J M172 - J2 Y-DNA

Paternal lineage grouping and haplogroup research
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About us

Please join if the kits Y-DNA is confirmed or predicted J-M172 or one of its sub-haplogroups. Please do not join if you are from other haplogroups like J1 / J-M267.

J2-M172 Project Goals: study the pedigree relationships (phylogeny) of all J2 lineages (subclades J2a, J2b, etc.) down to late Middle Ages, assign project members to appropriate terminal groups and help them in using Y-DNA results and further testing to connect ancient paternal history with surname origins and genealogy.

Support Research: join the research for FREE, invite near and distant Y-DNA matches and send us your additional Y-DNA data.
This is a major haplogroup research project with an experienced Administrator Team.

Gateway Partnering: Members will be joined to appropriate J2 partnering FTDNA projects (M67, M319, L24, Z7704, PF5197, M102, M241, J2 Middle East) for easier terminal research on subclades and subgroups.

Share DNA results: Grouping is pending until Privacy Setting "Who can view my DNA results in group projects?" is changed to "Anyone" for public comparison. This pre-setting was introduced by FTDNA since late 2014 (approx. kit #370000 and higher).

If a relative lineage is Y-DNA J2 please test and join a kit of a male of this lineage (brother/father/husband for women, maternal uncle, cousin, etc.). Warning: kits without Y-DNA test results interesting for J2 research will be removed.