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About us

The Ingram Surname Study is a Y-DNA specific study. The Y-chromosome is passed from fathers to sons, virtually unchanged, for generations. To participate, you must directly descend in an unbroken male-to-male line of an Ingram ancestor. Female descendants are extremely valuable to our study. Since you do not carry the Y-chromosome, you can locate and sponsor a male Ingram relative to test on your behalf. You can also share your research and encourage other Ingrams to test and donate to our study. A Y-37 test is required for all members. We recommend the Big Y-700 test when feasible. We suggest everyone, male or female, take the Family Finder test. All members MUST share their Ingram lineage with the administrators; either by GEDCOM, expanded pedigrees (to include your earliest proven ancestor) or creating a Family Tree on FamilyTreeDNA. Careful review of submitted lineages with Y-DNA results will allow for more comprehensive interpretation. If you are interested in the project but do not meet the requirements, please consider donating to our general fund. If you would like to "target" a specific lineage or branch to be tested, please let us know.