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Initial Description: The project focuses on the reconstruction of the Jewish (Ashkenazi and Sephardic) phylogeny and history of this haplogroup. We don't know yet if (seldom) Z478+ Jewish lineages exist, in case they can be included. Who should join: Big-Y: Terminal SNP of J-Z482 or J-Z474 M67 or other SNP Testing: Z458, Z467, Z482, Y15241, Z489, Z36098 Other Y Tests: Terminal SNP of J-M172, J-M410, or J-M67 and reason to believe you are positive for J-Z482 (such as low genetic distance to another member of the group). Note: J-M267 is the equivalent of J1 and does not qualify for this project. If you know your ISOGG-2012 Haplogroup (or anything similar), please include that in your request. Please provide as many details in your join request as you reasonably can. We cannot view your information before you join the group. If after joining the group it turns out that you do not qualify, we will try to help you find a more appropriate group.