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Surname & DNA project
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About us

30.9.2009: added new results to the sukuseura Hiltunen web page.
09.09.2009: Press release in finnish, published in Aamulehti 21.9.2009.
17.01.2010: Added new DNA-result information to sukuseura.hiltsu.fi web.
27.02.2010: Added new information to sukuseura.hiltsu.fi
10.07.2010: Added new presentations about DNA-Findings to web site
10.02.2012: Modified basic setting and prepared for FamilyFinder information
9.11.2012: Added more details, updated website link and added Hulkko-branch familytree (finnish)
13.10.2013: Added new document describing latest findings.
14.12.2013: Web server hiltsu.fi were hacked by Russian hackers and will be permanently down.
                    - the server is continuously hacked by some sort of hacking bots, which slows down datacommunication
                    - tried to build Wordpress-based website, but due to hacking bots, operation was too slow
                    - discontinued service and moved documents to Facebook-group Sukuseura Hiltunen
25.01.2014: Added link to Matti Hiltunen b. 1480 familytree
28.02.2014: Added link to "Sukututkimus and DNA" document.
03.09.2015: Moved (finally, afer months of fixups by FamilyTreeDNA) to new layout!
15.03.2016: Added a few links and reorganized results.
29.03.2017: New feed
17.07.2017: Survey results
20.01.2018: Created a Facebook group and redone Background-sheet.