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Hampshire (also known as Southampton before 1800) is dotted with ancient burial mounds. A large county in southern England which borders on the English Channel with its great ports of Southampton and Portsmouth; it also sweeps inland with gentle rolling hills towards the great cities of Andover and Basingstoke just an hour from London. The intent of this project is to establish a database of the varied y DNA which is found in Hampshire and to understand the genetic history of this county which is mentioned very often in the Domesday Book.

With three English grandparents (all born and raised in England to adulthood and beyond), I was privileged as a child to sit at their knees and daily hear stories of the beautiful country of their childhood. Two of these grandparents lived in Hampshire - one at Upper Clatford and one at Kimpton. My grandfather was always an Englishman to his dying day and coming to Canada was simply moving from one part to another of his beloved country. In his memory, I am establishing this project to look at the genetic history of Hampshire. He loved to think about his ancestors and could rhyme them off back to his ancient ancestor who died at "Old Hall" which actually still existed beside the intersection of the road from Andover to Abbotts Ann when he was a child as a pile of rubble mostly. Nicholas Blake died at Old Hall in 1547. My father could vaguely recall the site later when in his old age he too began to remember the stories passed to him as a child growing up in England by his grandfather when he visited his grandparents at Upper Clatford. My father was nine when they went to Canada in 1913.

Surnames (from the 1665 Hearth Tax Return) - if any are missing please let me know:

Abbott, Adams, Aldred,Aldridge, Alford, Allen, Althrage, Andrews, Aneave, Annetts, Anthony, Appery, Arthur,Ash, Asher, Ashley, Atkins, Atneave, Aubrey, Austin, Avery, Bacon, Badden, Bagger,Baily, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Bamon, Bampton, Banks, Banston, Barber, Barbour,Bargent, Barker, Barlowe, Barnaby, Barnard, Barnes, Barrett, Barrow, Barter, Bartlett,Barton, Barwick, Bath, Batt, Baugh, Baverstock, Bayliff, Bayly, Beacham, Beake,Beakly, Beale, Beale, Beamon, Beare, Beavice, Beazer, Bedford, Bedridge, Beedle,Beele, Bell, Bendale, Benford, Bengley, Benham, Bennett, Bennis, Bent, Bentall,Berrett, Bessant, Best, Bethridg, Betteridge, Bettsworth, Bevis, Biggs, Bilston,Bird, Birte, Bishopp, Blackford, Blackman, Blackman, Blackmore, Blake, Blanchard,Blanchett, Blatch, Blatches, Bodicote, Boney, Bonner, Bonney, Borde, Bottome, Bower,Bower, Bozwell, Brace, Bradborne, Brathwaite, Bray, Bredmore, Brewer, Brexton, Briant,Brice, Bridges, Brighte, Broadway, Brode, Brooker, Browman, Browne, Brownjohn, Brunsden,Bucke, Buckland, Buckle, Bugley, Bull, Buller, Bullock, Bullpit, Bullpitt, Bunckley,Bundy, Burger, Burges, Burgis, Burnett, Burrett, Burton, Butcher, Buttler, Bye, Bylands,Byles, Calloway, Cannon, Canterton