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Paternal lineage grouping and haplogroup research
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Welcome to the J2-M172 Project@FTDNA!

J2-M172 diversified approx. 28,000 years ago in or near Western Asia. Learn More...

Goals: study the pedigree relationships (phylogeny) of all J2 lineages (subclades) down to the last millennias, assign project members to appropriate terminal groups and help them in using Y-DNA results and further testing to connect ancient paternal history with surname origins and paternal line genealogy. Learn More...

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If you have not done so, join the research, change standard FTDNA Project Preferences, Privacy & Sharing, invite near and distant Y-DNA matches, send us your additional Y-DNA data and help by funding J2 Reseach.


Gateway to Partnering FTDNA Projects / J2 and subclades collaboration

members will be joined to appropriate partnering FTDNA projects for easier terminal research.

External Links & Help

BIG Y Sequencing / Haplogroup Certification/ TMRCA Calculation

Next Gen Y Sequencing is the new test that pushes Y-DNA research in the next years. By ordering and making unpublic results available you will help tremendously to increase public knowledge.

Newly discovered haplogroups need enough evidence for registration. Order appropriate further testing or donate for them.
We suggest uploading the Big Y raw data (.BAM file) to YFull for inclusion in the public YTree J2 and estimation of Haplogroup TMRCA.

Genographic Project

Transfer your Genographic Project results to FTDNA and join for free! Geno 2.0: Enter paternal story and send raw data.

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