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The initial findings of the study identified Ingrams from Haplogroups E, H, I, and R. As of 2023, the majority of members share Haplogroup R-L151, which formed around 3300 BCE. So far, the study has primarily focused on recruiting participants and raising funds to upgrade members in specific subgroups to Big Y.

This effort yielded evidence of several Ingram patriarchs within the surname's historical context (circa 1400 CE). Additionally, the study already disproved some published Ingram family histories (i.e. the “Ingram Holy Grail”) and many public family trees that assert all colonial Ingram settlers share a common immigrant ancestor.

Through Big Y, the study has confirmed at least three Ingram patriarchs who established distinct colonial lineages and we expect the number to grow as more members upgrade to Big Y.  

Rev 11/2023