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About us

As of November 7, 2014, we have 236 results. At this point, we have more than met our initial goal of testing the 110 most common Bukovina Székely surnames, and are moving on to the next stage, which has two parts:

1. Testing multiple branches of the same surname to see if all have a common ancestor.

2. Doing additional testing in Transylvania to look for more matches between Bukovina and Csík/Háromszék people of the same surname. Please consider a donation to this project to assist in testing those in Romania and Hungary who would like to participate, but can't afford to do so. Contributions can be made via the project general fund or by contacting the project administrator. On August 19, 2007, we held a meeting of Bukovina Szekely descendants in Regina, Saskatchewan (about 50 people attended, and fourteen new project members were tested). We have found fourteen matches between Bukovina descendants and like-surnamed men in Transylvania. We've also determined that three different Bukovina Sebestyén families have the same ancestor in recent history (this connection was established through DNA evidence since it predates the "paper trail") If you have a Bukovina surname you would like tested either in Transylvania or Hungary, I will do my best (you will need to reimburse me only for the cost of the kit itself). .Free Web Counter
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