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About us

There are a number of goals for the Gorham surname DNA Project

*  Identify both the STR and SNP "signature" for the descendants of Capt. John Gorum as well as any other Gorham family
*  Attempt to discover English families closely related to the Gorham family of Barnstable County, Maine as well as the Gorham family of Virginia
*  Identify "breaks" in the family line.  There are a number of reasons why a break may occur, resulting in an individual's "paper-trail" documented lineage not matching up with their DNA results. This can include an adoption (formal or informal), grandparents raising a daughters child(ren), a widow remarrying and the child(ren) taking their step-father's surname, a woman marrying someone other than the father of their child, infidelity, etc. etc.  Studies estimate this is not common, but occurs roughly 2-10% of cases. It tends to rise during times of strife (such as wars and economic crises).