantagenet King Edward Plantagenet I (1239 - 1307) Son of King Henry Plantagenet III King Edward Plantagenet II (1284 - 1327) Son of King Edward Plantagenet I King Edward Plantagenent III (1312 - 1377) Son of King Edward Plantagenet II Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence Plantagenet (1338 - 1368) Son of King Edward Plantagenet III Philippa Plantagenet, 5th Countess of Ulster (1355 - 1378) Daughter of Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence Plantagenet Elizabeth Mortimer (1371 - 1417) Daughter of Philippa Plantagenet, 5th Countess of Ulster Elizabeth De Percy (1395 - 1437) Daughter of Elizabeth Mortimer Lady Mary Clifford (1412 - 1478) Daughter of Elizabeth De Percy Elizabeth Wentworth (1427 - 1480) Daughter of Lady Mary Clifford Jane De La See (1467 - 1528) Daughter of Elizabeth Wentworth Sir. Christopher Hildyard (1490 - 1538) Son of Jane De La See Sir. Martin Hildyard (1509 - 1545) Son of Sir. Christopher Hildyard Sir. Richard Hildyard (1532 - 1602) Son of Sir. Martin Hildyard Baroness Ursula Hildyard (1577 - 1607) Daughter of Sir. Richard Hildyard Sir Anthony Jackson (1599 - 1666) Son of Baroness Ursula Hildyard Richard Jackson (1626 - 1679) Son of Sir Anthony Jackson Thomas Jackson (1656 - 1716) Son of Richard Jackson Thomas Jackson (1692 - 1727) Son of Thomas Jackson Isaac Jackson (1717 - 1820) Son of Thomas Jackson Reuben Jackson (1750 - 1815) Son of Isaac Jackson Peter Jackson (1801 - 1864) Son of Reuben Jackson Mark Jackson (1827 - 1899) Son of Peter Jackson Oscar Lorenzo Jackson (1849 - 1929) Son of Mark Jackson Robert Lincoln Jackson (1889 - 1958) Son of Oscar Lorenzo Jackson Oscar Odell Jackson Sr. (1918 - 1993) Son of Robert Lincoln Jackson Diedrea St. Jackson (1952 - ) Daughter of Oscar Odell Jackson Sr. Christopher Odell Wetzel You are the son of Diedrea St. Jackson
William Jackson
May 26 @ 8:58pm
Sir. Richard Hildyard (1532 - 1602) He's in my tree also, as is Baroness Ursula Hildyard (1577 - 1607). Some where below them the tree branches off to my line. My father was William Marvin Jackson from AL. My research shows they immigrated Ireland around 1755 to PA and were Quakers. The fact they were Quakers is the reason they left Ireland. Thank you for posting this, I'll see far back it matches what I've found.
Terry Jackson
June 12 @ 1:46am
I haven't had a chance to do my Y dna but i have two Wetzel cousins in my family finder here and one i found so far on ancestry. I decend from Samuel Jackson and Mary Rutherford both from Ireland so we could possibly have a connection.
Rose Jackson
July 8 @ 6:32am
my GED match # is A561220 Anthony Jackson is my 8th GGF
JJ Jackson JJ Jackson
June 22 @ 4:51pm
My Grandfather William Riley Jackson of Logan County Illinois said we were related to President Andrew Jackson. Has anyone else been told that story?
David Teague
June 22 @ 6:07pm
My Jacksons, who hailed from near the White Store community in SE Union County, NC, have that story as well. Two problems: his Jacksons were at the SE corner of modern-day Union County; and I've never found any actual evidence for a connection aside from having the same surname and being in a different part of the same county.
Charlene Tucker Charlene Tucker
June 14 @ 1:56am
My Jackson relatives are from Mississippi.
Earl Jesson Earl Jesson
June 8 @ 1:26am
My Father needs some help, he matches DNA with Donald Jackson and Christopher Jackson who's ancestry is from Virginia and West Virginia. This doesn't match what we know as his paternal line. We are looking for someone who would have been in North Dakota in 1942. He also matches up to Roscoe Charles Robinson who married a Jackson. Any help would be great.
Richard Strathern Richard Strathern
June 1 @ 2:01pm
Received my Y700 Tests Results yesterday. Three matches David Eric Jackson, Jerry Walter Shaw and John Bolling Hall. No matches from Main branch yet.