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About us

Read before clicking join

This Y DNA project is for MEN named Hurley, Herlihy, Harley, or a close variation. (See SURNAMES.) It is not sufficient to have a Hurley (or project-surnamed) person in your ancestry. The tester must be a man named Hurley (or project surname) and his direct paternal lineage must be of project-surnamed men.

State in your JOIN request the most recent Y DNA test you ordered - Y37, Y67, Y111, or Big Y. One of these tests is required. Y37 is the minimal, "entry level" test.

If you don't already have a Y DNA test of 37 markers or more, see the FTDNA products page:

If you already have a FTDNA account with a swab submitted, log in to your account before ordering your Y DNA test.

See the FAQ for more on eligibility details, project policies, tips on setting up your account, etc:

Men with non-eligible surnames will likely need to do substantially more testing beyond Y37 and need to follow the FAQ instructions BEFORE clicking JOIN.

See our DNA and Y testing tutorial if you need help understanding the differences between the male line, female line, and universal lineage types of tests:

You can view any haplogroup work done on our project website:

If you have any questions AFTER seeing these materials, send Susan a BRIEF email, NO ATTACHMENTS - DIRECTLY - at

Put the exact phrase HURLEY PROJECT in your subject line of your email otherwise your email will be viewed as SPAM and you will not get a reply.

The FAQ has tips and suggestions to further your research.

Best of luck with your research and God bless you