, Cantlett, Carde, Carpenter, Carter, Cary, Case,Castleman, Caught, Cewell, Chamber, Chamingham, Chancy, Chandler, Channell, Chantrell,Chapman, Chard, Chech, Chittick, chitty, Chubb, Church, Cleeve, Clerke, Clifford,Clittson, Coats, Cockey, Cole, Coleman, Collett, Collins, Combs, Complin, Compton,Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Cornelius, Cortney, Cosens, Cosier, Cotten, Cottshall, Courtney,Coventry, Coventry, Cowdrey, Cowley, Cowse, Cox, Cradock, Cram, Crawly, Crocker,Cropp, Crosse, Crouch, Crowder, Cuffley, Curtice, Curtis, Cuttler, Daingerfeild,Dalby, Dallymore, Daniell, Daunce, Davis, Dawkins, Day, Deare, Deekes, Dench, Denman,Dennett, Dennis, Dewey, Diaper, Dix, Dobbs, Dod, Dorey, Dove, Dowce, Dowlan, Dowley,Dowling, Downes, Downton, Doxell, Drake, Drayton, Drew, Drewley, Drinkewine, Dudman,Dugoe, Duke, Dummer, Durnford, Earland, Earle, Easton, Eaton, Eaton, Eatwell, Edes,Edmunds, Edney, Edwards, Eelles, Egg, Eken, Elcock, Elliott, Ellis, Elton, Ember,Emborne, Embs, Emery, Emett, Evens, Everett, Everidg, Fabin, Faithfull, Farr, Faye,Feilder, Feilder, Feilder, Fibbs, Fidler, Figgas, Finch, Fisher, Fishlock, Fishwick,Fleetwood, Flexon, Flood, Forde, Forrest, Foster, Fowles, Fox, Foyle, Frampton,Francis, Francklyn, Fray, Freeman, Freemantle, Frith, Frowd, Fry, Fuller, Furmage,Fyfield, Gage, Gale, Game, Gammon, Garantham, Gardner, Garner, Garre, Garrett, Gasthall,Gaynes, Gearle, Gennett, Gerrat, Gibbins, Gibbons, Gifford, Gilbert, Gilmore, Glover,Goddard, Godden, Godfrey, Gold, Golden, Golding, Goldstone, Goodale, Goodenough,Goore, Gootley, Gosling, Gossemer, Gover, Goyat, Grace, Gray, Grayly, Greene, Griffin,Griste, Groane, Grunsell, Guye, Guyett, Gynes, Hack, Hall, Halloway, Hamman, Hampshire,Hancock, Hannam, Hapgood, Harding, Hardwell, Hardyman, Hare, Harfeild, Harfell,Harris, Hart, Hatcher, Hatchet, Hattett, Hawkins, Haydon, Hayes, Hayter, Hayward,Head, Hearth, Heath, Hebberds, Hedd, Hellier, Hellis, Henbery, Herne, Herring, Hersey,Hewit, Hewlett, Heydon, Heyes, Heyter, Heyward, Hicksman, Hillary, Hiller, Hills,Hincksman, Hinxman, Hix, Hoare, Hobbs, Hogges, Holdway, Holladay, Hollis, Holloway,Holman, Holmes, Holyday, Honeywell, Hooper, Hopgood, Hopkins, Hopkins, Horne, Houchin,Houghton, House, Howard, Howorth, Humber, Humphry, Hunt, Hunton, Hurst, Hussey,Hutchins, Hyde, Inhance, Ireland, Iremonger, Isron, Ivye, Jackman, Jacob, Jacques,James, Jasper, Jeckhan, Jeffery, Jefford, Jelliffe, Jenkins, Jennings, Jerome, Jesper,Johnson, Jones, Jowles, Joyat, Judd, Keate, Keele, Kelsey, Kempe, Kent, Kenton,Kidgell, Kifte, Kimber, Kinchin, King, Kingman, Kingsmill, Kirvil, Kite, Knight,Knowles, Lambe, Lancaster, Lanckfell, Lane, Langley, Langradge, Lawes, Lawrence,Leach, Leafe, Leeds, Legate, Legg, Lellaby, Lewington, Lewis, Leywood, Lillywhite,Limpas, Linton, Littlefeild, Lively, Loaden, Loaght, Lock, Lodge, Long, Longman,Longrove, Loringe, Lovegrove, Lowmer, Lynton, Lywood, Mafey, Major, Mansfeild, Maphew,Marks, Marsh, Marshall, Martyne, Mason, Mathew, Matton, May, Maywether, Meacham,Meales, Meare, Meature, Medhurst, Mercer, Merrick, Merriott, Mersh, Miles, Millett,Mills, Minchin, Missa, Missa, Monck, Moody, More, Moreing, Morgan, Morlow, Morrant,Morrell, Morrice, Morrock, Morton, Moss, Mountayne, Mowdey, Moxom, Mundy, Napper,Nayle, Nayler, Neale, New, Newby, Newell, Newland, Newman, Newton, Nicholas, Noble,Norrice, North, Noyes, Nurse, Nuttkin, Oasteler, Ogborne, Oram, Orchard, Osey, Osgood,Overton, Page, Paine, Painter, Palmer, Panter, Pardey, Parmon, Parr, Parr, Parrick, Parrick,Parrock, Parsons, Pascall, Patience, Patinton, Payne, Paynter, Peace, Peacey, Pearce,Pearcy, Peeke, Peinock, Penton, Perce, Perrier, Perrin, Perry, Pescod, Petty, Pewsey,Phillipps, Phillpott, Pickering, Pickernell, Pike, Pile, Pinnell, Pinnock, Piper,Pipler, Pipper, Pittleworth, Pittman, Plipott, Plowman, Plympton, Pocock, Pointer,Pollard, Poole, Poore, Pope, Popinay, Portsmouth, Poticary, Potter, Powell, Powlet,Poynter, Pragnell, Prater, Pressey, Price, Pricklowe, Prince, Pritchett, Purchis,Purdue, Pyle, Rachbond, Radford, Rainger, Rathwell, Rattue, Rawlins, Ray, Read,Redford, Reeves, Renwood, Reves, Reynolds, Richardson, Rivers, Robinson, Roe, Rogers,Rolfe, Romboll, Rosbludd, Rose, Rosswell, Roude, Row, Rowden, Rowle, Rowse, Ruddley,Rumbold, Rumsey, Russell, Russen, Rutter, Ruttley, Ryman, Sadler, Saings, Salmon,Salte, Salter, Samborne, Sanckey, Sandys, Saunders, Saunderson, Savadge, Savage,Scodsden, Scottshall, Scullard, Seagrove, Seale, Selfe, Sellwood, Senex, Seward,Seyward, Shaffling, Shanke, Sharlock, Sharpe, Shath, Shaw, Shepherd, Sherfeild,Sherly, Shipton, Shorier, Shorling, Short, Silence, Silver, Silvester, Sivyer, Skeane,Skeat, Skeene, Skilton, Sleydon, Small, Smith, Snooks, Snossell, Snow, Sopp, Southwell,Southwell, Southwoods, Spadwell, Spanell, Sparkman, Speering, Spencer, Spittle,Sponder, Spragg, Spratt, Spreadborough, Spring, Stacy, Stanford, Steele, Stent,Stevens, Stock, Stockley, Stone, Stowe, Street, Stronge, Stulby, Sturridg, Styles,Sumersett, Summer, Sutton, Sutton, Sweetapple, Swifte, Symes, Symons, Tabbet, Talbot,Talmage, Tanner, Taphurst, Tapner, Tarleton, Tatwell, Taylor, Templer, Terry, Thistlethwaite,Thomas, Thorne, Thornebrough, Throllopp, Thurman, Thurston, Titchborne, Tittcombe,Togge, Tolefrey, Tombs, Tompkins, Tompson, Toppes, Towler, Towton, Treadle, Tredgold,Tremone, Trewelove, Trott, Tubb, Tuffing, Turner, Tuttson, Twine, Tyball, Undee,Upden, Uppery, Upsdale, Upton, Urdue, Veare, Vedinge, Veltum, Venables, Ventham,Vine, Vinson, Vox, Wake, Waldron, Wale, Wall, Waller, Wallis, Walter, Ward, Warham,Warner, Washbeard, Waterman, Watts, Wattson, Webb, Webber, Weene, Weight, Welling,Welloway, Wells, West, Westbery, Westcombe, Westen, Weyman, Whale, Whatley, Wheable,Wheatland, Wheatly, Wheeler, Whitcher, White, Whitehead, Whither, Wickham, Wigmore,Wild, Wilkins, Williams, Wiltshire, Wimbleton, Wimboll, Winckworth, Wingham, Winsor,Wiseman, Wisham, Withers, Wonson, Woodford, Woodman, Woods, Woodward, Woolly, Yalden,Yeomans, Young,