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About us

The Horowitz family is very large and descends from a line of distinguished Rabbis of the Ha-Levi family who moved from Gerona Spain in the 15th century to a town just outside Prague with the name of Horovice. Our family is a line of Levites and we know that we go back into Spain. While the genealogy has been put together for the rabbinical lines it is hard for a modern day Horowitz family member to tie into it.

Due to the dispersion of the family and changes in governments and local official languages and lack of consistent spelling rules our family name has many different variations including: Horowitz, Horwitz, Hurvitz, Hurwitch, Gurevich, Gurvitz, Gorovitz, Gurovich, and so forth. If you are in doubt contact the project administrator. Some of us have names which have been Americanized such as Howard.