Viking/Varangian connections Scandinavia-Kievan Rus
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See the tab "Background" for the latest version of the L1302 Family Tree and more information on the Project. The L1302 Project is exploring the "Family Tree" of descendants from a man who lived in Iron Age Scandinavia. The objective of the project is to investigate the connections between the L1302 clusters in Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Norway and Finland. Of special interest is also to investigate the connection between Scandinavia and viking/varangian people in medieval Kievan Rus. PLEASE NOTE: The I1-L1302 yDNA Project volunteer administrators receive no monetary or any other compensation for services or expenses involved with the administration of the I1-L1302 yDNA Project. Data obtained from the I1-L1302 yDNA Project must be attributed to the testees, project, project administrators, and Family Tree DNA as outlined in the Creative Commons License. Please notify the administrators when using data for public or private research. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/