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I intend to use this section to relate DNA results to reported ancestral connections, obtained by members, it is assumed, from either conventional genealogical process, or from oral (or written) family histories. I will take editorial licence here where I suspect that information provided is simply a repeat of internet sources, because such sources have little value from a research perspective. As an example, I'll mention the often quoted presumed descent from ancient Alpin Kings of Scotland, and/or the Clan MacGregor.

I will, where possible, identify the reported connection with one or other of the groups shown in the YDNA Results Classic, and discussed under the Results tab of this page.

This process is time-consuming in that I will need to review as many submissions from members as I can find. I will try to organise what we have on the page into relevant Groups in the first instance, and then add new (or more recent) information. You will need to check in periodically to see whether there have been changes. I will, of course, welcome any and all input from members. 

Group One

Most of the members of Groups 01B-01D appear to be located in the USA, and on the DNA evidence are descended from a very small number of immigrants, possibly only two or three individuals. A tradition seems to have developed among a number of these families that they are descended from a James Grier of the family of Capenoch, son of Sir James Grier and Mary Browne, probably born in the early 1630s. He is mentioned on the "Carrickfergus" tree as "James Grier M.D. of Edinburgh, died unmar." Whilst this tree is known to have many errors, this would appear to not be one of them. Recent research by Richard Miller has uncovered that James Grierson of Capenoch was buried on 23 January 1662 in Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh. Contact with the Scottish Genealogical Society in Edinburgh confirmed that the burial was of James Grier(son) of Capenoch who was an MD (Apothecary) and died unmarried in Edinburgh. We will have to look elsewhere for the immigrant James Grier or Grear. There are, however, persistent rumours that members of the Capenoch family emigrated to Ireland at various times. It may be from those migrations that the American Greers spring.

Group 01A

Kit Numbers 7874 & 94757 descend from John Grierson, born 1778 Parton, Kirkudbrightshire, Scotland, and from John Grier probably born 1714 at Parton, son of William. This Grierson migrated to Australia early on and the family lives in Australia.

Number 27441 has noted his earliest known ancestor as John Greer, Jr. 1813-1895, Meade Co., Kentucky.

B2342 has a paper trail to Meath, Ireland. According to Robert Grierson in his Short Account of the Grierson Family, there were at least two Grierson families in Meath, the earliest record being 1703. At least one of those families claims a descent through the Griersons of Capenoch.

33323 descends from Robert Kinnay (Kinney) GRIERSON, b. 26 Nov 1854 Dalbeattie, Scotland. His father was James Stewart Grierson, b. 11 Apr 1830 Castle Douglas, Scotland. The family history has it as three brothers immigrated to Maine in 1880, but it was more than likely the father (James), two sons ( Robert and William Kinnay GRIERSON), and a son-in-law (Joseph Baum) with wife and daughter (wife: Mary GRIERSON and daughter: Margaret Isabella BAUM). A third son (George Cartney GRIERSON) was supposed to come with them, but he injured his hand working at Craignair Quarry and couldn't come. The next son in line was too young to travel with them. They came over with a friend whose last name was Craven or Caven who owned his own boat. They worked at quarry at Clark's Island, Maine which is part of St. George, Maine and earned passage for the rest of the family for the following year. In July 1881, the rest of the family arrived in Portland, Maine. The mother, Margaret GRIERSON nee KINNA (KINNAY, KINNEY, MCKINNEY, MCKINNA) wife of James Stewart Grierson was introduced to a banana for the first time. Not seeing one before, she ate the whole banana, peeling and all. Of course not liking it, she never ate another again. James' father William GRIERSON, bc. 21 Feb 1795 Buittle, Scotland born at Corbieton Farm. He married Mary DOUGLAS b. bet. 1800 - 1802 Kirkpatrick Parish, Kelton, Scotland. His father was also named William who married Isabel PAPLE. [from MacGregor project]

Group 01B

Member 97279 reports that the two men here are grandsons of brothers, that is, they have the same great grandfather. Note the mutation at CDY, reflecting its volatility. I suspect that 37-40 is the ancestral count. He further reports that he has established a paper trail to James Greer who arrived in the American Colonies on the ship Batchelor, November 2nd, 1674. He was an indentured servant, and by June 6th 1674 he was married to Ann Taylor.

Group 01D

Member 333215 claims descent from James Grear, "the immigrant", traced through documentation (as in Group 01B above). SNP FGC 4133 is thought to be just a little older than FGC 4134, and so I would expect this group to also carry FGC 4134.

Group 04A

Number 8339 descends from Alexander Greer b. 1780 North Carolina and possibly from James Grier b. 1708 Co. Antrim Northern Ireland.

Number N5699 lists Joseph Grattan, b 1839 Loughbrickland, County Down, Northern Ireland.
His maternal ancestor was Thomas Gilliland, born circa 1820, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Group 04B

Member 362242 descends from James Grierson, Commander, Royal Navy 1755.d. 1810 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Group 6

68070 has registered Thomas Greer, b. 1723, Maryland, as his earliest known ancestor.

35624 tells of his ancestor, Samuel Greer b. abt 1758, who arrived with his parents in Derry Township, Pennsylvania in the late 1760's then settled in Kentucky.

Kit number 10589 descends from Nathaniel Hunt Greer born 1802 d1855 and claims Thomas Greer/Grier and Jane Dunlap of Pennsylvania.  His family tradition tells of a possible connection to Henry Grier (son of Sir James Grier of Capenoch and Mary Browne) and Mary Turner who migrated from the Scotland/England border to County Tyrone, Northern Ireland around 1653.

Group 7

Member 345404 descends from Alexander Greer (b.1805 d.1889) who emigrated to Canada in the 1820s from Corlust, Ireland. His father was named Samuel.

Group 8

Three members descend from various SC identities from Laurens County, two of them dated to the 18th Century. All members of Group 8 would seem to have a quite recent common ancestor based upon the very few mutations shown. He is likely to have migrated from Ireland.

261715 descends from James Greer, Richmond County NC 1790. He has a tradition of Scottish descent.

Group 10

Number 39863 descends from Spartanburg, South Carolina Greers, circa 1720-1788.

Group 11

N97315 records that the line he is researching was located in Mifflin Cy PA for several generations. Peter Greer is thought to have been born in Centre Cy PA but lived most of his life in Bratton PA. There was an Adam Greer in Mifflin Cy but it is unclear whether there is a relationship.