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HENRY Y-DNA PROJECT GUIDELINES The Henry Y-DNA project is a MALE ONLY project for those named Henry (or any variation of the name) who want to explore genetic information about their direct Henry male ancestry by ordering a Y-DNA test. Because Y- DNA is passed only from father to son and usually has only minor mutations over hundreds of years, it is possible to find matches with other participants who share a common ancestor at some point back it time. Matches indicate that two men do share a common ancestor, but the test cannot tell who that ancestor was or give firm information about how many generations ago that common ancestor lived. It can allow matches to share research in the hope of adding to data about their Henry families. Membership is limited to males who: · have the Henry name or any variation. · have a different surname, who have a 37 marker match or better to someone in the project · have a different surname and who are adoptees or want to test (temporarily) a theory of a Henry as their direct biological male ancestor. · have ordered, transferred, or plan to order a Y-DNA test through Family Tree DNA and have the Henry surname lineage. DESCENT FROM FEMALE HENRY ANCESTORS Women who are interested in their Henry heritage and anyone whose ancestor is a female Henry are welcome to sponsor a direct male descendant of their Henry line, who still carries the Henry name. Sponsors can manage the project with the approval of the participant and receive all correspondence from FTDNA. The KIT MUST BE ORDERED IN THE NAME OF THE MALE PROVIDING THE DNA SAMPLE. TESTING A RELATIONSHIP TO GOV. PATRICK HENRY The data base includes Y-DNA results for descendants of two sons of Gov. Patrick Henry. (GROUP RLB6 on results chart) The lineage of these men has been certified by the genealogists at Red Hill. In spite of the fact that many participants in the project have a family legend of a relationship to Patrick Henry, thus far no one has been a match. Accurate research of Patrick Henry's grandfather and uncles reveals no potential male descendants, except the sons of Patrick Henry himself. Red Hill keeps a documented list of Patrick Henry's descendants. www.redhill.org JOINING THE HENRY DNA PROJECT Membership in the project is limited to males who have Y-DNA tested with Family Tree DNA, are planning to order a test after acceptance or who have transferred their DNA with another company to FTDNA. After you click JOIN button and make your request, providing information about your Henry line and your interest in the project, you will be contacted by an administrator. If you fit the criteria for membership, you will be accepted immediately. If you are approved before you order your test, you will receive a small discount on the cost of the test through the project. Accepted members will receive a welcome message with a request for their direct male Henry lineage and a request to complete a release form with instructions about posting the lineage on-line. The lineage will be reviewed by an administrator, who occasionally can assist with more information about the line. TESTING We recommend beginning with a Y-DNA 37 marker or higher test (Y-DNA 67 or Y_DNA 111) for the greatest opportunity for a significant match. It is possible to upgrade at any time in the future using the original DNA sample. All kits should be ordered in the name of the MAN who is submitting the DNA sample. The contact person/researcher, either male or female, may include their e-mail address to receive results/manage the project or just stay in the loop. The results for all participants are automatically posted to the FTDNA results page for the Henry project. Identification is limited to the kit # and the earliest Henry ancestor. We look forward to having your Henry line represented in the project. Please feel free to e-mail us with questions.