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July 13, 2018: An interesting article on the reasons and potential causes of Surname or DNA Switches (SDS).  SDS is a proposed term to replace NPE, Non-Paternal Event / Non-Parental Event / Not the Parent Expected.  Surprisingly, there are a number of reasons why a surname or DNA doesn't match those of the parents.  This is an excellent article by Maurice Gleeson.  
May 24, 2018: Project administration changes.  Thank you to WorldFamilies.net for hosting the Havens Surname Project web pages over the last 13-years.  Your contribution and dedication to the field of genetic genealogy is very much appreciated.
July 11, 2005: UPDATE - we now have 5 male Havens signed up for the project. Please urge everyone to get going on this project - I can't do it - only you can get it done - urge your family and friends to join our parade.

May 18, 2005: Set up date for our HAVENS HAVENS WORLDWIDE DNA PROJECT.
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There is a link if anyone wants to donate to the our Havens WORLDWIDE DNA PROJECT fund. The money would be used to help people who cannot afford to have their tests done.