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About us

Our goal is to connect various Greer and Grier families through DNA, to further solidify and prove our previous findings.

By establishing a separate project for our surname, we can focus more closely on the Greer/Grier families and begin connecting the dots that have evaded us for so long.

We can follow our ancestors before there were surnames as they traveled through Europe prior to arriving in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Your personal DNA will determine which Haplogroup represents your ancient ancestors. There is so much more to learn and share with your family.

For decades researchers of this line have scoured the libraries, courthouses and archives searching for links and connections. Some were fortunate. Some were not. Paper records prior to 1790 in America are scarce and sometimes incomplete.

The 21st Century brings us the science of DNA testing of the Y-Chromosome. We are now a simple "mouth swab" away from finding connections between Grier and Greer families, who have been in America for over three hundred years, with their relations in the United Kingdom, including Scotland and Australia. This form of Genealogy is known as AnthroGenealogy.

Only male descendants can participate in the actual DNA testing because only they carry the Y-Chromosome. Females, however, can be proactive in the project. We all have fathers, brothers, uncles, nephews and cousins who we can solicit to participate.

You can help the project grow by posting notices in your library, at your genealogy meeting, on message boards and mailing lists that the GREER / GRIER DNA Project is open for business, answering requests for information, and sending out test kits.

Join NOW! Become a Charter Member of the GREER/GRIER DNA Project. Request your Kit today. If you have questions, send an email to your Co-Administrator, David Grierson, or the Group Administrator at

Your kit will be sent to you the next business day and about eight to ten weeks later your results will be posted on this site. Your results will be listed only by your Kit Number and the name of your earliest ancestor.

If you wish to be connected via email to other males who share your DNA, we can help you make the connection.