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Written on 2/12/2016 by Stewart 143035

We thank Family Tree DNA for creating this Hambright-Hambrecht Project at https://www.familytreedna.com/public/hambright on November 12, 2010, and you for visiting and participating in it.

Column # 1


That this genetic family now has its own DNA project may facilitate its genealogical progress. "The accessibility and affordability of family DNA testing is doubtless the greatest technical advance in the history of genealogical research because -- at long, long last -- we have a tool to break down those brick walls!"

Surnames are no longer the best way to determine genetic kinship. Some members of our patrilineal family may have other surnames.

You may:

  • Join this project if you click on the "JOIN REQUEST" link in the dark blue bar at the top of this web page, and order a ~$60 Y-DNA12 STR test. FTDNA will mail a DNA sample collection kit to you within about a week. Your test results may be available within two months after you submit your saliva sample.
  • Telephone Family Tree DNA at (713) 868-1438, Monday - Thursday 9 am to 4:30 pm CST, Friday 9 am to noon.
  • Change your privacy settings so that others can view your test results if you log into your account and select MANAGE PERSONAL INFORMATION> PRIVACY & SHARING> MY DNA RESULTS> WHO CAN VIEW MY DNA RESULTS, etc.
  • Adjust the size of the font on this web page via your keyboard's "CTRL + " and "CTRL - " keys.
  • "RELOAD" or "REFRESH" (F5) a web page, e.g., to see if your test results were recently assigned to a different subgroup.
  • Visit the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution's excellent web site about this Hambright family at http://www.classcreator.com/Kings-Mountain-NC-1919-1982/class_index.cfm, and this family's extensive genealogical web site at http://www.colfrederickhambright.org/.
  • Click on "ABOUT THIS GROUP" in the bar at the top of this web page and read about this project's GOALS, NEWS and RESULTS.
  • Email an administrator of this project if you want more details about how to order and use your DNA sample collection kit. If you do not join this or another surname project before ordering you may be charged FTDNA's regular prices at http://www.familytreedna.com/products.aspx
  • Submit your Hambright lineage if you want FTDNA to post it at this web site. A comparison of our pedigrees and DNA test results may help us identify to which branch of this Hambright-Hambrecht family someone belongs even if he does not know the names of his biological parents.
  • Encourage members of other families and strangers to have their DNA tested too. The more people have their DNA tested, the easier it will be for us to find our kinfolk and the better DNA-testing companies can serve us. "A rising tide lifts all boats".
  • Contribute to the Surname Project General Fund via the link below if you want to encourage a distant cousin or someone with your surname who lives in the village from which your ancestors emigrated to have his DNA tested. FTDNA will collect your contribution and use it according to your wishes, e.g., to pay for all or part of the DNA test of the person whom you want to help.

Whether or not our identity as a genetic family and nation survives may depend on us. Knowing who our ancestors are and helping others to learn about theirs is our responsibility.

Column # 2

BIG Y may be the ONLY Y-DNA TEST that you will ever NEED.

Your ~$59 Y-DNA12 or higher STR test:

  • Can help you to determine (but not to prove) whether or not you and a match who has the same surname belong to the same patrilineal family.
  • Must be batched before FTDNA will allow you to buy a BIG Y test.

STR marker values mutate back and forth so frequently that they can not provide much useful, reliable and trustworthy information about how very distant cousins are related to each other (proof is at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~stewdna/#snp , a page that redirects seconds after opened).

According to https://www.familytreedna.com/learn/y-dna-testing/big-y/, compared to STR tests, the results of Big Y and other SNP tests are orders of magnitude more likely to help you to achieve your genealogical goals (and for far less money in the long run).

A Big Y test is the only y-DNA test sold by FTDNA that:

  • Can discover an unknown SNP that only male members of your patrilineal family inherit.
  • Can discover your own unknown terminal SNP(s).
  • That you will ever need according to the seven minute long video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtMS1rIbPc0.

Your Big Y test will probably:

As long as FTDNA allows us to send our Big Y .BAM files to Mr. Alex Williamson, ISOGG and YFULL for analysis, they can discover the SNPs that they need in order to create (for free) the detailed phylogenetic trees at:

Discount Coupons

Big Y tests cost less during FTDNA's sales, and if you can find a DISCOUNT COUPON worth up to $100 at http://tiny.cc/ftdna (after the web page opens, look at the input field in the bottom left corner of the web page and make sure that the correct week is selected).

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