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To use Y- DNA in addition to the common Autosomal DNA testing and standard genealogical source documentation to build project results with which we can differentiate between the various families with the Gay surname.  This project is not restricted to the United States since the Gay surname can be found in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand -- in fact almost anywhere in the world - everyone is welcome to participate. The test results received so far on the Gay Family DNA Study appear to document at least three different branches of the Gay family in America and one in the UK. For classification purposes, these groups have been numbered and unique DNA characteristic are highlighted in the 'Y-DNA Results' Classic Chart.  Those whose tests do not match a group will be in the Ungrouped category As matches in that category are identified, they will be gathered to new groups. If your test is ungrouped or not shown at all, check that you have selected sharing, etc as described in 'Background tab'.

For detailed information on the groups shown in the Classic Chart - see Results tab

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