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Isles of the Hebrides

History and Beauty in Abundance
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About us

The goals of this DNA Project are to: 
  • show any common DNA ancestry between the different surnames and Clans of the Isles of the Hebrides;
  • show our Isles Ancestors' migration patterns, and to which ancient culture or history they were a part of -- Viking, Norse, Celtic, Pict, Gravetian, etc...;
  • connect our families beyond any archival evidence presently available; and
  • unite both the DNA and genealogical evidence to help us find a more complete answer to a multitude of questions about our ancestry.
To qualify for this project you must have either a paper trail or an oral history of one of your ancestors, in either a direct paternal (for Y-DNA) or maternal (for mt-DNA) lineage, having lived on one of the Isles of the Hebrides.  You must ensure the first and last name and Isle of Origin is entered in your Personal Profile of your FTDNA webpage, under "Most Distant Ancestor" - date of birth and death also if possible.  

It should appear along these lines:  Mary MacCuaig, 1780 - 1830, Islay, SC 

Family Finder Results cannot be used in the Project Results Charts and do not qualify for the Isles of the Hebrides Project.