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J2b 455-8

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About us

The value 8 for STR marker DYS455 (Family Tree DNA marker #16) is very rare. There is a group of a few Ashkenazim who are in Haplogroup J2b with fairly closely matching Y-STR profiles. They have a rare deletion event of three repeats in DYS 455 which exist so far only in one other haplogroup (I1a). They also have the unusual value of 19-20 on YCAii. The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISGG) called at one time their haplogroup subclade as J2b2e. However, since then they stop using that subclade name because they are now using only single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in defining their haplogroup subclades and the "e" was based on a STR which happened after the last known SNP (CTS6190) which occurred over 3300 years ago.  Now ISGG  have us as J2b2a*.  However Family Tree DNA are listing some of us as J2b3a1a2.  Also if you have DYS454 (Family Tree marker #17) as an 8 you are also welcome to join this project.  

For more information see the project web site is   Do a cut and paste to get to the project web site.