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We currently have 10 male members and one lady who has ordered an mtDNA test. To those still pondering: do come and join us!

The first major DNA result from the Hollyer, Holyer and Hollier DNA Project has shown a 35 out of 37 marker match between a member of the Sharnford Holliers and the Barton Park (Tatenhill, Staffs) Holliers. The Sharnford Holliers, though mainly a family associated with Leicestershire in the 19th century, has its earliest known ancester at Bickenhill, WAR in the 1770s, while the Barton Park Holliers can be traced back to Tatenhill, Staffs in 1712. But in both cases, it has always been thought that they connected to the many other Hollier families in the region. This result, while showing two one-step mutations in the 37 markers, nevertheless proves that these two Hollier families share a common origin in earlier times.

More recently, we have been surprised to find that the Kent Holyer family appears to exhibit two radically different DNA patterns, so somewhere the male line as researched historically has some problems. We encourage all male Holyer and Hollyers in the Kent family to take the test.