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Goal 1: Identify unique DNA numbers for each of the major Havens families in the world.

Start with marker 12 testing. If you match 12 of 12 markers that gives you a 50% probability back 7 generations. We can later upgrade to 25 and/or 37 markers if it is needed. Depending how many matches you get out of each subsequent marker test you shorten the generations you go back. So if you can't find your ancestors with the 7 generations you can go up a notch and try a narrower generation span.  If you choose to start with a larger number of markers that is just fine --- the smaller marker sets are included in the larger tests (example:  the Y-67 test includes the results for Y-12, Y-25, and Y-37.  The Big-Y 500 includes them all).  You may upgrade your tests at any time, usually without having to resubmit another test kit.

Match 25 of 25 markers and you get a 50% probability of 3 generations back. Match 37 of 37 markers and you get a 50% probability of 2 generations back.

Goal 2: Identify possible points of origin for our Havens families, ie., England, Ireland, Germany, Europe, etc.

Goal 3: When we have enough individual male Havens registered and tested via marker 12, we can see where we are 7 generations back. If you match less than 12 of 12 that gives a more generations back probability.

Goal 4: We can then go to the next step and do DNA marker 25 and later DNA marker 37 testing.

Goal 5: Enjoy our results and learn which of us are related to each other and perhaps plan a Havens reunion.