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Y-DNA: Paternal lineage grouping and haplogroup research
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About us

J2a-PF5197 diversified approx. 14,400 years ago in or near the area South of the Caucasus and Caspian Sea. Age Estimates in J2-M172 Hg Research...

Goals: study the pedigree relationships (phylogeny) of all PF5197+ lineages (subclades) down to pre-modern time, assign project members to appropriate terminal groups and help them in using Y-DNA results and further testing to connect ancient paternal history with surname origins and genealogy. See also the goals in J2-M172 Hg Research...

This is a volunteer long-term project and we may need time to update J2a-PF5197 Haplogroup Research to the latest development. Please be patient when you encounter unfinished areas.
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If you have not done so, join the research, invite near and distant Y-DNA matches and send us your additional Y-DNA data.

  • Chris Rottensteiner J2(a), PH4970,Y14400
  • Mikhail Arzamanov (Арзаманов Михаил) PF5174>Z8074
  • Tim Schrag, S15439,L198
  • Bonnie Schrack A/B/J, S15439,L198 (retired, advisory)
  • See also Team page @ J2-M172.

Next Gen Y Sequencing is the new test that pushes Y-DNA research in the next years. By ordering and making results available you will help tremendously to increase public knowledge.

Transfer your Genographic Project results to FTDNA and join for free! Geno 2.0: Enter paternal story and send raw data. Valid for J-PF5169, J-PF5172, J-PF4341 and J-YSC0000246.

Unless otherwise stated: Project Content © CC-BY J2a-PF5197 Haplogroup Research, Member Data © kit owners.

Haplogroup evidence November 2013 (SNPs in Geno 2.0 chip, SNPs available for FTDNA order):
  • L26/Page55/S57, L27/S396, etc. (former J2a4, probably new J2a1a)
    • PF5087/CTS1230, PF5088 (probably new J2a1a1)
      • PF5160/Z2221, PF5163/Z2222, Z2220/CTS47/PF5159, Z2237 (probably new J2a1a1a)
        • L24/M530/S286, L207.1, PF5268, Z396, etc. (former J2a4h, probably new J2a1a1a1)
        • PF5197/Z2397, (probably new J2a1a1a2)
          •   a : YSC0000253, PF4341.1/3, Z6067, Z6068, Z6069, Z6070, Z6071, Z6072, Z6073, Z6074, Z6075 (Cluster *D)
            271582 Najd, HG03615 BEB-Bengali, 
            •  a1 : YSC0000246, Z6076, Z6077, Z6078, Z6079, Z6080, Z6081
              198631 Khan, N3437 Patel, N5341 Dimitrov, B1620 Albaghdadi, NA20884 GIH-Gujaratis, HG03660 & HG03021 PJL-Punjabi, 
          •  b : PF5172, PF5190, PF5233
            N115753 Melito
            •  b1 : PF5169, PF5176, PF5191, PF5207
              •  b1a : L198.1/3, L88.2/X (former J2a4i)
                262925 KSA, 9856 Schrack, E14539 Ray
              •  b1b : L1064, L250.2/3, L251.2/3 (Cluster *H)
                299885 Taylor, 294898 Munoz, N111458 Kohl/Yaeger, N88317 Yedidia, E4955 Waldner
              •  b1c : PF5174, PF5199, PF5215, PF5216
                248045 Barela (near to Cluster *B?), N114846 Razack, PGP141 US?,
                •  b1c1 : PF5177, PF5221, PF7421, PF7423
                  N76290 Higgins, N115337 Burney
                •  b1c2 : Z6082, Z6083, Z6084, Z6085, Z6086, Z6087
                  HG03905 BEB-Bengali,
                  • Z6088, Z6089, Z6090, Z6091
                    HG02493 PJL-Punjabi, HG03012 BEB-Bengali, HG03845 STU-Tamil, HG04003 STU-Tamil, NA21090 GIH-Gujaratis,
                •  b1c3 : Z6092, Z6093, Z6094, Z6095
                  HG02733 PJL-Punjabi, HG04107 STU-Tamil, 

Beside Y-Chromosome haplogroup and Y-STR-Marker haplotype research in PF5197 it is also a goal to collect information on paternal clans and tribes history to possibly reconstruct the spread from Fertile Crescent regions to Caucasus, Anatolia, Persia, Arabia, Mediterranean shores, Europe, South Asia, etc.