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Isles of the Hebrides

History and Beauty in Abundance
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About us

The Isles of the Hebrides DNA project was developed to see if we could find a pattern of migration throughout the Isles of Western Scotland -- The Hebrides. We originally started with only the Isle of Islay in mind, however, the families of Islay moved about the Isles, so it was decided to expand the project to include all of the Isles of the Hebrides. Those joining must have either a direct paternal or maternal history of inhabiting one of the Isles of the Hebrides, and able to provide your ancestor's first and last name, approximate date of birth and/or death, and Isle of origin. Keep in mind that mt-DNA is only passed on from mother to daughter, mother to daughter, all the way down the line. Y-DNA is only passed on father to son all the way down the line -- although the son also carries his mother's mt-DNA, he cannot pass that mt-DNA on to his offspring. The more people joining this project, the more information and DNA tests we have to compare, link to, and find answers to many of our questions. This is an opportunity to test your DNA and submit the results to determine any DNA links to the different surnames and Clans who made these Isles their home; and to help determine their migration patterns. As you know, sometimes surnames were changed or lost, and this testing will tell you in great detail who you are most closely related to – and maybe not who you might have expected. Patronymic naming systems were not always in place, resulting in people with the same surname not even being remotely related through DNA; and people with different surnames having very similar DNA – showing a close relationship. Therefore, this Isles of the Hebrides Project may be of great help in furthering your genealogy search and in giving additional clues when your paper trail has come to an end. The Isles of the Hebrides Project includes Y-DNA (male) surname study; and a mitochondrial mt-DNA (maternal) study. A male can be tested for both his Y-DNA and mt-DNA. A female can only be tested for mt-DNA. If you decide to join it will be important to go to your Personal Web Page and click on User Preferences and complete the Paternal/Maternal Side and Paternal/Maternal Origin, listing your Most Distant Ancestor, along with the Isle they called home. If you do not meet the criteria of this Project, then I am so very sorry, however, I encourage you to pursue other possibilities. There are many other Projects you would qualify for. DNA research offers Family History researchers another tool to find a wealth of additional information about their ancestors who lived throughout the Isles.