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One of the deepest Family Trees in the world
L1302 is the name of a mutation that occured in a man who lived in the 2nd-3rd Century in mid Scandinavia. More than 300 descendants of this man have taken deep Y-DNA tests (the BigY), which has made it possible to recreate many branches of the huge L1302 Family Tree. This tree has grown to be one of the largest and most detailed of all haplogroup trees in the world.
The L1302 Family Tree

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Objectives and results
The objective of the I1-L1302 project is to investigate the genealogical connections between the L1302 clusters in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine and Finland. The results show that the men carrying L1302 to Viking/Varangian settlements in the Kievan Rus area in the Viking Ages must have come from what is today Sweden.

The tree is based on the mutations (SNPs) found in the BigY tests and by the analysis performed by YFull.com and the L1302 Project Team. As new results become available we will update this tree and we hope that more project members will continue to order the BigY so the tree can be further explored.

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Data obtained from the I1-L1302 yDNA Project must be attributed to the testees, project, project administrators, and Family Tree DNA as outlined in the Creative Commons License. Please notify the administrators when using data for public or private research.