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Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in the Hampshire, England Y DNA study. To find out more about Haplogroup R1b you can read about it here:

Two members who are 10th cousins thrice removed with the same surname have tested Big-Y700 and have the same R haplogroup, namely R-PH1477 as follows:

Harold Rickman (Yellowstone, Montana, U.S.A) and Howard Rickman (Gulf Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand) are 10th cousins thrice removed.

Their common ancestor is Robert Rickman born circa 1552 in Ringwood, Hampshire, England who died 17 May 1609 in Stanton Prior, Bath and North East Somerset, England.

Harold and Howard share the same haplogroup (R-FT209700) and are the only people who match each other at Y111 who have taken the Y111 test.

Robert Rickman is Harold Rickman's 9th Great Grandfather and Howard Rickman's 12th Great Grandfather.

We can therefore conclude that 
R-FT209700 is the specific haplogroup of the Rickman family of Hampshire, England.